Modi-2 Strikes at Constitutional Foundations of Indian State: Should We Not Challenge it?

16 September 2019
Hindutva Fascism The Anvil

Modi-2 is in a hurry. Using the increased majority it gained in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, it has accelerated its march towards the Hindurashtra. It is blatantly attacking the constitutional foundations of the Indian state systematically. For example, it has abrogated Article 370 and reduced J&K to two union territories without consulting the people of the state or its leaders in any form. In order to put down any resistance to this move passed by parliament on 5th August, it had moved huge additional military, para-military forces to the state, detained the leaders of all political parties except BJP, including three former chief ministers, ex MLAs and hundreds of activists, imposed curfew all over the state and cut all communications for the people on 4th August itself. The state is turned in to an open jail. But, in spite of state terror, people’s non-cooperation movement is spreading, and more forces are condemning this fascist act internationally. So, even while claiming it is removing the restrictions step by step, the attacks are deepened. More repressive measures like detaining Farooq Abdullah, a former chief minister for many years who was under house arrest, under draconian People’s Security Act today and many others are reported. These are blatant unconstitutional acts against the people of J&K who were never part of British India and who had joined Indian Union based on the special powers ensured under Article 370. Though temporarily the RSS/BJP forces in power may have gained, this attack on the federal principles of the constitution have alienated the people of J&K more than ever, and has become a threat to all nationalities who are constituents of multi-national India.

Home minister Amit Shaw’s chauvinist statement on strengthening the use of Hindi is in line with RSS’ call of one nation, one language, or Hindu, Hindi, Hindutva. The consecutive governments till now never implemented the principle of conducting all UPSC and other central examinations in all these national languages. The concept of three language formula was also never implemented by the Hindi states. Now, utilizing the failures of the different state governments where mother tongue is different, to get these principles implemented as a cover, RSS/BJP is trying to impose Hindi through all covert means, with the claim that it will strengthen the country. On the contrary, this chauvinist, divisive move is striking at the federal principles of the constitution. If not challenged and stopped, it shall only lead to the weakening of the unity of the country achieved through the great sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of martyrs and freedom fighters.

The move to implement the NRC/Assam final list announced on 31st August in which 19, 06, 657 residents of the state are declared stateless is another pernicious move by the RSS/BJP forces. Either Bangladesh or any other country is going to receive them. So they are going to be thrown in to Detention Camps constructed in the model of Nazi concentration camps. Instead of taking steps to ensure citizenship to these people in the spirit of constitution and UN’s Human Rights Declaration that all residents and born in the country are its citizens, the RSS/BJP is trying to communalize the issue. It is trying to get its Citizenship (Amendments) Bill already passed by the Lok Sabha, adopted by the parliament somehow, and to go for NRC in all states and at country level (NPR). It may lead to 20 or 30 million people becoming stateless if the BJP plans are fulfilled. All these people will be thrown to Detention Camps! What a colossal humanitarian tragedy it shall become? RSS parivar intoxicated with majoritarian Hindutva hysteria created through mob lynching and attacks on all those who oppose their dictations as anti-nationals are in the Nazi mind to create holocausts all over our vast country. Taking lessons from history all democratic forces have to categorically reject the concept of NRC and its implementation outrightly.

These steps and all other pernicious ancillaries pursued feverishly by the RSS/BJP forces, intensifying manuvadi divisions and destroying all renaissance values and inclusive democratic, cultural, scientific values, are conscious efforts to cover up the economic crises of the neoliberal/corporate system intensified by it through Modi-1’s demonetization and GST policies and through opening of the vaults of the PSBs to the corporates to loot, leading to present slow down becoming increasingly serious day by day. It has further destroyed the purchasing power of the people, throwing out millions from whatever employment they had and to unprecedented pauperizing of the masses. The people and the country are taken to a dangerous situation, with the RSS/BJP striking at the constitutional foundations which held our polity united so far.

This critical situation demands the united efforts of all struggling left, democratic and Bahujan forces, workers and oppressed classes and sections including dalits, Adivasis, backwards, minorities and women, and mass organizations and people’s movements to challenge and defeat the RSS/BJP fascist forces by creating public opinion and countrywide movements against it with the vision of a people’s alternative. We appeal to all struggling forces to get united for this historic task.

KN Ramachandran
General Secretary
CPI(ML) Red Star

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Kabeer Katlat

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.