03 April 2018
THE international and national situation indicates that in the coming years the importance of youth movement is going to increase by several times. The global economic crisis in contrary to the claim of the capitalist captains still remains unresolved. However, the crisis does not remain in the same condition as it was in previous years. Now it is amply clear to the global capitalist ideologues that the solution of this economic crisis does not exist in the economic arena itself. Only the creation of more favourable political condition for them can solve the crisis at least for the time being. As a result, they are creating conditions for the whole political atmosphere in the world to move towards rightist and far-rightist direction. Nobody knows where it will stop. In US the far-right force under the leadership of Donald John Trump has become victorious in 45th Presidential election of the country. In Europe too, these forces are coming to power in several countries. This changing phenomenon is giving birth of the danger of armed conflicts and war. The most significant incident took place in the last year in this context was the formation of an European army, an EU (European Union) army, under the leadership of Germany. Using the excuse of reducing the military budget for individual countries an independent army for EU is being formed, whereas it is also being said that a centralized army is an indispensable component of the super-state to which the EU is openly committed.

This global situation very naturally gives rise tension and military conflicts in south-east Asia. India as a strategic partner of US is getting more and more involved in conflicts with its neighbouring countries. Since the ruling classes of our country give more importance to serve the international global capital instead of keeping good and healthy relation with the neighbouring countries, the conflicts with them is naturally surging high.

Since the global political situation is moving to the rightist and fascistic direction India is no exception. The Narendra Modi government under the ideology of communal fascist RSS is a matching partner of Donald Trump government of US, and is getting involved in local conflicts with China and Pakistan. These incidents are going against the interest of the youths of our country as every military conflict and war in history were fought at the cost of the lives of the youths to serve the interest of big capital and other ruling classes.

The economic situation of our country is absolutely devastating. Actually since 1947 the ruling classes of India dragged the country towards the path of neo-colonial dependence on imperialism instead of making a truly independent and self-sufficient land with prestige and prosperity. After seven decades the situation has become worse. With the advent of the neo-liberal regime with globalization, the attack on the lives of the common people has increased. The youths particularly are facing tremendous pressure in economic field. Any discussion of the various fields shows how the situation is becoming worse for all oppressed sections. In the main, the youths of our country even after seventy years of so called independence have failed to get a decent life. As a result migration is spreading like wildfire for a job and settlement.

With the advancement of communal fascist force in our country the condition of the youth is being more endangered. Out of frustration and desperation the youth force is being used as tools of communal fascist forces. Youths from the weaker communities are facing double attack in economic as well as social fields in every sphere of society. Youths from Muslim, dalit and other weaker communities are now leading a terrorized life. All the constitutional rights are robbed from them in the name of nationalism and patriotism. The condition of the girls and young women is more miserable. Sexual attacks, harassment and murders are the order of the day in corners of the country.

All these developments are posing increasingly grave challenges before the youth as a whole. The renaissance values, the ideals put forward before the youth by revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh are getting eroded very fast under the onslaughts of corporate-communal fascist tyranny being imposed under the Sangh Parivar led Modi regime. But the significant feature of today is that while all these negative features are gaining momentum day by day, challenging these the youth forces are coming up from among the dalits, adivasis, workers, peasantry and from among te various people’s movements like Bhangar etc. The forces of reaction and status quo are being challenged by forces of social change.

In this situation, as a revolutionary youth organization the task of RYFI is to develop the youth movement against the hegemony of imperialism and their compradors and lackeys by organizing all the youths of our country based on its programme of social change. RYFI should get prepared to carry forward these tasks as explained in its Programme and in continuation to the decisions of the Third All-India Conference, while joining hands with the new youth forces coming up, and political forces dedicated for changing the existing ruling system to one of socialist goals. The Fourth All India Conference has underlined this basic task once again according to present situation and has planned to implement these taska fighting shoulder to shoulder with all oppressed classes and sections. 

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.