Manusmrithi in Action in UP: 19 Year Old Dalit Girl Gang Raped and Tortured Brutally.

05 October 2020

In Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh, a 19 year old Dalit girl was gang raped on September 14 by four upper caste goons of her village. They dragged her into a field, after gang rape they left her in the field almost dead with broken backbone and slit tongue, due to torture by the brutes as the girl tried to resist them.


After struggling for life for two weeks, the girl succumbed to injuries on 28th night. As usual the Manuvadi police did not help the victim and her family. When public opposition mounted, in a token response the administration just transferred the station house officer elsewhere. This has been the usual manner of the Yogi administration to hoodwink people from the beginning. The law and order has  almost disappeared from UP. The Yogi government has totally failed to protect the marginalised people in the state and has proved itself utterly communal and Brahmanical to discharging its responsibilities.

As some of the dalit, Adivasi, most backward sections try to get education, some of them get employed due to reservation, and at least few start raising their voice for their human rights, the upper caste and neo-rich sections get angry, and in order to humiliate the whole community and to terrorize them, like the Rajas, Maharajas and other conquerors of the past, they attack the women and sexually assault and maul them. The language and attires may be different, the frequency may be different and so also the method they operate. But in state after state it happens, under the Manuvadi hegemony over the state apparatus, as all branches of it, the administration, police, judiciary….are predominantly filled with upper caste men, even seven decades of reservation! Only the frequency, mode of attack and the extent of cruelty may differ little.


Women of marginalised communities have been invariably raped and outraged in the country and the frequency of these brutal incidents has increased after the RSS parivar who openly demand Manusmrithi as the Constitution have spread their influence and are in power at centre and in many states. UP under BJP has become the laboratory of this Manuvadi rule under Yogi.  The Backward Class Commission, the Women’s Commission, Human Right Commission, the Supreme Court, the President - all become dumb and deaf when such barbarous things happens with increasing frequency. Nobody takes cognizance of these and act suo-motto.


The Yogi government has promised to the relatives of the victim girl a compensation of Rs.4.12 lacs and the rest after charges are proved! This is grim hoax on the tormented people. Is it not enough that the girl has lost her life? The Manuvadi state is as insensitive to the oppressed people as Drona was to Eklavia!


CPI(ML) Red Star demands stringent action against all police men who did not help the family as the law demands, time-bound speedy disposal of the case, punishment to the culprits, and protection and full compensation to the family of the girl. We appeal to all progressive forces to come forward to condemn these heinous crimes and to fight the Manuvadi thoughts and actions promoted by the RSS parivar which leads to more and more such horrific crimes.


CPI(ML) Red Star


New Delhi

29th September 2020

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.