27 November 2016
THE Polt Bureau of the CPI(ML)Red Star, which met on 19th and 20th November at New Delhi Party Centre, has called for Organizing resistance against demonetisation, a corporate led assault on people. The PB views the demonetisation imposed by Modi Government is not for the people but for the corporates. It benefits only the corporates and mafias who have stashed away 80% of the national assets as black money in foreign and domestic havens. The PB calls on all party committees to mobilise the people and organize active campaign and resistance against demonetisation based on the slogans: Demonetisation not for abolishing black money, but an attack on people, resist it! Confiscate all black money at home and abroad! Put Rs. 15 lakh in the account of every citizen!

The PB calls for continuing the campaign in support to the Kashmiri people’s right to self determination and against Modi government’s war mongering.

The PB welcomed the decision of the former leading committee members and members of the CPI(ML) New Democracy in Maharashtra to become part of the class and mass organizations like TUCI and AIKKS as the first step towards discussion of party line and merger. The PB decided to carry forward merger talks with other communist revolutionary organizations also.

The new Education Policy of Modi government is for all round commercialization and communalization of the education system. All party committees should expose this RSS led policy and organize resistance against it joining hands with AIFRTE units and other like-minded forces.

The PB has called for supporting the Caste Annihilation Movement’s decision to organize a vigorous campaign from 28th November, Mahatma Phule Day, to 6th December, the Dr. Ambedkar Day, against increasing caste based atrocities and for distribution of land to the landless dalits and adivasis, and has extended support to it.

It severely condemned the arrest of com. Jignesh Mewani and three more comrades in Gujarat and their custody in Ahmedabad central jail for advocating the dalit cause and raising the demand for land with the slogan “Jai Bhim, Lal Salam”. It has called for their immediate release.

The PB has called for observing 6th December as Anti-Communal Day. It was on 6th December 1992 the Babri Masjid was demolished by the RSS hoodlums and their allies. In order to communalize the voters for the coming UP elections the RSS parivar is intensifying the campaign for building a Ram Mandir at the Babri Masjid site. In this situation, the PB calls on all party committees to join with secular forces and observe 6th December as Anti-Communal Day.

The Supreme Court in its order has called for Equal Wages for Equal Work. The PB calls on all party committees to organize a campaign based on this SC order for implementation of this principle in all fields.

The PB meeting observed two minutes silence in memory of the large number of passengers died in the Indore-Patna Express tragedy during the early hours of 20th November and extended its condolences to the bereaved families. It expressed its anxiety about the way the privatisation of the railways is frantically speeded up under Modi government discarding the priority to be given for maintenance and safety, leading to such accidents. 
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