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Centenary of October Revolution Programs

02 December 2017
Centenary of October Revolution: International Seminar Successfully Held

THE seminar on 100 years of the October Revolution organized jointly by ICOR and ICMLPO was successfully held at Bottrop, Germany on 27-29 October. The seminar was a great success with over 57 organisations from around 50 countries participating. On behalf of CPI(ML) Red Star comrades KN Ramachandran, Sanjay Singhvi, PJ James and Sharmistha represented. They presented Pary’s positions wih regard to imperialism today, lessons of October Revolution and problems concerning building the communist movement nationally and internationally. Over 1000 people took part on all the three days. As far as the content of the discussion is concerned, comrades from all continents agreed that another wave of socialist upsurge can be created only if the politics of independent communist assertion should be focused on in order to demolish the global imperialist system and to replace it with people’s political power and people oriented development paradigm.

International Seminar was conducted by the ICOR (International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations) and the ICMLPO (International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations). It was held as a culmination of the joint discussions held during last one year, about the lessons of the October Revolution. It became a seminar with mass participation, where the experiences, particularly of the working-class, youth and women’s movements, the environmental struggle, the anti-fascist struggle were contributed.

The seminar was divided into following thematic blocks: 1) Introductory Paper – Stefan Engel, MLPD, Germany, 2) Lenin’s analysis on the development of the imperialist world system – Otto Vergas, PCR Argentina, 3) The October Revolution and the struggle against opportunism and sectarianism – KN Ramachandran, CPI(ML) Red Star, India, 4) The October Revolution lives! Conclusions for the revolutionary class-struggle today – Jose Maria Sison, Founding Chairman of the CPP Philippines, 5) The strategy and tactics of the armed uprising – Abou Tarik, Morocco, 6) The necessity of socialist building in one country in connection with the building of a communist world movement- MLP, Russia, 7) Lenin’s strategy of the international revolution – BP (North Kurdistan/Turkey)

All thematic blocks were introduced by an initial contribution of 15 minutes. Then the discussion in the hall with contributions of five minutes each was opened. A simultaneous interpretation into several languages was provided. There was an International Cultural Event on 28th October 2017 evening at Gelsenkirchen. 

The Events at St. Petersburg, Russia

IT were also successfully completed. Besides seeing Lenin’s statue at Smolny and Engine 293 in which Lenin came from Finland as coal stoker, there were three programs. On 6th night, there was a revolutionary cultural performance.

There were different performances - skits, opera and rock bands (from Russia and Germany). Com Sanjay spoke on behalf of ICOR at this performance. Com. Gabi (MLPD) was invited to speak by the CPRF (Communist Party of the Russian Federation - led by Com. Tyulkin). On 7th there was a big rally. It was a see of red flags. On 8th there was a grand banquet and the ending. 

Telengana : October Revolution Centenary Meeting at Asifabad

THE Telengana State Organising Committee of CPI(ML)Red Star organized Russian October Revolution Centenary celebrations concluding meeting at Rose Gardens, Asifabad, on 9th November. The meeting started after paying tributes prime architects of communist thought Karl Marx, Frederik Engels, VI Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong who inspired and successfully led world working class movement. The meeting paid tributes to Bhagat Singh, Komaram Bheem and to all the leaders of communist revolutionary movement of India and to Doddi Komaraih, the first martyr of Telangana peasant armed struggle. It paid tributes to Jyothirao Phule and BR Ambedkar, the modern-day champions of struggle against the inhuman Manu (A)Dharma. Ch Mohan a friend of people’s movements was invited to preside over the meeting by comrade Tirupathy.

Comrade Moluguri Saidulu, secretary, APSOC, said whereas the Indian State after dragging its feet for 70 years over the promise of land reforms is now forcefully transferring peasants’ lands to big capital, the proletarian state of Russia decreed revolutionary land reform on the very next day of taking power and thoroughly implemented within a few months. Similarly the foreign companies and the collabora-tionist Russian companies and whole big business and trade were nationalised and the management was put to the hands of industrial workers and other labouring people. He appealed to all the struggling revolutionary left and democratic forces to come together to unleash struggles against imperialist and corporate forces with the slogan of land to the tiller, socialization of big capital and caste annihilation.

C Bhaskar Rao, president, central committee, OPDR in his key note address explained in detail the process first RSDLP and subsequently Bolshevik party led by Lenin over throwing 300 years autocratic Czarist power and establishment of proletarian Russian state. He said Russian Bolshevik revolution triggered revolutions, national liberation movements and independence movements in all the five continents of the globe. He observed, degeneration of all 20th century socialist and new democratic states either to capitalist or neo-colonially dependent states and balkanization of some of them, including the great USSR is though shocking, provide very rich experiences if we are not dogmatic. He appealed to the Indian communists to relearn from the works of, especially Marx, Engels and Lenin and take concrete lessons from the strategy and tactics of Bolshevik party led by Lenin and apply creatively to the contemporary concrete Indian and world conditions to establish people’s democratic state and society and then proceed to socialist society. B Narasimha, secretary OPDR Telangana committee in his message explained the indelible influence of October revolution of Russia and November revolution of China on the consciousness of world people and said that Marxism is the only alternative to eradicate exploitation and the resultant sorrow from the face of earth. 

Chhattisgarh: Mass rally and Public Meeting at Gariaband

CELEBRATION of the 100 years October revolutionary day, CPI(ML) Red Star, Chhattisgarh state committee took out a rally and held public meeting on 7th November 2017 at old bus stand Fingeshwar, in Gariyaband District. 

Kerala: October Revolution Centrenary Rally and Public Meeting at Thrisur

OCTOBER REVOLUTION Centrenary Program at thrissur in Kerala Conducted by CPI(ML) Red Star State committee. Public meeting inaugurated by Com. PJ James (PB Member) and addressed by MK Dasan (State Secretary), G. Gomathy (Pempillai Oruma), Sam P Mathew (TUCI), MP Kunhikkanaran (AIKKS), Adv. Sabi Joseph (OPDR), Adv. PD. Pushpa (AIRWO), Rajesh Appat (party state executive committee), K. Sivaraman (TUCI), Salim Divakaran (RCF), ND Venu (RYFI), KV Purushothaman and others. 

Odisha : Workers and Basti Dwellers Organize Struggles on Centenary Day

INDEFINITE dharana at Master Canteen chowk Bhubaneswar by Basti Surakshya Mancha demanding right to housing. The dharna started on the afternoon of 6th November protesting against the demolition of a slum, continued on 7th November observing the centenary of October Revolution which for the first time realized bread, livelihood and housing for all, and is continuing indefinitely demanding an assurance form the government that no more slums shall be demolished. 

Karnataka : On Centenary of October Revolution Hall Meeting at Raichur

ON 7 NOVEMBER, on 100 Years of Russian Revolution, programmes were held at Raichur, Karnataka. It was addressed by coms. K Naglingswamy, Chinnappa Kotriki. G Shekarayya, Ameer Ali, Yaradhihal, G Amaresh and Babu Bhupoor. About 200 workers, peasants and working women participated in it. 
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