Ayodhya: CPI(ML) Red Star’s Appeal

27 October 2019
Ayodhya: CPI(ML) Red Star’s Appeal

Ayodhya: CPI(ML) Red Star’s Appeal: All Secular democratic forces unite to defeat RSS moves to turn Ayodhya in to a communal cauldron in the name of building Ram Mandir!

The Ram mandir issue was always BJP’s trump card. It was by organizing rathyatra for it, Advani had boosted political influence of RSS parivar in early 90’s. From that time onwards, Ram Mandir was their mascot. Now, on a time bound manner the supreme Court has completed the hearing on this long pending case, though it is still sleeping over the case against large number of RSS parivar including top leaders like Advani for the demolition of Babri Masjid. Any time the verdict can come. So, consciously, similar to what happened in 1992, it has started mobilizing large number of youth from North Indian states and celebrating Deepavali in grand manner spending crores of rupees. Communal tension is built up. Though chief minister Yogi is asking the huge number of people assembled at Ayodhya to keep restraint, the double talkof RSS men is well known. An impression is created that whatever may be the order, they will go ahead with construction of the Mandir at the disputed site.

It is as a part of this campaign, a minister in Yogi’s UP cabinet has blatantly said that the Ram temple would be constructed in Ayodhya “because the Supreme Court is ours”. The state’s cooperative minister, Mukut Bihari Verma was speaking to media persons in Bahraich district when he said, "Construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya is our resolve. The Supreme Court is ours. The judiciary, this country and the temple [are] ours too”. He said that though the party has come to power on the “plank of development”, the Ram temple would be constructed this time! Because BJP is determined to consolidate its majoritarian Hindutva vote bank, by spreading Islamo/Pak phobia, scrapping of Article 370, terrifying the Muslims and oppressed masses using NRC, and the construction of Mandir as its climax before declaring India as Hindurashtra! The RSS is in such a make-believe world. Indications of such a bellicose move is evident from the continuous mounting of communal tension at and around Ayodhya. In different parts of UP also such communalization is causing panic among the Muslims and to make them surrender.

All these moves show that whatever may be the court verdict, similar to what they did in 1992 by demolishing the Babri Masjid, this time the RSS parivar may go for the temple construction. The hiccups in both Maharashtra and Haryana assembly elections mainly as a reflection of the intensifying economic slowdown, which he wants to hide has made Modi leadership nervous. So to cover it up, a Ram temple at Ayodhya can become very handy.

The daily exhortations of UP chief minister show that a dangerous situation may be created as the date for announcing the SC order is coming nearer. So we call upon and appeal to all secular forces to come forward and campaign against the frantic communalization resorted to by RSS parivar especially at and around Ayodhya, and all over UP. We should campaign for communal harmony upholding secular values. A vigorous campaign should be organized all over the country to expose and defeat the communal machinations of RSS parivar using state machinery and even Constitutional institutions.

KN Ramachandran,
General Secretary
CPI(ML) Red Star.

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