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THE 3rd World Conference of the revolutionary world organization ICOR, founded in 2010, took place in Europe in the fall of 2017. Delegates from 31 member organizations from 28 countries, as well as 5 guest delegations took part. Further delegates could not attend because of reactionary visa regula-tions and/or massive repression in their countries.

The agenda and rules of procedure proposed by the International Coordinating Committee (ICC) were approved by mutual consent. Comrade Monika, MLPD, Germany (Main Coordinator of the ICOR), as well as the four Continental Coordinators were unanimously elected into the presidium. The Conference was very well organized by the Multilateral Organizational Staff composed of 75 comrades from six countries.

III. Since the 2nd World Conference the ICOR has grown in quantity and especially in quality; it now has 50 member organizations from 42 countries. In connection with the Solidarity Pact with the Kurdish people and the ICOR brigades to Kobane, the ICOR campaign on 100 Years October Revolution and the work of the Continental Co-ordinations many new relations arose. The ICOR has developed to become a stable revolutionary factor with growing radiance and has continued to mature with respect to organization as well as in an ideological-political sense. Relations of mutual trust have further deepened; this was expressed in a forward-looking proletarian culture of debate despite all remaining ideological-political differences. The Conference emphasized the requirement placed on all ICOR members as expressed in the Statute that ”they have to cooperate respectfully and learn from each other for their joint struggle.”

The first day focused on the introductory speech of the ICC held by the Main Coordinator and the following discussion on the economic and political situation and the tasks of the Conference. On the second day there was an intensive discussion on the work report of the ICC, which had already been submitted to all delegates for preparation. The work of the ICC was unanimously acknowledged as forward driving and the report was unanimously accepted after a lively and partially controversial discussion.

Important Results and Conclusions Are:

