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Resolutions adopted by the 11th Party Congress.

26 January 2019

In Memory of Martyrs and Departed Comrades.

The 11th Party Congress of CPI(ML) Red Star extends revolutionary greetings to all martyrs the world over who laid down their lives in the struggle against imperialism and forces of reaction.

During this period Comrade Ramachandra Singh, our Central Committee member and Comrade Rebati Ballav Mohanty, Central Control Commission member had departed. Other party members from various states also departed during this period while engaged in people’s movements and organizational activities . This Party Congress extends revolutionary greetings to all of them.

During the period after 10th Congress of our party we had several valiant struggles in various parts of India against the neo liberal policies. In the Bhangar peoples Movement comrades Mofizul, Alamgiri abd Hafizul became martyrs. We remember all these martyr comrades and those other comrades who have laid down their lives in peoples struggles against the rulling system.

We pay revolutionary tributes to all martyr and departed comrades.

Defeat Modi Government in the next General Elections.

The Modi regime has brought India to a critical Juncture. Its four and half years rule has intensified the neo liberal, Communal fascist policies at a maddening pace. Under Modi, who has come to power with an anti-corruption plank, India has become the most corrupt country in Asia.  Demonetization super-imposed on the people at the behest of imperialist centers has enabled the super-rich black money holders to suck out the life-blood of the common people.  The GST that destroyed the federal structure of India has further put the tax burden on the shoulders of workers, peasants and all toiling people. Neoliberal-Corporitization policies have devastated agriculture and industry and peasants suicides have become more frequent. Unemployment, inequality and inflation have risen to horrific proportions.

All avenues are used for communally dividing the people. Fascist attacks by Hi dutwa goons on minorities, Dalits, adivasis, women and all other oppressed classes have mounted.  Working class has been denied even basic rights and all hard-earned democratic rights are being curtailed. History, culture, education, research and so on are saffronised.  All Constitutional institutions are systematically undermined.

People's resentment against the Modi regime is growing in manifold ways.  Workers', peasants, and all oppressed sections are riding up against the corporate-saffron regime.  At this critical juncture, the 11th Congress of CPIML Red Star calls upon the people of India to resolutely come forward to vote out the Modi regime in the forthcoming general election.  We appeal to the people to strive for a people's alternative based on demonetization in all fields along with the building up of a people-oriented and ecologically sustainable development paradigm.

In Support of the strike on 8th and 9th January 2019

The Central Trade Unions have called for a two day strike on 8th and 9th January 2019. The demands are basically against the neo-liberal polices and draconian anti-democratic methods being used by the Modi Government. They include the demand for a proper minimum wage, against the attempts to introduce anti-worker changes in the labour laws, against unbridled price rise, ratification of the ILO conventions 87 and 98 concerning collective bargaining etc. These are genuine aspirations of the working class and the oppressed people at large. At a time when the Modi Government is hell bent upon curbing the rights of the workers as a part of the drive to implement neo-liberal policies, such protests are urgently required. They have to be taken up not just as sporadic incidents but as sustained campaigns even beyond this strike. The CPI (ML) Red Star supports the strike of 8th and 9th January 2019 and calls upon all workers and unions all over India to support the strike.


Resolution on Minimum wages

In 1957 the 15th Indian Labour Conference passed a resolution on the formula to be used to fix the minimum wage. The formula was accepted by the Supreme Court as just and proper in various judgements. In fact, 1991, in the matter of the workers of Raptakos Brett, the Supreme Court added a further 33% to this formula to provide for education, health, savings etc. Till today the various wage commissions formed by the Government have acted on the basis of this formula, up to the 7th Wage commission which gave its report in 2016. By this formula the minimum wage all over India in January 2016 should have been Rs. 22000. This corresponds to about Rs. 25000 today. However, the minimum wage committees for various industries formed by the Central and State Government are still recommending minimum wages in the range of Rs. 8000 to Rs. 10000. Many unions like the TUCI and MASA have been demanding Rs. 25000 as the minimum wage. This house fully supports the demand for Rs. 25000 as a minimum wage.

Resolution on changes in Labour Laws

With the advent of globalisation there is a greater pressure to adopt the rule of hire and fire. The new organisation of production internationally requires vast outsourcing which leaves great sections of the working class vulnerable to massive exploitation. In this situation the workers are in need of laws which afford them greater protection against arbitrary dismissals and against arbitrary reductions in wages and other facilities like social security, workplace safety and security, etc. Instead of making such changes to afford protection to workers, the Central Government and State Governments especially in the NDA ruled states are amending the labour laws to reduce the protections given to workers. The Apprenticeship Act is being amended to allow apprenticeship in all work for a period of 5 years where apprentices will not get the benefits of labour laws. The contract labour act is now to be applicable only where there are 50 or more contract labour in place of 20 at present. The Industrial Disputes Act is being amended to allow for arbitrary closure or retrenchment of workers where there are less than 300 workers in an establishment as opposed to 100 today. Though the UPA government had mooted similar changes, the present government is implementing them with indecent haste. In such a situation this house opposed the current proposed anti-worker changes in labour laws and supports the various struggles of the workers against such changes.

