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The ICOR (International Co-ordiantion of Revolutionary Parties and Organisations) demands the immediate stop of the embargo against Rojava (West Kurdistan/North Syria) and of the blockade of India against Nepal.

The ICOR calls for worldwide protests against the attempt of imperialist and reactionary forces to stifle the achievements in the struggle for freedom and democracy in Rojava and Nepal.

In Nepal in 2006 the monarchy was overthrown after more than 200 years. On 20 September, 2015 a progressive constitution of a non-religious federal and democratic republic could be adopted. It includes democratic and women’s rights, the protection of minorities etc. Since then the country is being violently blackmailed by an economic blockade of the Indian Modi government and reactionary leaders of the Madeshi ethnicity living in Nepal. There is a lack of kerosene, gas for cooking and to a growing extent also of food and urgently needed medications. Public life is collapsing in this country where the 2nd World Women’s Conference is planned in March 2016. The consequences for the population are already exceeding those of the previous earthquake. It is scandalous that this humanitarian catastrophe is kept under the cloak of silence in bourgeois media.

In Rojava in 2012 a democratic revolution prevailed which by struggle achieved far-reaching women’s rights, obtained social improvements, emphasizes the ecological question and rejects any national and religious discrimination. In January 2015 the Kurdish liberation struggle allied with other ethnicities defeated the fascist IS gangs of murderers in the struggle over Kobanî, lasting 134 days. Neither military attacks of Turkey nor fascist massacres of the IS could stop the reconstruction of Kobanî, of which 80% had been destroyed. On 20 November the health-care and social center built by 170 brigadists from ten countries jointly with the population was handed over to the self-government bodies of Kobanî. During the last year 170,000 refugees returned to Kobanî to take part in the reconstruction and to conclude the democratic revolution.

The imperialists and reactionaries, above all the Turkish Erdogan government, are trying to strangle the reconstruction of Kobanî and Rojava with a diplomatic, political, military, economic and humanitarian embargo. Urgently needed construction material, medications etc. are stopped at the border. Hunger is spreading in parts of Rojava. In violation of international law, humanitarian helpers of the ICOR solidarity brigades are denied access to Rojava instead of finally creating a humanitarian corridor. The imperialist governments, especially the German Merkel/Steinmeier government, are denying diplomatic recognition to Rojava and humanitarian help for reconstruction.

Defending the democratic sovereignty of Nepal and the democratic revolution in Rojava is an important part of the worldwide struggle for freedom and democracy and the preparation of the international socialist revolution.

Immediate lift of the embargo against Rojava and the blockade of India against Nepal!

Long live international solidarity!

Long live the worldwide struggle for freedom, democracy and socialism!
KOE’s Message to ICOR

A great NO by the Greek People

Date: Sunday, 5 July 2015, 23:20

To our fraternal parties and movements, to all our international friends!

A few hasty remarks about the Greek referendum – More tomorrow.

1) We are in front of a great NO by the Greek People, who stands defiant and fighting against the ultimatums and the destructive policies imposed on Greece by the troika and its local supporters. Today’s NO has a pan-hellenic, national, popular, democratic character. It proves once again that the Greek People has a great reserve of courage and resisting spirit, and storms the political scene, as it has always happened in critical moments of our History.

2) This great NO, around 61,5%, comes despite the (unforeseen in post-war Europe) terror campaign and direct threats by all the systemic reactionary forces on European and international level. Moreover, it has been achieved despite the manifest weaknesses of the Greek Left’s forces. It is a result that was not expected by all those who underestimate the Greek people’s courage, and this remark is valid no matter how huge difficulties we shall face tomorrow (literally!).

3) The referendum’s result represents a crushing defeat of the pro-troika internal opposition, which, in vain, spared no effort to distort the meaning of the referendum and to multiply the fear amongst the Greek society. It represents a crushing defeat of the whole old political, business and media system. Already the former Prime Minister and leader of the right wing opposition, Antonis Samaras, has resigned from the leadership of “Nea Dimokratia” party.

