Telangana’s Regional Satrap Creates New Records in Suppressing Workers’ Rights: Support theTSRTC Workers who are Resisting Suppression and Continuing the strike .

14 October 2019

If Modi led BJP government at centre has thrown out all workers’ rights as a whole to please the corporate lords, the Telangana chief minister has gone a step further by first refusing to negotiate and settle the TSRTC workers’ demands, compelling them to resort to strike, and when they start strke, declaring it illegal, dismissing the entire 48,000 workers from service. Though the chief minister has threatened to recruit workers on daily wages and re-start the paralysed bus transport, he has not succeeded in it so far. He has forgotten that once he had praised these very same workers for going on strike in support of the struggle for separate Telangana state. After coming to power the chief minister and his party has forgotten all the promises he made during the struggle for the new state.
RTC staff has a democratic right to protest and even to go on strike seeking fulfillment of their long pending demands. By discharging them from service and trying to privatise the bus service, it is the KCR government which has resorted to illegal action. Against this naked autocratic moves of the TRS government the various employees organizations, trade unions in the state and all left and democratic forces have come out on the streets.

CPI(ML) Red Star wholeheartedly support the ten day long strike of the entire TSRTC workers for their long pending demands. We condemn the government for dishing out many sops to the corporate forces while ruthlessly refusing even to democratically negotiate and settle the long pending demands. It shows that the government is treating the workers as slaves. It is high time to recognize that all the ruling class party leaderships have found that as a result of many decades of economic struggles alone without political orientation under the traditional trade unionist leaders, the workers have lost their fighting spirits. So they dare to resort to such fascist actions against the workers. We appeal to the workers to intensify the struggle with the support of the progressive forces and masses of the people without compromising, and prove that the working class is still a fighting force, and they will not step back till their just demands are met.

KN Ramachandran,
General Secretary
CPI(ML) Red Star

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Kabeer Katlat

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