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14 March 2019

Resolution ratified by the Conference held at Town Hall, Sultan Batheri, Wynad, Kerala, on January 6, 2019 : Declaration of Right to Farm Land & Housing

Land Reform programmes after the formation of Kerala State in 1956, did not help the poor landless peasants to obtain farm land or housing. This led the toiling dalits, adivasis and the landless peasants who depend only the agricultural Iabour for survival, who are deprived of farmland ownership for all time, slave like workers of plantations, landless farmers & farm labourers, including all these,  lakhs of landless people were forced to lead an inferno-like life in 4-cent colonies, tribal colonies, wastelands etc., These people were deserted even from agricultural labour because of the policies that serve corporate interests in agricultural field & anti-people corporate development agendas. This endangers their limited means to survive and they are subjected to unbearable living conditions. But all consecutive governments were indifferent to the plight of the landless and poor peasants. The Forest Right Act 2006, Transfer of Lands and (Restoration of Alienated Lands) Act 1975 and the projects like “Ashikkum Bhoomi Adivasikku Swantham” (means - the land will be Adivasi’s if he wishes to buy it), “Bhoorahithar IIIatha Keralam” (Kerala with no landless people), betrayed the dalit-adivasi people & on account of these the ruling class  looted crores of rupees.

 When the downtrodden & the poor peasants lead an unchanged miserable life because of  landlessness, foreign plantation business groups and their binamees  (Cognomen) possess lakhs of acres with them. The commissions appointed by the governments like, ‘Justice Manoharan Committee, Nivedita P. Haran Committee, and finally Dr. S. Rajamanikkam Commission advised the respective  governments in their report that the companies like Harison Malayalam Plantations Ltd. (RP Goyanke), Kannan Devan (Tata), Travancore Rubber & Tea Co. illegally keep 5.25 lakhs acres of land since 1947 which was supposed to be attached to the govt. since independence. All these commissions’ reports undoubtedly reveal that govt. can take over all these land by passing a law in the Legislative Assembly. But setting aside all the recommendations of these commissions, and knowingly losing all the cases in the court, the consecutive govts. Have shown that they are not with the landless people, but with the forces who snatched lakhs of acres of land & suppressed all the land struggle movements. And thus the govt favours the illegitimate holding of lands by these so called Landlords, in lieu of protecting the livelihood of the under waged plantation workers, who are an exception to the proclaimed media hype ‘Kerala Model’. Fictitious  trusts, land mafias &  godmens who illegally own lands by toppling Land Reforms Act, Land Use & Land protection Acts.

Apart from these, it is a growing trend of illegitimate land accumulation by corporate agro giants. Not only that the govts. Have totally failed to take over the surplus land vested with the govt. by the enforcement of land ceiling rules, but also it failed to distribute the 8 lakh acres of surplus land to the landless. (The 1957 govt. had already declared the total area of the surplus land vested with the govt. was 12 lakh acres). In these circumstances we are forced to launch land struggle linking with all the land struggles coming up across India. The State govt. must pass law in the Legislative Assembly to confiscate all the 5.25 acres of land illegitimately retained by foreign plantation companies and their binamees (cognomen). Re-organise all the plantations by empowering all the plantation workers as the joint owners of the plantation companies. By raising the above slogans & under the banner “FROM THE COLONIES TO FARM LAND”, we decide to commence Iand occupation struggle. We expect support of all progressive democratic forces.

Bhoosamara Samiti (Land Struggle Committee),

AIKKS (All India Krantikari Kisan Sabha),

ABM (Adivasi Bharat Mahasabha)

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