Independence for Kurdistan! Free Com. Obdulla Ocalan!

05 September 2016
Message of greetings to the conference organised by the 'Academy for Politics and Democratic Thought', delivered by CPI(ML) Red Star representative com. Sanjay Singhvi

On behalf of the Communist Party of India (Marxist Leninist) Red Star and also on behalf of ICOR, I bring you greetings and the best wishes. This conference takes place at a momentous time. That the old order is shaking is shown clearly by recent events. In the past, momentous events in world history were maybe one each year or every few years. In the past fortnight alone we have had Brexit, the terrorist attack in Nice and the failed coup in Turkey. In this situation, it is clear that the world as we know it, is suffering serious crises. It is only by discussing history and new ideas for the future – a theoretical offensive – that can offer a glimpse of a solution. It is in this spirit that we approach this conference.

First and foremost, I would like to convey that we support the movement of the Kurdish people to have their own homeland. We will take the message of Kurdistan to the people of India and the people of the world. The Kurdish people are one of the largest and oldest people in the world not to have their own nation. We would support the movement of the Kurdish people for the right to establish such a nation.

We see Kurdistan as necessary, not only as a democratic right of the Kurdish people themselves, but also as necessary to retain and build up stability and peace in the area. This is so because the Kurdish people have distinguished themselves in their struggles against various forms of imperialism and also against the Daesh (ISIS) at various times in the past. Whereas various states have fallen prey to one imperialist camp or the other, the Kurdish people, though they have been divided and separated have consistently fought for their democratic rights and thus also for the rights of the people of this region of the world to decide their own fate. They have fought for establishing their rights in the face of different imperialist and oppressive forces and are even now at the forefront of the fight against Daesh (ISIS).

Today the world is witnessing many flashpoints in different regions – Africa, the South China Sea, Kashmir, etc. However, the most critical remains the region of West Asia. This is because of the tremendous natural resources – oil, gas, lithium and other precious minerals to be found in this region. The imperialist powers and the regionl powers are all locked in a struggle to gain hegemony in this area. The sands are shifting and many may be allies and have inimical interests at the same time. The ISIS is using religious extremism to further confuse the situation. The large scale arms and money supply that they are able to muster shows clearly the extent of covert backing that they enjoy from various different powers. In this situation, the Kurdish people stand out as a beacon of democracy. They are consistently fighting against all forms of imperialism and against ISIS. They have kept the flag of Kurdish independence afloat, which will buoy the democratic aspirations of all the peoples of this region. It is for this reason that we feel that supporting the struggle of the Kurdish people for their democratic rights is a part of the struggle for liberating West Asia from the clutches of imperialists and other hegemonistic powers.

We also condemn the undemocratic and illegal incarceration of Com. Abdulla Ocalan in the Imrali prison. The method of his incarceration shows how precious he is to the Kurdish people and the importance that the repressive Turkish government places on his being isolated. It clearly indicates how much the Turkish Government fears Com. Abdulla Ocalan as the representative of the Kurdish people. We call for the immediate release of Com. Abdulla Ocalan and ask that he be allowed to openly do his political work in a democratic manner. We ask for the immediate removal of the ban on the PKK and its removal from the list of “terrorist organizations”. We recognize that Com. Abdulla Ocalan and the PKK represent the clear democratic aspirations of the people of Kurdistan.

Our party is a Marxist Leninist party. We believe that Marxism Leninism is, at the base, a supremely democratic system. At the same time, we believe that Marxism Leninism is a living theory and has to grow with the times. The world of today offers the scientific and technological basis for a much greater and all pervading democratic system. We have read Com. Adbulla Ocalan’s writing on Democratic Confederalism. We are also in the process of searching a new and proper theoretical understanding of the world of today. We are also in the process of understanding why the socialist systems built up in Russia and China has failed. We are also trying to understand how imperialism operates in the present neo-colonial world system. We feel that all attempts to create a new democratic system with greater power to the people is an attempt in the right direction. The answers being put forward to the problems of the world in general and to the problems of West Asia in particular can be broadly categorized into two: to give greater powers to the people or to curtail their democratic rights. We are certain that the former is the only legitimate method which will allow a solution to the problems of West Asia and, indeed, of the world.

We thank the organizers for this invitation and for the opportunity to put forward our point of view and to understand that of the other participants. We hope that this will help us to forge a closer bond, not only between our respective organizations but also between the peoples of our nations. We humbly proclaim that the time is ripe for the people of the world to openly discuss all questions without fear or favour so as to solve the seemingly insurmountable questions that the times are posing before us.

Independence for Kurdistan!

Oppose imperialism and hegemonism of all hues!

Free Comrade Abdulla Ocalan immediately!

Recognise the PKK as the legitimate representative of the Kurdish people! 
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