The crisis-proneness of the imperialist world system has deepened significantly. All fundamental contradictions of the imperialist world system have intensified. We can by no means speak of a stabilization of the imperialist world system. The international situation has undergone far-reaching changes. Among the imperialist powers there have been significant shifts in the power relations. Today’s imperialist world is multi-polar. US imperialism remains to be the strongest imperialist great power and the main warmonger. At the same time other imperialist great powers like China are developing, which are calling this supremacy into question with a lasting effect. The inter-imperialist contradictions have clearly intensified. The ICOR parties and organizations resolutely and consistently oppose all imperialist powers and US imperialism as the enemy of all peoples; in the imperialist countries, they see the main enemy in their own countries. The Conference discussed the theoretical generalization of the changes in the imperialist world system extensively. One main focus was the controversial discussion about the thesis of the MLPD on the emergence of new-imperialist countries. The Conference agrees that this debate must be continued. The time is ripe for a mass debate on imperialism and its development. In Korea, Ukraine, the South China Sea, Syria and the Middle East (West Asia) dangerous hot spots of war are smouldering, which reflect the intensification of inter-imperialist contradictions and are seriously threatening world peace. The Conference condemns the aggressions of US imperialism and its allies against the Korean, Venezuelan and Cuban peoples, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) as well as against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Cuba. That does not mean that the ICOR considers these countries to be socialist or is uncritical toward them. ICOR will further develop the debate on the assessment of these countries. Parts of the present peace movement consider Russia as an alliance partner or even as a peace power. The ICOR Conference criticizes that this is a support of Russian imperialism. The Conference confirmed that the ICOR must draw a clear dividing line to social-chauvinism. In Africa – currently in Mali, Niger and in Burkina-Faso – US American and French imperialist military forces are waging wars of aggression against the peoples. They are supported by Belgian, German and Dutch military units acting under the hypocritical pretence of fighting against Islamist groups. In reality their goal is their supremacy and the continued plundering of the mineral resources (mainly uranium). The Conference sees a growing number of millions of refugees as a result of unstable imperialist reality. It condemns the oppression of refugees. In particular it condemns at present the actions of the Indian government which is interfering in neighbouring countries. This had the consequence that the Rohingyas, already oppressed by Myanmar, are hounded even more. The 3rd ICOR World Conference expresses its solidarity with and support of the struggles of the Palestinian people and its revolutionary forces. It denounces Zionism as the spearhead of US imperialism in the Middle Eastern region and the Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people. The 3rd ICOR World Conference states that 100 years after the October Revolution women worldwide still lack equality, are subject to terrible patriarchal and social oppression and twofold exploitation. In many countries women rise up against murders of women, rape, poverty and lack of rights. The women and men within the ICOR organizations regard the struggle for the liberation of women as their very own task. The Conference confirmed the stand and the role of ICOR in the struggle against the threatening global environmental catastrophe. The shift to the right by imperialist governments also has effects on the environmental question. The reactionary character of imperialism is becoming more and more apparent, internally as well as externally. There has been an international shift to the right by governments. Openly reactionary, nationalist and proto-fascist governments were installed, like the Trump government in the USA. Under the pretext of the so-called ‘anti-terror’ struggle, fascization is being advanced, racist and proto-fascist and even fascist parties are becoming stronger. It is the attempt of the imperialists to hold up the further destabilization of the imperialist system and to prevent new crises and, in particular, revolutionary developments. The 3rd ICOR World Conference takes the governments’ shift to the right and the strengthening of ultra-reactionary up to fascist forces very seriously, not least because through this shift a right-wing tendency within the social polarization has strengthened among the masses. However, at the same time, imperialist policies are meeting with growing discontent worldwide. Many delegations reported about bitter struggles of the international industrial proletariat and mass struggles partly similar to uprisings already taking place, and protests against imperialist danger of war. The 3rd World Conference is preparing itself for unexpected events, upheavals, a significant upswing of class and mass struggles and of the struggle for national liberation, democracy and freedom. These struggles will only gain the perspective of socialism if there is a considerable strengthening of the subjective factor, of building consciousness, of raising the level of class consciousness. A growing number of people are raising the question of a societal alternative and must be given an answer. This development leads to increasing demands, but also new opportunities for the ICOR and its member organizations. The building of strong revolutionary Marxist-Leninist parties with close ties to the masses in the single countries and their union in the ICOR as a part of the development of the subjective factor have utmost priority. The 3rd World Conference supports Rojava and its democratic government. Recently, Raqqa was liberated from the murderous gangs of ISIS (Daesh) by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) under the leadership of the YPG. We support the Kurdish liberation movement against the attempts of imperialism to influence the revolutionary course in Rojava; we will continue to make come alive the Solidarity Pact between the ICOR and the Kurdish liberation movement. The 3rd World Conference expresses its solidarity and protests against the arrest and trials against the revolutionaries of the PML-RC from Spain by the imperialist Spanish state, after the party had joined the struggle of the Kurdish national and democratic forces. We demand their immediate release. In the case of the Spanish revolutionaries of the PML-RC and future massive repression of other revolutionary parties and organizations the ICOR will organize worldwide days of action. We also express our solidarity and protests against the TKP/ML trials in Munich whose target are ten socialists of the ATIK, who have been kept in solitary confinement for more than two and a half years; they were arrested on the basis of counter-revolutionary collaboration between the fascist Turkish state and the imperialist German government as well as four other European governments, solely because of their communist convictions. The 3rd World Conference by mutual consent agreed on the following 10 points as a program for the work of the coming years until the 4th World Conference: Ideological-political initiative to enlighten the masses and deepen the understanding of the parties and organizations about imperialism and its development: publication of texts, discussion on the website, seminars on a continental and regional level. Confirmation of the ICOR decision on continuous work – joint implementation of the days of struggle and corresponding exchange of experience; monthly reports on the website on party building and class struggle in the respective countries; active continental work; strengthening coordination and gearing toward actual practical coordination and cooperation; offering more forces for ICOR work, translation, office work, website etc. Improvement of the website, its diversity and language diversity. Initiative for organizing the youth of the world; exchange of experience and cooperation of the youth leagues of the ICOR organizations; propagating revolutionary models from the ranks of the ICOR organizations. Organizing new international brigades wherever necessary, and an African youth conference. Increased exchange of views and experience on party building in the continents. Winning of numerous new organizations and parties for the ICOR and their introduction to the principles and methods of work of the ICOR. Initiative for an anti-imperialist, antifascist united front joining forces especially against the increased danger of war, the governments’ shift to the right, the fascization of the state apparatuses; racism and chauvinism; the threatening environmental catastrophe; for the struggle for democracy and freedom, unwavering solidarity against growing repression; support of working-class struggles, struggles for women’s rights, antifascist activities.

