Disha gang Rape and Murder accused assassination by Telangana State police is unacceptable fascist measure!

06 December 2019
Disha gang Rape and Murder accused assassination by Telangana State police is unacceptable fascist measure

File a case of murder agaist commissioner of police Sajjanar and his team!!
Investigate the rape and murder of Disha to establish the fact.

The gruesome gang rape and murder of veterinary doctor 'Disha' is a heinous crime. The inhuman culprits must be tried openly in fast track courts and awarded exemplary punishment, including life imprisonment.

But the concerned district police of Telangana government instead of following due process of law, with tacit approval of the state government, killed the accused in an obvious fake encounter. Permission of the society to this transgression of rule of law and state terrorism is very dangerous and leads to death of democracy and perpetuation of police state. In this context, we remind the people of whole country, especially the people of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh of Ayesha Meera rape and murder case wherein the poor innocent Satyam Babu is implicated, awarded punishment by a court but latter proved he was implicated to save powerful real culprits. Because Satyam Babu is not liquidated, he is now a freeman and he and his family lead everyday life with peace and respect.

There are other important factors because of which, we the people of India have to oppose and disapprove the summary imprisonment and execution of accused.1. Accused are not culprits unless and until their crime is proved. 2) The summary execution method generally saves the powerful and real perpetrators of crime. 3. Above all, the present state and it's law givers who are not prepared to provide equal rights to women, allow whole full scale picturisation of women as symbols of sex and goods for sale and purchase is the real culprit. 4. Lastly, it is proved umpteen times the 'crime and punishment' approach however severe it is, by itself can not deter the perpetrators of crime against female gender.

So, OPDR, on one hand condemn every assault on female humans, continue to be part of movement of liberation of women from all exploitation and oppression, urge the society to to shed patriarchal values and on the other hand demand the Indian state to discharge it's two fold constitutional responsibility of unleashing a powerful cultural movement of gender equality and punish the perpetrators of crime through due process of law.

Right now, OPDR demand the government of Telangana to file case of suspected murder against Mr. Sajjanar, the Commissioner of police and police team that took the accused out side in the night to the spot of crime agaist Disha and shot them dead and, appeal the High Court of Telangana to institute a high level judicial enquiry commission suomoto so that the real rapists of Disha are established and why and how the accused in this case are shot dead by police.

C Bhaskararao, chaiman
Central committee, OPDR (Organisation for the Protection of Democratic Rights)

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