Resolution on contract labour

The abhorrent contract labour system is growing day by day. In fact, it is being strengthened in new ways like the recent changes in the Apprenticeship Act. In spite of various commissions and judgments of the Supreme Court calling this system as a “pernicious system”, a “system of human trafficking”, etc. recent governments have been making policy on the assumption that the contract labour system is unavoidable. They argue that contract labour at least allows more jobs to be created though the quality of jobs may deteriorate. Statistics shows that even this is not true. Even if it were true, this system would still lead to the depression of the average wage. The CPI (ML) Red Star opposes the Contract labour system and calls for abolition of contract labour in all jobs which are of a perennial nature.

On Global Warming.

As all of us are aware the danger of Global warming is intensifying day by day. Now it is very clear that the reasons behind it are the Corporate led so-called development policies. In Indian context, earlier from Uttarakhand to recent Kerala and Karnataka's natural calamities created havoc and took the lives of many people. Worldwide scenario is also similar. Yet Imperialism, especially US imperialism continues their greedy nature with causing more and more natural devastation. Recently the Trump administration decided to quit from Paris agreement, earlier delayed Kyoto Protocol for long time. All these show the ulterior motive of imperialist agenda. Only people's agitation with increasing awareness can be compel the ruling system to change its policies. 

The 11th  Party Congress resolves to struggle for people centric policies which alone can put an end to disastrous global warming.


Stop All Nuclear Power Plants. 

Repeated instances exposing grave consequences of nuclear power plants and people’s movements against them have compelled the imperialist countries to start shutting them down. But they are exporting this obsolete technology to the dependent countries causing immense harm to people there.

Under the sway of imperialist powers the ruling class of India is engaged in importing this disastrous technology, the nuclear power projects program, disregarding the possibilities for developing alternate sources.

During the UPA regime people’s movements in which we also played active role succeeded in preventing the large number of projects taken up by it. In spite of it the Modi government tried to continue this disastrous program, which the people’s movements have succeeded to stop so far.

The 11th  Party Congress appeals to people to become aware of the dangers of nuclear power plants and to uncompromisingly struggle against installation of any new projects and to compel the government to start shutting down all existing plants.


On US Withdrawal From Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

Declaration bu US president Trump of withdrawing from Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) is a grave concern for all peace loving forces of the world. This Treaty was signed by then USSR and the US in 1987. It played a significant role in eliminating 2700 short and medium range missiles and gave relief for world people and particularly European people for three decades.

In continuation with the position of unilateralism, Trump administration not only withdrew itself from the INF, it has already stated that it will also not continue with the New Start Agreement whose term expires in 2021. If the INF treaty collapses and with the New Start Agreement on strategic arms due to expire in 2021 the whole world would be left without any control on nuclear armaments for the first time since 1972.

Opposing Trump the NATo ministers have come out with a sharp statement: “INF Agreement has been crucial to the Euro-Atlantic security and we remain fully committed to the preservation of this landmark arms control treaty”. This statement not only reflects the inter imperialist contradictions, it also expresses the general desire of every peace loving people.

The 11th Congress of the CPI(ML) Red Star emphatically denounce the positions of Trump administration; it urges for a broad based world wide struggle for a nuclear arms free world and for lasting peace throughout the world.


Resolution on Peasant Problem

The Eleventh Congress of CPI(ML) Red Star is expressing its deep concern on the serious and acute problems of the peasantry of our country.

These serious and acute problems are manifested in various ways: increasing landlessness; non existence of any kind of comprehensive all India law for agricultural workers; absence of statutory laws for tenants in many states of India or non-implementation of existing laws; suicides of more than four lakhs of peasants, migration of lakhs and lakhs of peasants due to loot of land, forest and rivers; severe indebtedness of the peasants, particularly small and marginal farmers; barbaric and naked social oppression and discriminations against ST, SC and OBS people.

Due to neo-liberal policies, when landless is increasing every day, governments are giving thousands of acres to domestic and foreign corporate houses. When peasants are fighting for the protection of Land,  Ceiling Acts and Acts like Santhal Parganas Tenancy Act, the central and state governments are changing these laws for the corporates. When peasants are demanding remunerative prices for agricultural products, they are getting only bullets, torture and empty promises by Modi government and  state governments.

