27 November 2016
THE 11th Congress of the CPB was successfully held from 28th to 31st October starting with a rally and public meeting at historic Suhruvardy Udyan on 28th afternoon. 607 delegates representing around 7500 party members attended the Congress which adopted amendments to the Program and Constitution along with the Political Resolution which calls for strengthening the left and democratic alternative to the ruling Awami League and main opposition BNP. It is significant that at a time when the ‘political Islam’ and all other religious fundamentalist forces are getting strengthened around the world, and when many among the so-called left or communist parties are aligning with the ruling class parties like the Awami League in Bangladesh which is speeding up execution of the neoliberal policies and cutting down even existing democratic space under the cover of putting down the religious fundamentalist forces, the CPB has called for uncompromising independent initiative to build the left and democratic alternative to challenge the imperialist forces and their lackeys of all hues.

It is an important step in the context of the experience in India where the Left Front led by the CPI(M) had not only supported the UPA government led by the Congress for five years and where its West Bengal state committee went for an alliance with the Congress in the 2015 assembly elections. Though the CPB maintains fraternal relations with CPI, CPI(M) and Forward Bloc, the LF parties in India, and though their representatives also attended the Congress, CPB stand was different from theirs.

It was significant that the Congress of the CPB, a constituent of the ICOR was attended by ICOR constituents including the CPI(ML) Red Star, MLPD and CPN(Mashal) and all of them called for strengthening the ICOR and the year- long observation of the Centenary of the October Revolution starting from this 7th November. In the context of strengthening of the ‘political Islam’ around the world, it is significant that in a country like Bangladesh with almost 95% of its 12 crores population being Muslims, the CPB is building up the party and mass movements based on anti-neoliberal and secular positions. So the unity of the CPI(ML) Red Star with CPB is very important . Com. KNR representing the CPI(ML) Red Star while extending revolutionary greetings to the 11th Congress of the CPB, declared all round support to the people’s movement going on against the Rampal power plant and condemned the efforts of the Indian government to impose unequal treaties on river water sharing exposing its expansionist designs in South Asia.

In the International Seminar held on 29th afternoon on “Imperialism, Neo-liberalism and Religious Fundamentalism”, the key note paper presented by the CPB clearly pointed out that both the dangers of market fundamentalism and religious fundamentalism should be fought and defeated. In his speech com. KNR pointed out that the imperialists are trying hard to continue their global hegemony during the post-Second World War decades through their neocolonial offensive. Inspite of continuing crises confronted by them, they are trying to overcome them through neoliberal onslaughts and by using religious fundamentalism, racism, casteism like tools to divide the people’s resistance movements. Still the resistance struggles are increasing around the world. But the state power is increasingly controlled by the rightist forces as there are no powerful communist parties to give correct orientation and leadership to growing people’s movements and to capture political power. This is because the communist movement is influenced by right and left deviations. He called for ideological offensive to overcome these deviations and to build powerful communist parties capable of overthrowing the reactionary regimes and carry forward socialist transformation which is the only way to fight the barbarous neoliberal policies and its consequences, along with the growing danger of religious fundamentalism of all hues.

Representatives of CPI, CPI(M), Forward Bloc, CPN(UML), CPN(Mashal), CP of Pakistan, CP of Sri Lanka, MLPD, CP of Britain and CP of Russian Union also spoke from their parties’ positions showing how sharply different are the ideological-political lines of these parties. A large number of intellectuals and students participated in the seminar which continued for almost four hours.

The Congress elected a 43-member Central Committee and 7-member Control Commission. The new CC reelected comrades Mujahidul Islam Salim and Shaid Alam Jafar Ahmad as president and general secretary. It passed many resolutions including the communal attack against Hindu temples and houses in Nasirpur and demanding cancellation of the Rampur thermal plant. 
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.