Talks, beginning practical cooperation and the building of trust on a worldwide, continental, regional and country level.

Strengthening financial independence; the continents, too, must strive to finance their work themselves; regular payment of membership contributions and increasing them; donation activities for the ICOR and creative financing projects like tourism, handicrafts etc. Promotion of the World Peasants’ Conference as worldwide meeting and its international financing in solidarity as well as the further promotion of the International Miners’ Conference, the International Automotive Workers’ Conference and the World Women’s Conference of grassroots women. Further up-to-date positioning of the ICOR with resolutions on the burning issues of the times. Accelerated process of decision-finding. The ICOR stands for socialism. This left, revolutionary and socialist alternative must gain support in the entire world, multiply its attractiveness and convince and inspire the masses as the project of the future! The MLKP Turkey-Kurdistan is appointed responsible for the ICOR construction in the Middle East in close cooperation with the CCC Asia and at the same time closing ranks with the African organizations. In this function MLKP takes part as guest in the ICC meetings.

VII. The Conference adopted the financial report and, after the report of the auditors, discharged the Financial Officer in respect to bookkeeping. The report made clear that the principle of financial independence has been realized better and better. However, the future tasks mean enormous challenges for joint financial activities!

VIII. The 3rd World Conference honoured comrade Stefan Engel who, in 2016, had to withdraw for health reasons from the ICC. As long-standing Main Coordinator he significantly and in a future-oriented way moulded the founding of the ICOR, its first years of construction, its ideological-political foundations, its practical cooperation and coordination, and its far-sightedness, principles and culture of debate.

The 3rd World Conference passed resolutions on:

 Solidarity with the Rojava revolution!

 Solidarity with the resistance against the Erdogan dictatorship!

 Solidarity with Palestine!

 Solidarity with the revolutionary fighter Georges Ibrahim Abdullah!

 Solidarity with the political prisoners in Morocco!

 Solidarity with the toiling people of Catalonia!

 Solidarity with the workers in Iran!

 Solidarity with the Main Coordinator of the ICOR, Monika Gärtner-Engel!

 Solidarity with the Rohingya people!

 The struggle of the Venezuelan people has stopped fascism!

 Fight against imperialism and Hindu fascism – build people’s movements!

 Resolution on the 50th anniversary of the Naxalbari uprising!

 For an independent left force!

 For a new paradigm of development!

The Conference made smaller amendments of the Statute regarding the election of the continental representatives to the ICC which strengthen the ability to work as well as the rights of the continents.

The Conference elected a new ICC and an auditing commission. Comrade Monika Gärtner-Engel, MLPD, Germany, was elected as Main Coordinator, and Comrade Sanjay Singhvi, CPI/ML Red Star, India, as Deputy Main Coordinator. The 3rd World Conference was marked by a creative, critical and self-critical, frank and constructive debate. There was an atmosphere of solidarity; you could feel that mutual revolutionary trust has considerably grown among all participants.

A hundred years after the October Revolution the ICOR will use as yardstick for its work what Lenin said: “For internationalism consists of deeds and not phrases, not expressions of solidarity, not resolutions.” (“The Crisis Has Matured”, Lenin, Collected Works, Vol. 26, p. 81)

Workers of all countries, unite!

