State Terror Continues in Both AP and Telengana

30 April 2015
THE LATEST incidents in AP and Telegana show that in these states the heinous culture of fake encounter killings by the police force continues unabated. The mass killing of five alleged SIMI men in Telangana on April on the plea that they had been trying to escape from custody has already been proved to be an unprovoked and cold-blooded murder of under-trials. According to the police, the incident occurred on a busy highway in the middle of the morning when the prisoners were being taken from Warangal jail to a Hyderabad court. According to IGP Warangal, Naveen Chand, the police convoy of three vehicles made an unscheduled halt at the request of under-trial prisoner, Vikaruddin Ahmed. With his handcuffs off, Vikaruddin allegedly snatched an AK 56 rifle from Reserve Sub-Inspector, Uday Bhaskar and the remaining four prisoners, Mohd. Zakir, Mohd. Hanif, SayedAmjad, and Izhar Khan pounced on two other policemen. In retaliation, the other policemen, 17 in all, shot all five dead inside the van. However, photographs of the slain men showing that they were handcuffed to the car seat when shot have already come up on the media giving the lie to the police statement of 'attempted escape' and 'attack on policemen'. This murder is another example of the growing communalization and fascisization of the state.

On the same day, 20 labourers – mostly adivasis from Tamil Nadu – were gunned down by the police in Andhra Pradesh's Chittoor district. The police claimed that the slain men were smugglers of red sanders — a rare wood with huge demand in the international market – and that the police had opened fire after coming under attack by the smugglers in Seshachalam forest in two places within a radius of one kilometre. This police story too has been proved to be nothing but a sinister lie, and the 20 workers were actually barbarously killed by the police not in self-defence and certainly not on the spot but after being taken into custody and being brutally beaten up on the previous day. An eye witness has asserted that 7 of the 20 killed were picked up by the AP police from a running bus on the AP-Tamil Nadu border. Landless tribals from Tamil Nadu are lured by smugglers into cutting trees. The labourers are not aware of the risks they have to face and are made to believe that cutting trees is a petty crime Thus there are numerous cases of this type in the AP-Tami Nadu border areas, where hundreds of poor adivasi-dalit workers are compelled to cut wood in forests by a powerful mafia engaged in a multi-crore business and enjoying political support. When caught by the police they are subjected to rigorous imprisonment and sometimes even killed. More than two thousand are now perishing in jails. Instead of taking action against the king-pins, the police are engaged in killing and torturing these hapless labourers.

The AP, Telengana and Tamil Nadu committees of CPI(ML) Red Star have severely condemned these killings and demanded stringent action against those responsible for the genocide. The CPI(ML) Red Star calls on all democratic forces to come out against these mass killings in the name of fake encounters
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