Eleventh Congress of CPI(ML) Red Star is again emphasizing the importance of peasant problem, which is one of the most important national problems. History and experiences teach us that only an agrarian revolution can solve this problem. Agrarian Revolution will confiscate all the land of landlords without compensation and distribute that land to agricultural workers, landless and poor peasants. So 11th Congress of CPI(ML) Red Star is giving a call for nation-wide militant peasant struggle on the immediate burning issues of the peasants for the necessary preparation for a successful agrarian revolution.

In India peasants have a glorious past of struggle and sacrifices. They have shown that in Telengana and Naxalbari and other struggles. Bhangar is the latest example. So, the 11th Congress of CPI(ML) Red Star is confident that in the coming days, there will be nation-wide long drawn militant peasant struggles against imperialism, comprador bureaucratic capitalism and landlordism and for a free, independent and democratic India which will emerge in the midst of these struggles.

On Question of Women’s Employment

The female work participation rate of our country, as per the Economic Survey 2018, stands at an abysmal 24%, among the lowest in South Asia and the lowest among BRICS countries. The basic premise for the emancipation of women being the induction of the entire female sex into public industry, the aforementioned statistics is a telling commentary on the status of women in our country. The 11th Congress of the CPI(ML) Red Star demands 100% employment for all women of working age (or unemployment benefit if required), equal pay for equal work and enabling work spaces for women. The CPI(ML) Red Star strongly champion the concept that the principal social identity of women should be related not to her role in the family, but directly with her role in social production.

Against Bhima-Koregaon Arrests

The CPI(ML) Red Star strongly condemns the arrest of human right activists purportedly in connection with the Bhima-Koregaon violence, which was, as a matter of fact, instigated by the Hindutva brigade. The sudden crackdown on activists and the intelligentsia since the middle of this year, the labeling of all dissenters as ‘anti-nationals’ and ‘urban Naxals’ and the peremptory use of draconian laws like the UAPA, coupled with the sustained and ruthless attacks on the struggling masses (workers, peasants, Dalits, adivasis, women) across the country has served to severely damage the democratic and secular fabric of the country. The 11th Congress of CPI(ML) Red Star call for the immediate release of the Bhima-Koregaon arrestees, the repeal of draconian laws like the UAPA and an end to the targeted throttling of dissenting voices. The 11th Congress also appeals to the people to unite against state terror.

On Peasants Right over the Compensation towards Damage in Regard to Right of Way for Transmission

As rapid growth in high voltage transmission network is taking place all over the country, huge amount of land is getting affected and devalued. The patch of land under the High Voltage/Extra High Voltage line comes under the perpetual ownership of the transmission companies, though legally the ownership remains with the landowner, which causes an economic loss to the farmers and landowners. To compensate the loss, following many farmer struggles, the Government of India, Ministry of Power appointed committee put forward guide line for payment of compensation towards the damage in regard to Right of Way (ROW) for transmission line on 2015. According to the guideline the transmission company need to give 85% of the land value to the landowners on whose land transmission tower is being erected  and 15% of the land value to the landowners whose land is coming under the Right of Way.

Since this guideline is being hardly implemented by the transmission companies, the landowners and farmers are opposing HV/EHV project all over India. The struggle of peasant’s of Bhangar, Tamil Nadu, Assam, etc. against Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCLI) High Voltage project are such examples. Among these Bhangar, through its continuous struggle compelled the government and PGCLI to come to an agreement with the struggling committee and to compensate more than the guideline suggested. Other struggles are still continuing and new farmers struggle are developing on same demand.

The 11th Congress of CPI(ML) Red Star expresses its solidarity with these struggles. The 11th Congress is demanding compensation to farmers and landowners following the guideline and supporting all the associated demands raised by the struggling peoples.

Repeal the SURFAESI Act.

11th Party Congress demands the repeal of the anti-people SURFAESI Act (Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets’ Enforcement of Securities’ Interest Act) passed by the parliament in 2002 to confiscate the security without even being informed. As a result of this Act lakhs of people are facing the wanton acts of auction of their property when billionners are looting the banks and save themselves by relocating to foreign countries with the help of the ruling system.

Implement SC/ST Quota in Appointment of High Court and Supreme Court Judges.

While examination system and quota based on reservation are followed in the selection of magistrates and judges up to Sessions’ level, no such yardsticks are followed in the case of selecting judges to High Courts and Apex counrts. The 11th Party Congress demands that the selection of judges to these higher courts should be made transparent and reservation quota should be implemented to ensure social justice.

Resolve the Mullaperiyar Dam issue Scientifically.

