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Repeal National Registration of Citizenship! Withdraw Citizenship (Amendments) Bill!

07 October 2019
The Indian Express

Citizenship is fundamental right of every resident and everyone born in India!

Join Rally on 14th October from Mandi House at 10.30 am to Jantar Mantar and Dharna there till 4pm

An appeal to struggling left, democratic and bahujan forces, Workers and all oppressed classes and sections including Dalits, Adivasis, backwards, minorities and women, youth and students, and people’s movements who oppose corporate-fascist forces and struggle for people’s alternative for democracy and development!

Compatriots, struggling people of our country,
We are now living in an extremely difficult situation. On the one hand the economy is in doldrums. Workers are losing jobs, unemployment is rampant. Distress in the agricultural sector is intensifying. On the other hand, every field, every issue is communalised.. An atmosphere of hatred and intolerance is created, leading to mob lynching like incidents increasing fast. Modi-2 is unleashing fascist terror to impose its dictates. This is what is happening to the people of J&K where Article 370 and 35 A were abrogated on 5th August, downgrading the state to two union territories without consulting the people of the state in any form. The whole state is militarized, put under prohibitory orders and all communications and democratic rights are cut down. Refusing to recognize the diversity of the country with different languages and culture, there are attempts to impose Hindi based on one nation, one language. Beginning with talking about Congress less, opposition less India, now the fascist forces have starting talking about one nation, one party!
The NRC/Assam was constituted unconstitutionally and speeded up by the supreme Court, the final list was announced on 31st August declaring 19,06,657 people stateless. Large number of them are Adivasis and dalits including those taken from Jharkhand, Bihar etc by Britishers for plantations, Nepalese, and almost half of them from Muslim minority, all of whom presently residents of the state. They are given 120 days to get clearance from Foreigners’ Tribunals or from higher courts. Otherwise they are going to be thrown in Detention Camps. This is a most inhuman step. We demand the repeal of NRC/Assam.

Modi-2 is trying to get the Citizenship (Amendments) Bill, 2016, which was passed by the Lok Sabha on 8th January, 2019, adopted by the parliament somehow. It is against the secular values of the Constitution and for communally discriminating against Muslims in line with the Two-nation theory initiated by Savarkar, while granting citizenship to migrants (from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan) including Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, and Christian. We demand the immediate withdrawal of this Bill.

While various BJP chief ministers and leaders are clamouring for NRC in all states, the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Notification of 31st July, the Central Government has already decided to prepare and update the National Population Register(NPR) at all India level on a time bound manner by starting the field work for it from 1st April to 30th September, 2020. If this NPR process is taken up based on the Citizenship (Amendments) proposed in BJP’s Bill, it will become binding on the whole population to prove their citizenship. It is apprehended that almost 40 to 50 million people, who are born in India and presently staying here, may lose citizenship. It will create a horrific situation and an unprecedented humanitarian tragedy. So we demand that the whole process of NPR should be abandoned and all people presently living in this country and born here should br recognized as Indian citizens.

Friends, as a result of all these the country is in a horrific situation.The economy is in recession, life of the masses has become increasingly miserable, while the fascist forces becoming more aggressive are destroying the unity of the people and engaged in putting down all voices of resistance. This critical situation demands the unity of all exploited and oppressed masses. Let us raise our voice in unison against corporate-fascist forces and for ensuring citizenship for all as the fundamental right of all who are living in India now.

CPI(ML) Red Star, New Democratic Party of India, Lok Samiti, Citizens for Democracy, Bahujan Communist Party, IFTU (Sarvahara), Inquilabi Mazdoor Kendra, Lok Paksh, All India Milli Council, All India Nepali Unity Society-Mul Pravah, CPI(ML) New Proletarian, Democratic People’s Lawyers’ Association, All India Peace Mission, All India Christian Minority Front, and Jan Sangharsh Manch (Haryanna)..

Kabeer Katlat

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