Learn from experience of 100 years of Communist Movement in India!

11 October 2020
Dear comrades,
17th October, 2020, is the centenary day of the first meeting of the communists from India convened based on the call of the First or Foundation Congress of the Communist International (Comintern), which is generally considered the beginning of the Communist movement in India. On 17th October, 2019, we had started the campaign to observe the centenary by taking the message of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought and the present challenges faced by the communist movement in our country and all over the world. But as the humanity had to confront the worldwide crisis caused by Covid19 pandemic and its impact in India, this campaign could not be carried forward as we planned. So, the Central Committee of the CPI(ML) Red Star has called on all party committees to observe the conclusion of this campaign on 17-18 October in all states with webinars in different languages, hall meetings wherever possible, postering, distribution of handbills and social media campaign from 11th to 18thOctober. The CC appeals to all party committees to ensure participation of all comrades and friends from like-minded organizations and individuals also and to make it successful, making it an opportunity to discuss the role to be played by the communists in the present movement against the RSS Neo-Fascism. Our central Webinar on 17th evening from 6pm to be addressed by comrades KNR and Alik and conducted by com. Tuhin shall be focusing on this question.
We are of the view that unlike the parliamentary left, CPI and CPI(M), we should avoid a controversy whether the beginning was in 1920 or 25? As everybody accept, the first meeting was held at Tashkent which paved the way to intensify the efforts to build party inside the country and the first Conference of the Communist movement in India was held at Kanpur in 1925 which paved the way for formal beginning of the party with the formation of the CPI, the same year when the RSS was also formed. So, this should be a time for serious introspection for the Communists: if the RSS has developed to such a mighty parivar with many millions of members, starting its work from Bal Gokul to ABVP to dozens of organizations, infiltrating and every sectors of state machinery, armed forces, judiciary, and every Constitutional institutions, running the country through BJP led by Modi in most ruthless Manuvadi, Brahmanical, neo-fascist way, where are we? What led to the severe setbacks suffered by the Communists and their splintering, ideologically, politically and organizationally, calls for serious self-critical examination. More so, when the parliamentary left and all those polarizing around them are celebrating social democracy in practice, when those take Maoist positions are reduced to armed revisionists, and the others, as we see now in Bihar elections, instead of joining the Revolutionary Left Coordination for communist assertion, those who do not see the gravity of the RSS neo-fascist onslaught and the necessity to weaken Modi government by all means using all means including parliamentary elections also, even when the opposition front is qualitatively not different, approach the elections in an aimless manner fielding few candidates for self-satisfaction.
In the present critical condition, while we are observing the centenary of the beginning of the Communist movement in India let us consolidate the gains we have achieved by continuously developing the analysis of the capitalist imperialist system including all the changes it is making in its strategy and tactics, the transformation in the mode of production and ruling class policies in our country, and the advances we have made by making concrete analysis of the fast changing situation, fighting against all alien trends and intensify our party building, formation of the Revolutionary Left Coordination, and take initiative in whichever way possible for the emergence of a countrywide anti-fascist movement.
Long Live Indian Revolution!
Intensify campaign against Manuvadi Hindutva, the theoretical base of RSS Neo-Fascism!
Intensify struggle to throw out RSS neo-Fascism! Advance to People’s Democracy and Socialism!
Long Live ICOR, Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!
CPI (ML) Red Star

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.