The Mullaperiyar dam issue is a burnibg question affecting people of Kerala and Tamilnadu.The century old dam is a threat to the security of the people in adjacent areas. At the same time people of adjacent districts of Tamilnadu depends on water from this dam for drinking and cultivation. This issue should be sorted out scientifically protecting the lives and assets of people of Kerala, while ensuring the quota of water from this dam to the people of TN. Since this dam is situated in an earth quake prone environmentallt sensitive area and considering the security risk this old dam may cause, this Party Congress appeals to the central government to take appropriate steps in consultation with both state governments to resolve this urgent question ensuring the safely of people of Kerala and water requirement of people of TN.

Resolve the Mahanadi River Dispute Giving Priority to Peasants’ Demands.

River Mahanadi is the life line for vast masses of farmers of Odisha. During the last few years the Chhattisgarh government has began constructing a number of barrages across upstream of Mahanadi for providing water for increasing industrial demands. Rampant industrialization along the river basin in both the states is the real cause of the inter state water dispute. Both state governments are primarily interested to cater for the increasing demands of the mushrooming industries.  Both are not showing concern for the water demands for agriculture. At the same time both state governments are politicizing the water dispute for sectarian political interests rather than finding amicable solution to it putting the larger interests of the people and sustainability of the river in the forefront.

It is in this situation, under pressure from people’s movements and environmentalists the apex court has ordered and the central government has constituted a tribunal to settle this question.The 11th Party Congress demands that the the Tribunal should settle the dispute by giving priority to the requirement of the agriculture and daily requirements of the vast masses, rather than protecting only the interests of the industries.


 Resolution On Culture

Gouri Lankesh, a prominent journalist writer of the country has been murdered by Hindutva fanatics. She had been active in the movement against religious dogmatism, superstition and communal fascism for last many years. Just like the recent murders of rationalist thinkers like Dr. S.M. Kalburgi, Dr. Narendra Dabholkar and Com. Govind Pansare, Gouri Lankesh assassination too is a part of the conspiracy to silence progressive voices through physical extermination. This Congress severely condemns these savage attacks on the freedom of expression and resolves to spread of their thoughts among masses of people and at the same time ensure that the perpetrators of this dastardly act are punished.

In another dastardly attack, raising the bogey of Love Jihad, fanatical Hindutvavadis murdered an innocent man named Md. Afrazul at Rajasmand, Rajasthan. Earlier in tune of this Akhalaque, Junaid, Pahlu Khan and Umar were brutally murdered by fascist cow vigilants inspired by RSS. These fundamentalists wish to control the food habits, dress code and lifestyle of the people as per their fanatical agenda. Without doubt such brutal tactics are employed to cover up government’s failure to solve basic issues like poverty, unemployment and hunger. The Sangha Parivar, through its various terroristic organisations has been stoking the fire of intolerance, communalism and casteism with the ultimate objective of destroying the ages old multi-cultural fabric of our society. They are advocating incorporation of Ramayana and Mahabharata into the curriculum of primary schools. Simultaneously, the demand for teaching Manusmriti at school level has also been raised. Efforts are being made by the Chhattisgarh government to teach Ramayana and Mahabharata in Gondi and Halbi at school level. Such steps would prove to be a hindrance in the way of instilling scientific education among the new generation. This congress strongly opposes the distortion, saffronization and vulgarization of Indian history and culture and the replacement of progressive intellectuals by votaries of Sangha Parivar at important posts of institutions – educational, technical and others related to art. This congress severely condemns this well-orchestrated and pre-planned Hindutva agenda.

In order to implement their fascist goal, Sangha Parivar has been proclaiming all the minorities like Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Dalits and Tribal as being Hindu. They celebrated the 125th Anniversary of Baba Sahib Ambedkar but overlooked and avoided his critical thoughts about the fanatical and inhuman aspects of Hinduism. This congress condemns the distortion and vulgarization of the thoughts and philosophy of Babasaheb Ambedkar by the Sangha Parivar. This congress also opposes Brahmanism, retrograde customs like child marriage and forced widowhood and demands appropriate measures to promote inter-caste and inter-religion marriages. This congress strongly opposes distortion and vulgarization of Indian History and Culture.

Resolution On Caste Annihilation and Dalit Question

Within four and half year since coming to power, the arch rightist forces have intensified their attacks on the lives and livelihood of the poor, Dalits, Tribal communities, women and the working people for the benefit of a handful of corporate houses. This congress condemns these acts of atrocity by castists, Brahminical, communalist and corporate forces in Bheema Koregaon, Pune in Maharashtra, Una in Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Saharanpur and in Bulandshahar UP, Mana (Malwa) in MP, Dulina in Haryana and other states arresting of Chandrashekhar (Ravan) of Bheem Army in Hyderabad and calls upon the people to rise against them.

