Founding Conference of Delhi Jan Manch Calls for People’s Alternative

27 November 2016
THE founding conference of Delhi Jan Manch attended by nearly 150 delegates from different parts of Delhi (NCR) has called for struggling in all fronts for achieving People’ Alternative Power against all the ruling class- Manuvadi parties and for basically changing the despotic, corrupt regime they have imposed over the toiling masses. In his inaugural speech in the conference com.KN Ramachandran [GS, CPI(ML)-Red Star] called for intensifying the struggle of the toiling masses against neoliberal policies and communal fascist onslaughts from the Manuvadi forces. He called for strengthening the Delhi Jan Manch as a powerful political force capable of capturing the power fighting against all forces of reaction.

Following this the Vision Document and the 22 point Alternative Program for all round development of the citizens of Delhi-NCR, presented by com. Vimal and Vijay Pandey, were discussed and adopted. The first session was presided by Shri Rajkumar Dhilor, Dr. S.N. Gautham, Dr. Omkarnat Mithal, K.C. Arya, Harsh Mehta, P.K. Raghav, Amar Singh Amar, Sharafat Hussain Siddiqui, Miss. Manju, Jyothi, Nusrat. The second session was presided by Shri Sharoor Khan, Lala Madanlal, Kripal Singh Chauhan, com. Jile Singh, Shri Aftab, Ansurui and Shravan Chanchal.

The Conference adopted a fifty one member panel as the leading committee of the Manch and a 21 member executive committee with Rajkumar Dhilor as its Convener. The Conference concluded calling for making the 23rd October program a great success and to make the Delhi Jan Manch the real leading political movement of the economically and socially suppressed masses of the Delhi-NCR region. As its first program of action a dharna was organized on 23rd October from 11 am demanding the implementation of the alternative program put forward by it.

23rd October: Delhi Jan Manch Organizes Dharna at Jnatar Mantar

The Delhi Jan Manch formed in the 9th October Convention organized a dharna at Jantar Mantar on 23rd October to announce its decision to launch a vigorous movement for housing for all slum dwellers, an end to contract system and minimum wages of Rs. 22,000, drinking water, sanitation, education, healthcare facilities for all toiling masses. The dharna was addressed by comrades KN Ramachandran, Dr Mithal, Vimal Trivedi, Raghav, Jyothi, Rajkumar Dhilor and many other leading activists from different movements and organizations. A memorandum with its 22 point demands was handed over to the offices of president, prime minister and chief minister. The DJM committee will meet on 25th October to chart a program of future struggles. 
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