4) The big victory of NO is sending a resounding message outside Greece as well. It is a NO organically connected with all the struggles waged by the peoples of Europe and of the whole world, aiming at paving new paths against neoliberalism and imperialist interventions. In this sense, the “other Europe” we are all fighting for is a cause that must be upheld by all the peoples, not by the Greek people alone. Today more than ever, a democratic awakening all over Europe is necessary and possible!

We shall try to keep you updated. We thank you for your encouraging and touching support, and we urge you to get in your hands the flag of the struggle waged by the Greek people. Keep on fighting!

Athens, 5 July 2015

KOE, International Relations’ Department
1) A SOLIDARITY pact between ICOR and the Kurdish liberation struggle implies a self-obligation of ICOR and all signing member organizations. A suitable form of organization for putting it into practice are solidarity committees at the international, national and down to the local level, starting from a central solidarity committee. In these, revolutionaries and anti-imperialists and all others who are selflessly supporting the Kurdish liberation struggle shall unite. This follows the basic idea of ICOR to collaborate at the practical level wherever possible, instead of distancing oneself from one another above all and defining oneself by political differences. 2) In this context, ICOR puts forward the following demands and slogans: Recognition of Rojava and of its self-government bodies as legitimate representatives of the Syrian-Kurdish population by international law! Immediate lift of the embargo against the fighters of the PKK and the PYD. Immediate stop of all political, economic, military and logistic aid for the IS! For the ban, effective combating and international condemnation of the fascist IS and all fascist organizations! Lift of the PKK ban! Humanitarian aid for the affected Kurdish civilian population and in particular for the refugees! Weapons for the YPG and other forces of the Kurdish guerrilla, in particular the PKK! Hands off Rojava! Freedom for Kurdistan! For the right of self-determination of the Kurdish people! Long live the struggle of the Kurdish people for national and social liberation! Long live international solidarity! Workers of all countries, unite! Workers of all countries and oppressed peoples, unite! 3) The ICOR and its member organizations develop and support an intensive practical solidarity work . This includes, among other things: * Collection of donations and relief supplies * Promotion of medical aid (collection of medicine, mobilization of physicians specialized in internal surgery, winning independent physicians’ organizations as “patrons” of the Kurdish medical movement) * Support of the idea of a “peoples’ coalition against IS” with an international delegation and observer group in the region *Dispatch of international humanitarian ICOR brigades for medical care, reconstruction and other social tasks. 4) The ICOR and its member organizations develop a comprehensive work of protests, resistance and information according to their respective possibilities until the situation is brought to a decision. They support or initiate militant solidarity, protest and resistance actions and promote them intensively among the working class and the broad masses in their countries and spread the the spirit of proletarian internationalism. To this effect, they seek close alliances with organizations of the Kurdish liberation movement and the Kurdish migrant organizations. The information work comprises also * the public announcement of the important achievements in Rojava in the struggle for freedom and democracy, for the liberation of women and for friendship among the peoples, * propagating the Kurdish liberation struggle and rejecting any terrorism smear campaign of revolutionary liberation movements, * educational work regarding the true development in Kobanê and Rojava and the imperialist scheming in connection with anti-fascist educational work, * spreading the independent revolutionary positions of ICOR against imperialism and for overcoming capitalist exploitation and oppression by revolutionary means in the united socialist states of the world. The most important international means for this is the ICOR website and using it actively. 5) We seek an agreement with our partners of the Kurdish liberation struggle, which also includes their self-obligation to collaboration, at first regarding in particular the constant information of ICOR, beyond the bourgeois coverage (information; contributions for the ICOR website etc.)
Hindi version of the Founding Documents of International Co-ordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations (ICOR), released on its foundation conference on 16th October 2010. ICOR Document in Hindi

ICOR Document

Founding Documents of International Co-ordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations (ICOR), released on its foundation conference on 16th October 2010. The ICOR Document
FOR a Europe of peace, prosperity and freedom!!" With nice-sounding phrases like this, those in power endeavour to conceal the imperialist essence of the European Union. The controversy regarding the EU has worldwide importance today: for in view of the justified criticism of US president Trump and of US-imperialism as main warmonger and enemy of all peoples, many people all over the world regard the EU as “still more human” than as of the same essence as imperialism. That is why spreading the truth about the EU is a worldwide important task of ICOR. The EU has long been politically and militarily co-responsible for refugee flows from many countries, like Afghanistan and Syria. Today the reality is: several governments of imperialist EU countries are currently going through government and political crises, in particular Germany, at the moment Britain, and Italy and Spain as well. The EU is caught up in a deepened crisis involving a marked development to the right by the governments!