Party Congress appeals to the masses – Let the superfluous and obscurantist rituals like Shradh etc. be done away with and let the spread of scientific awareness in lieu of superstitions be encouraged. Efforts to build up organisations at village, towns, block and district levels and organising such awareness programmes should be encouraged. Let the party activists take lead themselves. Let the inter-caste and interreligious marriages encouraged. Let the party activists of party take lead themselves in creating examples in the society. Such persons should be felicitated, protected and honoured. Oppose Caste/Social organisation/panchayat and oppose Caste/Social boycott move of any community/panchayat. Let the people be appealed to incorporate the caste annihilation and anti-superstition ideals in their day to day life. Again, the political parties with religious, casteist and communal agenda have to be unmasked and combated against. Oppose the Bramanical life style, dress code, nomenclature and eating habits. Party congress condemns the ban on beef eating in deference to the whim of a particular community and passed the resolution in the favour of caste annihilation movement.


Resolution on Violence against Women

The Thompson Reuters survey, 2018, has ranked India as the most dangerous country for women. Although the rank may be disputed, there is no gainsaying the fact that women form the most oppressed section of society in India today, with violence against them spiraling, the most gruesome atrocities being committed against them and a patriarchal state clearly with neither will nor inclination to take any steps to ensure women’s liberation from inequality, oppression and subjugation. Rather, one of the consequences of the steady rightward shift of the Indian polity is the intensifying violence against women, especially in the name of caste and religion, coupled with an ideological onslaught against the very concept of women’s rights and liberation. Sexual violence against women by the India state — the army in places like Manipur and J&K, the police in Chhattisgarh and generally by men in uniform throughout the country — in the name of ‘nationalism’ and ‘development’, pave the ground for horrific sexual violence against women in society. The increasing commodification of women spurred by neo-liberal policies on the one hand, and the relegation of women to a domestic slave by right wing fundamentalism on the other negate the hard-earned rights of women and imperil their very existence as equal citizens.

The 11th Congress of CPI(ML) Red Star pledges to intensify the struggle against all forms of violence against women and strive tirelessly for the emancipation of women from all oppression and subjugation.

Unite Against Communal Fascism

Communal Fascism is menacingly striving to be the strategic partner of global state Fascism and Zionism. Wanton attacks on intellectuals, socio-political and cultural activists go on unabashedly. Merger of Indian corporate capital with Global State Monopoly capital is total. Militarization of the state is accompanied by increasing exclusion and marginalization of the working class peasant communities. While the Rafale Deal marks the latest scam of Primitive accumulation under the neo-liberal, neo- fascist dispensation; demonetization, GST, and the manipulation of the financial/ speculative sectors, including the fall of the Rupee, denote the sharp polarization of the nation between the Corporate/ monopolistic sections increasingly collaborating with global state and ruling class on one side and the working people and toiling masses on the other side. The class and mass movements are putting up stiff resistance all over the country.

Systematic attacks on the autonomy and freedom of the educational sector, including cultural institutions, as well as murderous attacks on activists, dalits, tribals, minorities and women get intensified and widespread. Even as the Lok Pal/ Right to Information legislations are scuttled, democratization of the judiciary remains a far cry. Even the CVC, CBI as also the Supreme Court and the RBI are being undermined by the Modi- Shaw regime. While contemptuously rejecting the democratic urge for reservation in the higher Judiciary, the Sangh parivar wants to do away with reservation in the government services and education. While reservation in the private sector is a must, the demands of major peasant communities are also to be dealt with in accordance with the constitutional mandate for  adequate representation of Socially and Educationally Backward classes in the affairs of the state, which includes Judiciary and also police and Military.

The Sangh Parivar’s re-launch of the Ram mandir agitation amounts to defiance of the Supreme Court and the Constitution. It is an affront to our secular-democratic ethos and nationhood. This should be seen in the context of the systematic effort to undo the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and also the abandonment of the Vajpayee initiative to deal with the Issue in the orbit if ‘Insanyat’. Sangh Parivar-led agitation against the Supreme Court order on women’s entry at Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple is yet another affront to the very Ayyappa legend that symbolize the confluence of the Buddha heritage and the anti-caste/untouchability tradition of Southern India.

We have to initiate the process of formation of a common platform of all the democratic forces and peoples movements engaged in resistance to the communal fascist regime. We are sure that forces of resistance have to unite with the empowerment battles of the excluded and marginalized as also organized sections of workers, farmers, women, intelligentsia, youth and students. Forces of social Justice and Cultural Revolution too have a crucial role at this critical moment.

We appeal to all progressive democratic forces to participate in effort and join the collective effort to unitedly fight he communal fascist forces who undermine our secular democratic polity and our humane socio-cultural ethos.

