Salutes to the Greek People for the Emphatic 61% No to Austerity Vote

06 July 2015

The Greek people who had voted left to help Syriza to come to power in the last important parliament elections, have acted emphatically in the keenly contested referendum with a 61% No to Austerity measures vote resisting ‘economic terrorist’ threats from the IMF and Euro-Zone leaders,. It is bound to start chain reaction in Spain and other countries where the masses of the people are against the suffocating neo-liberal austerity regime. We congratulate the people of Greece and declare firm solidarity with their struggle against the neo-liberal regime.

While the result of this referendum itself is historic, it is going to lead the people's movement really forward only if it is followed by stern stand against the IMF-Euro-Zone dictates, including coming out of the European Union if the fundamentals of neo-liberalism are not reversed by EU bosses in Brussels. We hope that inspired by this emphatic vote in the referendum, the struggle against the economic policies of European Union and the aggressive military stand of NATO shall be carried forward by the Syriza leadership.

KN Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI (ML) Red Star

6th July 2015

New Delhi

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