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03 August 2020

The Union Ministry of Human Resource Development has drastically changed the syllabus for the CBSE students in the name of cutting down 30% of the burden on the students. According to the Union Minister for HRD Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank it is done in view of the “extraordinary situation prevailing in the country and the world. The government has done this as a part of its attempt to ‘rationalise syllabus up to 30% by retaining the core concepts.” This rationalization includes discovering that the high-school students need not study the chapters on federalism, citizenship, nationalism, and secularism in the political science curriculum of Class 11.


Political Science topics CBSE deleted include:

  • Federalism 
  • Local Governments
  • Why do we need Local Governments?
  • Growth of Local Government in India
  • Citizenship 
  • Nationalism 
  • Secularism 
  • Environment and Natural Resources
  • Changing nature of India’s economic development Planning Commission and Five-year Plans
  • India’s Relations with its Neighbours: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar

History topics CBSE deleted include:

  • Understanding Partition
  • Peasants, Zamindars and the State
  • Colonial Cities
  • Early Societies
  • Nomadic Empires
  • Confrontation of Cultures

Legal Studies topics CBSE deleted include:

  • Historical context of Human Rights in India
  • History of the Legal Profession in India
  • Classification of Lawyers: Roles and Functions
  • Legal Profession in other Jurisdictions (This includes Legal Education in the US, UK and other countries like France, Germany, Singapore, People's Republic of China and Australia)
  • Brief history of legal services
  • Legal background – Free Legal Aid under International law, the Indian legal system
  • Hierarchy of Legal Aid Service Authorities – The Central Authority, The State Authority, The District Authority and Taluk Legal Services Committee
  • Funding
  • Administrative Law

In English Core topics CBSE deleted include:

  • Writing Classified Advertisements
  • Letters to the editor (giving suggestions/opinions on an issue) 
  • Application for a job with a bio-data or résumé
  • Article & Report Writing
  • Narrative Grammar
  • Modals
  • Clauses
  • Change of Voice
  • Error Correction, editing task/cloze passages

In an official communication HRD Minister Pokhriyal had also informed that a few weeks ago, he invited suggestions from all educationists on the reduction of syllabus on social media. He said changes made in the syllabi were finalised by various course committees and approved by the curriculum committee and governing body of the board. The CBSE has not told heads of schools to ensure that students are informed about the topics that have been reduced. However the reduced syllabus will not be part of the topics for Internal Assessment and year-end Board Examination.

On the one hand starting with the draft national Education Policy, 2016, whatever positive elements were remaining in the public school system were attacked and removed, Following this under World Ban pressure the commercialization and corporatization of education was intensified under proposals in the NEP 2019. Utilizing Covid as a cover, the NEP 2020 is speeded up to transform the public education to informal studies for the vast majority who are from the marginalized sections. Along with these structural changes are implemented to make online education as the informal education model. Now the attack on all progressive elements in the syllabus are also getting eliminated.

We appeal to all democratic forces to oppose and defeat these ever-intensifying onslaught on the field of education to transform it to suit the needs of corporate forces

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