Struggle against Central Government’s Move for depriving State Governments’ Right on Education

Initially the education was being under the state-list of Constitution. In the course of development in political arena, the education came under the con-current list of the Constitution. Later, every move of the successive Central Governments, led to the whole education, irrespective of elementary or higher education, coming under the Central list. Now, most of the state governments have abolished or incorporated their Education Boards into Central Educational Board. In the name of the all India Entrance Examination or Screening Test, all state education boards are compelled to merge their education boards into central boards or to merge their syllabus into central syllabus. Along with the central universities, state universities are under threat of Governors of the state appointed by the central government. In this way the central and state university designation have  practically vanished.

Under globalization, the education sector is under swift changes to privatization. The entry of foreign universities and mushrooming growth of Deemed universities are the order of day. Out of the 127 private Deemed universities in India, 27 universities are permitted in Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu, entrance examination to professional courses were abolished before 2 decades. The voices raised for ensuring  implementation of SC/ST and OBC reservations are suppressed. After a long struggle only entrance examination system was abolished. At present, as a continuation of the earlier Congress government’s policy, the Modi government and the judicial activism of the court imposed the NEET examination. Hence the Party Congress demands that the  the education should come under state list as original Constitution of India.

Organize Country-wide Movement against Anti-Federal GST

The anti-Federal GST super-imposed by the Modi regime in continuation of the pro-corporate Demonetization has completely deprived the states of their constitutional power to levy indirect taxes that form the main source of state revenue in India. GST regime has led to a galloping of the prices of all essential goods and services as it is imposed on the prices decided by corporate giants. Consequently, vast majority of common people are suffering from the double burden of higher taxes and rising prices, even as corporate profits are reaching new heights. Thus, India is facing high level of inflation and price rise as a result of GST.

All the informal and unorganized sectors, where vast majority of the Indian workers are depending for their livelihood and sustenance, along with the Small and Medium enterprises, which accounts for a quarter of India’s export revenue, are in doldrums as the pro-corporate GST has taken away all tax exemptions, price support and protective measures extended to them by central and state governments. While the pan-Indian unified GST has immensely benefitted the big businesses and retail giants, millions of retailers, unable to compete with former, are collapsing. India having the highest GST rates in the world, the reins of economy are now with the most corrupt corporate hoarders, black marketers who have given unfettered freedom for marking up the prices of all items of mass consumption.

This situation calls for a clear-cut political position against the GST that has demolished the federal structure of the constitution on the one hand, and centralized economic power in corporate-saffron state. The task of repealing the GST has become one of the central issues of the people’s political program against the Modi regime today. The 11th Congress of CPI(ML) Red Star calls upon the people of India to prepare themselves for all-out offensive against the GST uniting all progressive, democratic forces in the country.

Resolution On Education

This Congress condemns the conspiracy to close down one lakh schools in our country. At the behest of imperialist globalisation, the government has been privatising education and conspiring to make education inaccessible to Dalits, backward castes and poor in general. While opposing saffronisation, privatisation and commercialisation of education, this congress demands equal access to education for all. This congress condemns barbaric attacks over freedom of exression in university campuses and expressed solidarity with students of HCU, JNU, DU, BHU, Jadavpur, Kolkata, Allahabad, HLU Raipur and FTII Pune.

Resolution On Unemployment

Quoting from the ILO Report on “World Employment Social Outlook” of 2018 released in January 2018 and also quoting from its leaf author, Live Mint reported, “.......77 % of workers in India will have vulnerable employment by 2019”. According to the ILO’s world employment and social outlook report released “A large part of the jobs created in the region remain of poor quality”. Vulnerable employment affects almost half of all workers in Asia- Pacific, or more than 900 million men and women. The report comes amid a jobs debate in India, which many believe is not creating enough jobs even as some 12 million people get added to the labour market every year. This is then the reality of neoliberal politics. Growth of unemployment and underemployment and growing disparity. This is the real “growth” of the Indian economy that the GDP figures hide. The congress severely condemns neoliberal politics which created large scale unemployment in India and calls upon the youth to organise and resist against unemployment and neoliberal corporate fascist regime.

Resist and defeat onslaught on democratic rights and democracy by  Neo-Liberal regimes, especially Sangh Pariwar regime.

The right to struggle for economic-political-social- cultural advancement is the basic Democratic Right of the people. From this flows the right to freedon of thought, belief, worship, expression, assemble, association and the right to organise and get organised. The right to life and the dignified life is the basic human right. From this arises the right to education, health, minimum wage, social and gender equality etc.,. Many of these freedoms or civil liberties, of course with tags, are enshrined in fundamental rights and directive principle chapters of Indian Constitution drafted by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. But every struggle of toiling masses for better life and living conditions, in the last 70 years met with state and ruling class  repression. To give  a legal framework to this repression many an authoritarian law are enacted since 1951 by governments of all hues. P.D., D.I.R., MISA, NASA, TADA, AFSPA and UAPA are some of them. Fake encounter killing and lock-up torture are the worst violation of every democratic, civil and human right. Indira Gandhi's internal emergency is a  peak of the proceeding quarter century repression. However, it is worth noting various memorable struggles of working class and peasants including adivasis  dalits and women led by various progressive forces resulted in the enactment of certain ameliorative laws.

