41st Anniversary of Emergency Declaration Observed as Anti-Fascist Day

27 July 2016
FOLLOWING the Call of the June CC meeting at Kolkata, the 41st anniversary of the emergency declaration was observed at many places by Party Committees with the participation of likeminded forces. At Bhopal, the MP state committee of the Party with the participation of RYFI and AIRSO activists Vijay. Reports of the programs taken up by different committees are published in new Social Media. At organized a Seminar on 26th evening addressed by comrades KN Ramachandran, Yogesh Dewan, Shankar and a time when the RSS parivar is trying to expropriate the credit for the resistance against the emergency days, and when CPI and CPIM like forces are reluctant to own up the resistance due to their own past mistaken policies, it was the responsibility of the Communist Revolutionary forces who lost hundreds of comrades during these dark days to expose the RSS claims and to explain that irrespective of the disintegration the movement suffered by 1972, they had fought vigorously against the dark days of emergency, reiterating that they will continue this struggle more spiritedly against the fascist policies pursued by the Modi government in all fields.
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.