AP: Comrade Rayani Veeraiah Remembered

27 July 2016

OMRADE RAYANI VEERAIAH sixteenth memorial program was organised by Grameena Pedala Sangham (Rural Poor Association) on May 22 in his native village Chandaluru, Prakasam district, AP. Comrade Veeraiah was a communist revolutionary all his life and stood for exploited and oppressed. He breathed last on 22 June 2000.

The program began with garlanding Comrade Rayani’s photo kept on his STUPA by dr. Kolla Rajamohan leader, Nallamada Ryotu Sangam, followed by other leaders and 150 people from the village. Comrade Ade Neelambaram, GPS leader, presided the meeting. Around 300 people ,men and women attended. Kollipara Venkateswarao secretary APSOC CPI (ML)Red Star, after paying glowing tribute to the departed comrade, explained how and why erstwhile Marxist- Leninist Committee (MLC) merged with CPI(ML)Red Star. He said “we were in DPF led by Red Star for four years. Convinced of their commitment to principles of democratic functioning, their endeavour to unite the communist revolutionaries in India and at international level, their uncompromising theoretical offensive against parliamentary cretinism and left sectarianism and space given to difference and dissent too, we merged our M-L committee in Red Star party at its 10th congress held in Lucknow in February/March 2015. He appealed all CR forces to form a minimum program based forum and thus rekindle confidence among all exploited and oppressed people in communists.

Comrade Kolla Rajamohan vividly explained the great achievements of international and Indian communist movement and opined it is the duty of leadership of various communist parties to find out basic reasons for the all round seatback.

Comrade Mannava Hariprasad, APSOC state committee member recalled the life and work of amarudu Veeraiah. He said thus : Veeraiah born in 1935, was part left student movement, was in CPI, in CPIM from 1964-67, with APCCCR in 1968-69 and joined CPIML led by comrade Charu Majumdar in 1969 along with ‘our’ leader amarudu Kolla Venkaiah garu. He breathed last as a prominent leader of M-L Committee on 22-06-2000 in Guntur after giving a representation to the authority on the plight of tobacco growers. He ardently cooperated to Kolla Venkaiah in the formation GPS in 1980 and did yeoman work on land to tiller, on housing to poor. lift irrigation, remunerative prices to peasants agriculture products questions. His work spread over more than 30 villages in Prakasam and Guntur districts.

C Bhaskarao OPDR all India convenor, Mannava Somaiah, AIKKS leader, P. Hanumantharao CPIM ,G Venkateswarulu CPI, Nancharlu CPIML Prajapandha, P Koteswarao APRCS and Chavali Sudhakararao OPDR_AP vice president were other speakers. Arunodaya Vimalakka team and, Subbarao RYFI and Basha OPDR_AP sung inspiring songs. Rayani Kesavarao the younger son of Rayani Veeraiah and village sarpanch thanked one and all. 
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