At the Brussels Summit on 27/28 June the imperialist EU countries have agreed on an ultra-reactionary, racist tightening of refugee policy. It amounts in effect to a termination of the right of asylum. Even before that the Mediterranean had become a mass grave for thousands of refugees. At the recent meeting the heads of government agreed on closed-off internment camps, preferably in North Africa. In Libya, at the behest of the EU such camps already have been created, where trafficking in human beings, maltreat-ment and rapes are the order of the day. The FRONTEX border guard force is to be expanded to a force of 10,000. The military arming of reactionary governments in Niger and Chad has the purpose to intercept refugees long before they reach the Mediterranean coast. Many perish in the desert. This inhuman policy is accompanied by racist agitation of ultra-right-wing, proto-fascist parties against refugees. They divert attention from those who cause the streams of refugees: the imperialist world system, the international corporations, which plunder the raw materials and labour of Africa or are chiefly responsible for the development of the global environmental catastrophe.

The ICOR defends the right to flee. At the same time, the ICOR advocates that the masses of the people fight for their liberation from capitalism in their countries. Thus the construction of a health centre in Kobanê/Rojava/North Syria on the basis of the Solidarity Pact between ICOR and local self-government bodies has enabled the return of many refugees.

However, this entire reactionary rightward development is confronted by many protests, strikes, demonstrations and practical refugee aid of the masses in all of Europe on the basis of a growing internationalist consciousness. In Hungary the masses struggle against Orban’s manipulated election victory; in Germany against the introduction of proto-fascist police laws; or in Austria and France against the dismantling of social rights and labor rights! Owing to the people’s loss of confidence in them European governments get into increasingly deeper political crises.

The development to the right is the governments’ answer to the rapid intensification of the imperialist world system’s crisis-proneness and the shifts in the balance of forces in the worldwide imperialist rivalry. These result in a general increase to imperialist preparation for war. This policy is accompanied by chauvinist propaganda, fascistization of the state apparatuses and a massive dismantling of bourgeois-democratic rights and freedoms. This development is most advanced in Turkey with the establishment of fascism.

Those in power know: it will become dangerous for them when the working class and the other sections of the masses fight under the leadership of revolutionaries to overthrow imperialism. Accordingly, the anti-communist spearhead of their attacks is directed against revolutionaries. The building of revolutionary parties in all countries and their joining together in the ICOR is the most important conclusion.

 The time is ripe for the building of a broad anti-fascist, anti-imperialist united front in all countries!

 Stop the rightward development of more and more governments!

 Rebellion against the imperialist EU is justified!

 Strengthen the building of revolutionary parties, strengthen the ICOR!

Signed by CPI (ML) Red Star, MLPD and 27 other constituents of the ICOR till 25th July 

Worldwide Solidarity with the Just Liberation Struggle of the Palestinian People!

FOR decades the State of Israel has terrorized the Palestinian liberation struggle and has intensified that during the last weeks and has killed several dozens of demonstrators at the border to Palestine. With these attacks the State of Israel causes great suffering among the Palestinian population. But they do not allow that to deter themselves from their just struggle. A climax of this was the observation of the Nakba day on 15 May. In 1948 on this day 800,000 Palestinians were deported from their home country to exile, lasting until today.

