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04 February 2018
THE All India Special conference of All India Revolutionary Student Organisation (AIRSO) was held on 26th and 27th December, 2017, at Nagpur. Delegates from four states – Karnataka, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Delhi – participated in the Conference. A presidium consisting of comrades Vinay, Akshay and Animesh conducted the two day conference.

After adoption of the agenda, in the inaugural session, com. KN Ramachandran ( GS , CPIML red star ) extended good wishes to all present student comrades and reminded the importance of the Special Conference in the present situation when the society is going through a critical condition. He urged that in future AIRSO should strive to emerge as a mass based student organization challenging the neoliberal policies including commercialization of education on the one hand and communalization of the education on the other. After this comrade Tuhin (All India Convener of RCF) and com . Samar ((member of RCF All India Council) shared their student life experiences and comrade Samar sang revolutionary song.

After the inauguration session, the Organizational Report was presented by com. Akshay, the GS. After a long and fruitful discussion in the direction of rectifying present organizational weaknesses and moving forward towards organizational and agitation-wise development, the Report was adopted by the Conference. Following this, the amendments to the Program and Constitution were presented, and after discussion and reply by the presidium they were accepted.

On the second day the proposed Central Resolution was presented and accepted after discussion. Following this, the new five-member Central Committee was elected comprising comrades Vinay (Chhattisgarh), Akshay and Satwik (Maharashtra), Hanimesh (Karnataka) and Sain (Delhi) with provisions to co-opt more members from other states. The CC re-elected comrades Vinay as President and Akshay as General Secretary.

Following Resolutions were adopted:

1) Struggles against corporatization and commercialization of education, and oppose New Education Policy.

2) Struggle against seat- cuts, decreasing budgetary expenditure on education and shut down of large number of government education institution in various sectors.

3) Fight against all anti environment policies and against imperialist led so called development paradigm.

4) Fight against centralization of education syllabus.

5) Struggle in Support of Bhangar movement and all other people’s movements. .

6) Struggle for caste annihilation.

The two day Special Conference concluded with the determination to build AIRSO in to a powerful revolutionary student organization mobilizing lager number of students in coming days at all India level.


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All India Revolutionary Student Organisation
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