Since the onset of neo-liberal  imperialist globalisation and especially during the last four and half years of  saffron fascist and international-Indian big capital stooge Modi BJP regime centuries old hard won rights of working class and adivasis, and  various environment laws are systematically curtailed. The Sangh Pariwar forces with tacit approval of BJP/NDA government at the center and BJP governments in the States are acting as moral police to curtail the rights of female gender free movement, choise of dress, and marriage and they are denied even the right in to temples.BJP governments and Sangh Pariwar forces hand-in-glove are assaulting  the people's right to food, belief and worship, to dissent and criticize and in that they go to the extent of murdering the persistent explicit intellectual dissenters of archaic  brahminical values. The free wheels Saffron forces are assaulting, including killing, Muslim minorities and daliths alleging the latter are killing cows. It is a punishable act of blatantly taking law into private but the powers that be are at best silently or at the worst explicitly supporting private actors taking  law in to hands.

The repression on the people of Kashmir valley, demanding the implementation of 'human' and legal right of self determination, has reached unprecedented brutal level during Modi regime. The use and misuse of draconian UAPA has become highly rampant in the last 4 years. By inventing the word 'urban naxalites'  Mody regime  has opened another front of assault against the democratic right of people.

Hence, the 11th Congress of CPI (M-L)Red Star appeal to all democratic forces and intellectual democrats of the country unitedly resist the onslaught on the civil, democratic and human rights of the people of India by Corporate-Saffron neo-fascist forces abbeted by Sangh Pariwar governments. The situation become terribly grave if BJP retain power at the center and hence we appeal vote out BJP in 2019 general election.

Resolution on fighting for 6 hours Working Day and 5 Days Working Week

In the 19th century the working class fought for shorter working hour. They achieved the right of 8 hours working day. After the World War-II the technology grew rapidly and especially in electronics, communication and computers. And we now live in the era of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. Instead of dumb machines we now deal with intelligent machines. As a result there are rapid changes in production system and workers are the main sufferers in these changes. On one side the more intelligent machines are replacing workers in each field from clerical work to construction to even middle management. We witness how the construction sector is totally occupied by the machines. Thus the owners of the means of production are gaining high profits. The increase in the number of billionaires in each year shows that the modern production system equipped with modern technologies have brought havoc in the life of workers. And on the other side the workers are still bound to work for 8 hours a day, and in most cases for much more hours under contractualization and casualization of jobs. And as a result, huge reserve of unemployed are created. Workers now live in uncertainty for their lives and livelihoods.This Party Congress calls on the working class and the unemployed to get mobilized for a six hour day and five day week..

Book the culprits responsible for disappearance of JNU student Najeeb

"I am saddened because the CBI carried out a biased investigation and its sole objective was to shield those who assaulted my son before he went missing. I have been facing injustice right from the first day,"

“I just want to know my son is safe. I know he will come back one day. The CBI claims they have found people who went missing five years ago. Why could not they find my son?"

These are the very words in crying for justice from Ms Fatima Nafeez od Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, the mother of Najeeb Ahmed, 27, pursuing M.Sc. in Biotechnology, went missing from the Mahi-Mandvi Hostel of the Jawaharlal Nehru University more than 25 months back on October 15, 2016. The student had gone missing a day after an altercation with some ABVP (student wing of BJP) students on the night of October 14, 2016 which itself is an evidence of their (ABVP’S) role in the matter.

Even the High Court had to rap the police over the manner of its probe into the disappearance of Najeeb, saying it appeared to be looking for an “escape route”. The court had also lashed out at the police saying it had been “beating around the bush and not in the bush” as it had been sending people across the country and setting up special investigation teams (SITs), but the nine students suspected to be behind Najeeb’s disappearance were neither questioned, nor taken into custody.

From the above we could assess the gravity of the alarming and dangerous situation in the country after fascist BJP’s reign at the helm of affairs of the nation.  Not a single citizen is safe under their rule.  All democratic and constitutional rights of the citizens are hampered.  The culprits behind the disappearance/murder of Najeeb, the looters of Nation’s wealth, the hooligans and all miscreants in the name cow vigilantism are freely moving and enjoying the victims and protesters, human rights activists, political activists waging against injustice, workers fighting for their legitimate demands are grilled and tortured. 

The 11th Party Congress of CPIML Red Star , demand immediate steps to arrest the culprits and find the whereabouts of the missing student Najeeb Ahmed.

