Homage to Mudrarakshasa

27 July 2016
PROGRESSIVE Hindi novelist, dramatist and critique Mudrarakshas died on 13th June at Lucknow. He was 82. Born on June 21, 1933, Mudrarakshas’ original name was Subhash Chandra. He had also edited Hindi journal Anuvarta. His write-ups invariably hinged on various vital social causes and issues. He also wrote several dramas and commanded great respect in Lucknow literary circle. Mudrarakshas wrote intensely on the issues related to women and dalits. His writings were non-traditional, refreshing and unique in their own rights. He refrained from following any particular style or tradition. He always built his own path - a tradition, which is the first criteria for the original writings. He wrote critiques of religious texts “Dharma Granthon Ka Punarpath” (Re-reading the Religious Texts”. He was always part of all progressive and anti-caste social movements. He was chief guest in "Convention Against Distortion of Culture and History” organized by Revolutionary Cultural Forum (RCF) at Lucknow on 23rd November 2014 and, in spite of ill health, participated in the protest March held in the evening. In his memory Revolutionary Cultural Forum and Caste Annihilation Movement organized condolence meeting at Raipur and other places and paid homage to him.
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