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Modi, What Fadnavis Government is Doing at Arey is a Criminal Offence!

05 October 2019

While addressing the UN Climate Conference after Greta questioning the world leaders “How Dare You…..” destroy the nature and create environmental catastrophe, denying everything for future generations, India prime minister Modi has repeated in his speech that his government is protecting the environment and will continue to struggle for it! But what the BJP government is doing in Maharashtra? Even when there is an option available to protect  the nearly 3,000 trees in Arey and save the forestry there, after managing to get orders from the pliable High Court, before the court order is published in Gazette and website and waiting for 15 days as per legal orders of the environmental ministry, the Fadnavis government has allowed the contractors to start cutting the trees stealthily yesterday night itself, so that before the courts open on Monday the butchering of the nature can be completed! As hundreds of environmental activists, youth and students including the Adivasi families got mobilized and resisted this illegal criminal act, hundreds of them are forcibly taken in to custody in the night, prohibitory orders are clamped down, and as latest reports show about 300 trees are already cut. It is a bloody criminal act. What Modi is talking about protecting environment is nothing but bullshit! Nothing can be expected from the government led by this ‘loyal friend’ of Trump who has openly laughed at all environmental movements and their warnings!


Only people of Mumbai alone can save the Arey trees and environment by militantly resisting the criminals engaged in this act and throwing them out of Arey! We appeal to all sections of people to come out and stop this carnage of nature!


KN Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star


New Delhi

5th October 2019, 08.00 AM

Kabeer Katlat

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