Take Immediate Measures for the Rehabilitation of Indian Expatriates Returning from Gulf Countries

During last few years, due to global economic meltdown and oil sector crisis in Gulf countries, many thousands of expatriate workers have forced to return to India. This trend is going to intensify further in coming years and millions of Indian expatriates in Gulf are expected to return to India, majority of them to Kerala. In this situation, 11th Party Congress of CPI (ML) Red Star demand to Central and State Governments to take immediate measures for effective rehabilitation of the Gulf Returnees who have been providing around one trillion rupees of foreign money per annum to the country, sacrificing their live with family in homeland. This Party Congress  also demands to Central-state governments to structure suitable programs in the productive sector utilizing the Gulf expatriates deposits and utilizing their expertize & experience, based on peoples echo friendly development paradigm.

On Entry of Women to Sabarimala Temple in Kerala

The 28 September 2018 Supreme Court Verdict that allowed the entry of women of certain age group (10-50 – said to be menstruating years) which was banned by a judgement of Kerala High Court in 1991.  This is an important judgement as the Gender justice is concerned which was denied by the Kerala Devaswom Board controlled and ruled by Bhramanical Authority which practices the age old customs and faiths.  The Constitutional Bench headed by the then Chief Justice Dipak Misra rightly observed that any rule based on segregation of women pertaining to biological characteristics is indefensible and unconstitutional. The majority judgement categorically stated, giving no space for any ambiguity, that discrimination of women of certain age group in entering a religious place is totally against the principles laid down in the constitution ensuring the gender justice.  Even the judges noted that such action of Temple Authorities in the name of customs, rituals and faith is nothing but religious patriarchy which should not be allowed.

Though almost all progressive and democratic forces of the country hailed the verdict, the religious fundamentalist forces led by Sangh Parivar quite naturally protested and let loose their hooligans in the streets against the verdict to vitiate the comparatively secular, progressive and democratic atmosphere in Kerala created through renaissance movements led by the social revolutionaries.  As expected the Kerala Unit of Indian National Congress even after their central leaders hailed the judgement suppported the protest of Sangh Parivar. It is like the “Vimochana Samaram” (“liberation movement”) organised by the reactionary forces against the 1st EMS led Communist Ministry in Kerala in the year 1958-59 which led to the dismissal of 1st elected Government of Kerala by Nehru government abusing the Constitution.

Though CPIM led LDF organises big Rallies in support of the judgement and speak about safeguarding the democratic rights of women, in practice it is not seriously fighting the machinations of the reactionary forces..  The LDF government, instead of arranging facilities for the devotee women to visit Sabarimala and offer prayers, is discouraging them from doing so by intimidating, creating fear in the mind enquiring their whereabouts and other details.. 

Hence it is the duty of all revolutionary left, progressive and democratic forces to come out in the streets and fight against the hooliganism of reactionary forces.  They should try to nsure the defeat of obscurantist forces and struggle for implementation of the Supreme Court order..

The 11th Party Congress demand immediate steps to ensure the rights of the women devotees to visit the Sabarimala Deity.

On Price Rise and the Gilet Jaunes (in France)

Price Rise is not a natural phenomenon. Prices are clearly controlled by the imperialists and the big corporate houses. They are used as a devious method to reduce the real wages of the people. At present, price rise is being used as a weapon against the people by different governments in the world including by the Modi Government in India and the Macron Government in France. Both continue to raise the price of fuel even at times when the global prices of crude are falling. Against the price rise in France, the people of France have come out in massive numbers to protest against the rise in fuel prices implemented by the Macron Government in a huge people’s movement known as the ‘Gilet Jaunes’ or the ‘Yellow Vests’. The Macron Government has tried to justify its taxes on fuel in the name of environmental protection. This is clearly a ruse which is not fooling anybody. The Gilet Jaunes are an apolitical and unorganised movement which held massive barricades first on 17th November. Since then there have been huge demonstration in various parts of France and there is a huge gathering planned on 1st December in Paris with the Gilet Jaunes proposing also to block all the ports of France. The CPI (ML) Red Star supports the demand and movement of the Gilet Jaunes and calls upon the people of France to organise and fight for a new form of society free from the dictates of the big corporates which alone can guarantee against arbitrary price rise.

In support of the strike of the workers and officers of BSNL

The CPI (ML) Red Star supports the strike called by the workers and Officers of BSNL all over India on 3rd December 2018. Though BSNL has consistently show profits for the past few years, the wages and pensions of the employees are not being revised though due since 1st January 2017. It is clear to all and sundry that the Government is trying to run BSNL into the ground to help the big corporates like Jio, Airtel and Vodafone. The service is being purposely deteriorated and the facilities are being curtailed so as to force all customers to leave this service and move to other private providers. No doubt the move of the Government to deny the new wage and pension rise is a part of this diabolical plan. We hope that the strike will help to scuttle this plan of the Government.