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06 February 2021

Dear women of AIRWO and to the struggling peasants and women peasants

we European coordinators of the World Women’s Conference (WCC) of Grassroots Women follow with great respect the development of the workers’, peasants’ and women’s struggles in India.

The new laws, the so-called “agrarian reform” mean the death of many small farmers. Therefore we are happy about the great success of the struggle that these laws have been suspended for the time being. An important reason for this was that the women’s movement, together with the workers and the revolutionaries of the country, declared solidarity with the peasants and carried out great mass activities.

We understand the news to mean that the Modi government is striving to give Indian corporations an edge in the international competition. Therefore, the government is dismantling the “hurdles” of profit maximization in the country. Wide sections of Indian society are affected and these attacks by the Modi government are also worsening the situation of women and families.

It is an important signal for the international militant women’s movement and an expression of the growing women’s consciousness that in all these struggles women farmers, housewives, grandmothers, students, teachers up to nurses are in the front line and form the backbone of the protests. We read that in Delhi’s outskirts of Tikri, more than 2000 women are camping there and carrying the protest. But it is not only in the capital that they are taking on important tasks, without which a sustained protest would not be possible: they are providing thousands of demonstrators with food and water and preparing beds for them to sleep in.

Please convey our solidary and militant greetings from Europe to the struggling people!

The Masses of People Fighting for Their Social and Political Rights in India Have All Our Solidarity!

We Wish Them Full Success!

Susanne Bader, Germany and Halinka Augustin,  Netherlands (European Coordinators)

Zaman Masudi, Germany (Deputy Coordinator) 18 January, 2021

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