The ICOR denounces Zionism as the spearhead of US imperialism in the Middle Eastern region and the Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people. Since 1947 the Palestinian people live under the yoke of colonialism, exploited, starved out, deprived of their land, massacred and forced by violence to leave Palestine. The Zionist committed barbarian atrocities and genocides that continue till today. One reason for Israel to act in such an aggressive way is that it wants to weaken the potential of the Palestinian liberation struggle and its impact on other struggles for democracy and freedom, for national and social liberation – in Kurdistan, in Iran. Those in power are on the defensive! The joint anti-imperialist and antifascist struggle in the Middle East/West Asia has special great power. The Palestinian cause remains an inseparable part of the international anti-imperialist and anti-zionist revolutionary movement. (quotations: Closing resolution of the 3rd World Conference; Resolution on Palestine of the 3rd World Conference, November 2017)

Therefore the ICOR calls its presently 51 member organizations and all internationalist forces for solidarity with the Palestinian people:

Long live international solidarity!

Freedom for Palestine!

Explanation: the flight and deportation of Arab Palestinians on the occasion of founding the State of Israel is called Nakba. That is why there is an annual commemoration of Nakba on 15 May. 


ON May 8, 1945, Hitlerite fascism was smashed – mainly by the socialist Soviet Union. After the end of the Second World War with more than 55 million deaths, the popular masses of the world agreed: an imperialist world war must never again occur.

In sharp contrast to that, a general tendency towards imperialist preparation of war is intensifying presently, increasing significantly the general danger of world war. With threats of the American president Trump to use missiles against the Syrian Assad regime in Syria, he is risking a direct armed conflict with his imperialist Russian rival. The imperialist superpower USA is the main enemy of all peoples. The main reason for its growing aggressiveness is its relapse in the imperialist competition with China.

For this purpose, a trade war with the rivals is being instigated and the attempt is being made to push back Russia’s spheres of power and influence. The USA and Russia are modernizing their atomic weapons with the goal of gaining first strike quality. NATO has increased its military expenditures from 895 billion $ (2015) to 945 billion $ (2017). Its members are supposed to increase their military spending to 2 percent of the GNP. 23 states in the EU signed the military pact PESCO Permanent Structured Cooperation) in November 2017 and are extending their foreign engagement.

The means of psychological war preparation are getting more and more perfidious. The ruling aggressors are trying to get the masses behind them on a chauvinist basis. Chauvinism means division of the peoples, means extreme nationalism and racism. However, in the polarization the peoples’ wish for peace also becomes stronger; they do not want to be turned against each other.

The focal point of the imperialist attempts to extend their spheres of power is presently Syria. Russia is leaning on the reactionary Assad regime. With the approval and support of the USA, Russia and Germany, fascist Turkey is expelling the Kurdish population from Afrin. In the same way old and new imperialists from the EU, Iran, Saudi Arabia are participating in the re-division of the Middle East. Tens of thousands of people were murdered or put to flight. Zionist Israel wants to conquer the South of Syria and attacks Syrian positions with warplanes. On 30 March 2018 it assassinated 18 Palestinians on the day of commemoration of the Palestinian liberation movement. The joint freedom struggle of the Palestinian and Kurdish peoples has strategic importance.

The construction of a liberated, democratic Rojava by the Kurdish fighters of YPG, YPJ and PYD, in which many ethnic groups, men and women live together on an equal footing, is a thorn in the flesh of all imperialists. In connection with the Nevroz festival ICOR organized the solidarity with the Kurdish liberation struggle against the fascist occupation of Afrin. Thousands followed the call. 1.5 million people took to the streets for that worldwide in March. The close collaboration with other progressive forces created further bases for the construction of a worldwide anti-imperialist, anti-fascist united front.

In view of the aggravated danger of war the worldwide peace movement is challenged to construct this united front in an accelerated way and further strengthen ICOR.

Our perspective is the overthrow of imperialism, which is the cause of the growing danger of a world war. Only in socialism can the peoples live together peacefully and use the achievements of humankind for the unity of humans and nature.

ICOR calls for manifold actions of peace on the international day of struggle against fascism and war on May 8/9, 2018, and also – adapted to the existing circumstances at that date – on August 6 and September 1.

Stop the Imperialist Warmongers !

Ban on and Destruction of All ABC Weapons!

All Imperialists Out of Syria!

Solidarity with the Kurdish and Palestine Liberation Struggle!

For Peace, Liberty and Socialism!

Internaitonal Co-ordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organisations (ICOR) 
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.