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04 July 2019

The Meeting of All India Coordination Committee of RCF Calls to Face the Challenge of Fascist Manuvadi Philosophy with the Materialist Lokayat (Charvak) Philosophy and Values of Renaissance Movement.

The All India Coordination Committee meeting of the Revolutionary Cultural Forum (RCF) was held at Bhubaneswar (Orissa) on 22nd and 23rd June. It was attended by Tuhin (Chhattisgarh), Rajendra Pratap Singh (Delhi), Pravin Nadkar (Maharashtra), Asim Giri and Sankar Das (W.B.), Ravi Palur and K. Balakrishnan (Kerala), Rakesh and Sukanti (Orissa), Sukhbindar and Vineeta (Punjab). The RCF Unit of Orissa was formed.

On 22nd June a cultural evening against warmongering, jingoism and communal hatred was organised at Ma Tarini Basti. (There was a tremendous struggle for 3 years against the demolition of slums and the Basti Suraksha Manch did not allow any slum to be demolished.) In the cultural evening, Sukanti Jena, Neha Barik, Palash, Asim Giri, Tuhin, Rajendra Pratap, Pravin Nadkar, Sankar Das, Sukhbinder, Vinna, Pooja and Sujata presented revolutionary songs and poems. Rakesh conducted the program.

In the meeting, tribute was paid to Andhra Pradesh revolutionary singer Ramrao and legendary playwright, literary and actor Girish Karnad. The meeting expressed deep concern at the way in which fascist, manuvadi attacks in every sphere, especially culture and education, were being perpetrated under the directives of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) all over the country and with the direct help of Indian and foreign corporates like Ambani-Adani. In the face of the fascist manuvian philosophy behind these attacks, the RCF will face the challenge with India’s ancient materialistic philosophy, Lokayat (Charvak) philosophy, from Buddha philosophy to the values of Indian Renaissance. Speakers at the meeting said that Modi’s second coming means a flood of extreme-right-wing, neoliberal, corporate exploitation and every section of the oppressed public will be dominated by the most degenerate financial magnates in every region. This will increase the poverty and misery of the wider public. In the meeting it was decided to run a joint cultural campaign with the progressive cultural organizations against the distortion and communalization of India’s history and culture.

The meeting adopted resolutions against the effect of the New (National) Education Policy (NEP), which will promote privatization / commercialization and saffronization in the field of education, with the help of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the WTO, against the directive of the arrest of Pa Ranjith (Tamil Nadu) director of Tamil film “Kala” (who had said that the Chola rule of Tamil Nadu was against the Dalits) and for the freedom of expression in the face of attacks on journalists across the country and in the favour of journalistic security law, against the killing of youth Tabrez in Jharkhand, mob-lynching of minorities and dalits under the guise of Jai Shri Ram, against the issue of arrest orders of London’s singer Hard Kaur (who had condemned Yogi Adityanath for the atrocities on women, dalits and minorities in UP), against caste suppression, against growing superstition and religious hypocrisy in favour of scientific consciousness, against religious fanaticism and casteism, in favour of peace, Secularism and Ganga-Jamuni Tahajib of India.

Comrades discussed deeply on the rise of neo-fascism in the International and National levels as well as the methods of resistance. The consensus has reached that traditional methods of cultural resistance along with non-traditional methods and out of the box methods should be implemented to reach out to students and youth.


General Secretary,

Revolutionary Cultural Forum

23 July 2019

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