Observe May Day Upholding Its Revolutionary Spirit

29 April 2015
THE May Day, the international working class day, is observed all over the world whenever mounting challenges confronting the working class in every field calls for new analyses of problems confronting them, and new approach to the theory and practice to resolve them. It was through more than two centuries of militant struggles against the ruthless forms of wage slavery in which thousands of their leading members became martyrs and millions suffered ruthless suppression, by 1950s the working class could achieve many basic rights and under their leadership one-third of the world people could live in societies where socialist transformation was taking place. A situation was created when it looked like the working class and the oppressed peoples may overthrow the imperialist system and advance towards people’s democracy and socialist transformation all over the world. But during the last six decades, in spite of many glorious struggles, the situation has changed drastically. The international working class movement suffered severe setbacks. Almost all the rights they had won through numerous struggles are snatched away under neo-colonization intensified by the neo-liberal offensive by the exploiting classes. Overwhelming of them are under contract labour system with ‘hire and fire’, depriving even minimum wages and democratic rights. The neo-liberal raj has created a situation when all the rights of the toiling masses are taken away and they are impoverished, while the elite classes are given all benefits, making them super rich. It has enlarged the gap between the rich and the poor ever wider. Once again a situation is created when the working class has to struggle to recapture the rights they have lost, to enlarge them according to the present needs, and to once again create conditions for overthrowing the exploitative ruling system, which is pushing them to ever more severe wage slavery. Firstly it calls for getting organized, striving to overcome all present difficulties confronting the working class movements, and to strengthen the struggle for better wages and other economic and democratic rights. Secondly it calls for coordinating their organization and struggles area-wise, state-wise and nationally, and at international level whenever possible. Thirdly it calls for getting increasingly politicized, so that the struggles for better living conditions and democratic rights can be developed to struggles for overthrowing the very ruling system which perpetuate wage slavery in more barbarous forms. Presently, the ever-intensifying imperialist globalization and neo-liberal policies are forcing increasing number of working class all over the world to wage numerous struggles and in that process they are joining hands with the movements for emancipation of the oppressed peoples also. But, when the challenges before the working class is becoming more severe, the “labour aristocracy” which has imposed its leadership over most of the trade union movement, and the ruling class along with its agents are working overtime to de-politicize the working class, to hamper their unionization and to reduce the May Day like occasions as a ritual. On this May Day, the CPI(ML) Red Star appeal to the working class, whose number is increasing manifold day by day, to struggle against the reformist, revisionist leaderships, and to intensify their struggle for economic and social justice, and to prepare for overthrowing the exploitative ruling system. Long Live May Day, the International Working Class Day!
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.