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Observe 64th death anniversary of Babsaheb Ambedkar on 6th December.

20 November 2020

The 64th anniversary of Babsaheb Ambedkar is going to be observed this year when the RSS/BJP neo-fascist rule through Modi is once again making barbarous moves, spreading hate against the religious minorities destroying all secular values, and as the Manuvadi Hindutva is being imposed under BJP rule, the already miserable life of the dalits, Adivasis and oppressed classes and sections including the women in Indian society is becoming worse.  The RSS through its Manusmrithi based Hindurashtra is engaged in destroying even whatever social reforms were achieved so far through the renaissance movement in the fierce struggle against the Varna/caste system which continues as a distinctive inhuman feature of the Indian society for many millennia.  Babasaheb  Ambedkar played a significant role in the renaissance movement during which many prominent social reformers from the different regions mobilized the masses and challenged the Manuvadi Brahmanical forces, and became its symbol at all India level, had called for annihilation of the caste system, for throwing out all the Smrithis and Vedas which sanctions it, to struggle for nationalization of land and industries and for social justice in all spheres. The RSS/BJP rule is going in diametrically opposite route, reversing even the inclusive values of the independence struggle. When the RSS agenda is absolutely clear as day light, and when the practice of Modi rule underlines it, all of which calls for mobilizing all oppressed forces to challenge this Brahmanical aggression, what is really happening?

After the departure of Ambedkar, the breed of Neo-Ambedkarite leaders have emerged are influenced by the identity politics. When even the democratic right of reservation is diluted through sanctioning reservation for econominally backward Savarnas, when no reservation is allowed in the private sector, when dalits and Adivasis are displaced from their habitats and thrown to the slums, when Savarnas have started re-establishing their right over the dalit women through Hathras like incidents, when the oppressed people for whom Ambedkar fought are becoming increasingly jobless and shelterless, these leaders are becoming camp-followers of the Manuvadi Brahmanical RSS,  making the election victories easier for Modi’s corporate fascist rule. They are helping the RSS to reduce Ambedkar in to an icon of its Manuvadi Hindurashtra.

In this situation, it is the task of the revolutionary left , and democratic forces to put forward the facts about his life and activities, to expose the Neo-Ambedkarite forces, and to build unity of the working class and all oppressed classes and sections for throwing out the RSS neo-fascist rule and to advance towards people’s democracy and socialism.

CPI(ML) Red Star.

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