14 March 2018
KOCHI: The land dispute at Vadayampadi began after a wall was erected around an open compound of the Bhajanamadom temple premises and nearby area in February 2017. The Dalits in the area protested against the move and they demolished the ‘caste wall’ in April 2017. The subsequent arguments led to both verbal and legal battles. Immediately after the demolition of the wall, the District Collector had ordered to maintain status quo on the issue. However, the Dalits continued with their protests in the area. The issue further escalated after the NSS (upper caste Nair organization) demanded the shifting of the protest area, resulting in the arrest of Dalit protesters and media persons from the protest venue in January this year. The social media along with CPI(ML) Red Star and Caste Annihilation Movement took up the matter, inviting the attention of the public and various activist groups, who extended their support to the Dalit Bhoo Avakasha Samara Munnani.

A Dalit convention organised under the banner of Dalit Bhoo Avakasha Samara Munnani on Sunday triggered tension with the police arresting many protesters. They were later released on bail. However, Dalit Bhoo Avakasha Samara Samiti has now decided to take the protest to the capital by beginning an indefinite strike before the Secretariat.


 1979: NSS applies for title deed, to occupy the common village land.

 1981: Receives deed during the period of LDF Government

 Jan 27, 2017: RDO demarcates the land

 Feb 7, 2017: NSS starts construction of compound wall

 April 14, 2017: The compound wall brought down by protestors

 One-year protest going on. District Collector has declared status quo stating no further construction is to be made

 21 Jan 2018: Dalit protest escalates with the issue spreading through Facebook and other social media. Protestors and media persons arrested from the site.

 February 3: District Collector maintains that status quo should be followed

 February 4: Dalit convention at Choondy Junction. 
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