Workers of all countries and oppressed peoples, unite!

Down with the imperialist world system!

Forward with the ICOR!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Forward towards socialism! 


THE conference of the International Coference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO) was held before the International Seminar with a discussion on the current international developments and the challenges before the communist forces.

The meeting of the JCG (Joint Coordination Group) and ICMLPO was dominated by the question put forward by the Main Coordinator of the JCG, the MLPD, that there is no need to continue the ICMLPO. The CPI(ML) Red Star had put forward this view in the last Conference itself and supported this position. The ICMLPO had been necessary at a certain stage in the 1980s when there was great confusion in the International Communist Movement on the Theory of Three Worlds put forward by the Dengists in China and on the degeneration of China and Albania from socialist path. At this stage, different organisations were formed like the RIM, the Brussels Conference, etc. The ICMLPO has lasted the longest.

According to statutes of the ICMLPO there could only be discussion, there could be no decisions except for some resolutions passed in the Conferences held every three years. Even when we asked for a statement when USA attacked Iraq, the rules did not allow this. It was then, some organisations like MLPD and we felt the need to form an organisation which, though not adopting democratic centralism, had some mechanisms for taking practical steps and for coordination such as for international campaigns, etc. Through a series of discussions on this issue, ICOR was finally born. Thus now ICOR could serve the purpose which ICMLPO had earlier served.

The parties opposing the dissolution of ICMLPO argued that ICOR was a broader organisation which did not require adherence to MLM Thought. We pointed out that there could be no theory without practice, and no practise without theory. As such to have two separate organisations for this was not required. Out of the nearly 40 members of ICMLPO, all except 4 (Phillipines, Argentine, Uruguay and TKP-ML from Turkey) others are members of ICOR. Therefore there was much duplication of effort. These four parties could be included in all mailings for signing resolutions, joint campaigns, etc even without becoming members of ICOR. Uruguay has expressed interest in joining ICOR as also TkP-ML. The former attended the ICOR world conference as an observer. Argentina also said that they would consider in their party to join ICOR.

It is now decided that all would discuss in their parties and inform by the end of January whether we want ICMLPO to continue or not. The majority decision would be decisive. Till then the existing JCG would continue to complete this poll. 


THE Third World Conference of ICOR is held in November fist week. There were 27 voting delegations present and four observers (Friends of ICOR from France, Greece and Portugal and one other). The membership of ICOR has gone up to 50 organisations. The introductory speech and the report were much debated. Com Monica of MLPD was elected for the post of Chief Coordinator while CPI(ML) Red Star was elected unanimously as deputy Coordinator. Many resolutions were passed. We put up 4, one on the situation of India, one on the need for building up a left alternative, one on an alternative paradigm of development and one hailing 50 years of Naxalbari. All our resoltions were passed. A resolution was also passed condemning the death threats to Com. MonikaThe final resolution of the conference which will be published later.
Come out to save the natural environment against the declaration of bankruptcy of the environmental policy of those in power!

THE “climate treaty” of the Paris UN climate conference of December 2015 is a farce. The climate warming that has already taken place is approaching the figure of 1.5°C. This is supposed to work with “voluntary self-commitment declarations” of the states. They actually allow a further increase of greenhouse gas emissions from presently 36 to 55 gigatons until the year 2030! Those in power are proving themselves to be neither willing nor capable of taking serious measures for the lasting protection of the natural environment.

After three years in a row of rising record temperatures, the year 2016 is again the warmest year ever recorded with +1.3°C above the preindustrial era. However, not only the climate crisis has dramatically intensified: an ozone hole is also developing above the northern hemisphere. The tropical rainforests would be completely destroyed by 2030. Droughts, regional flood catastrophes and the destruction of the nutritional bases of humankind are accelerating.

The ICOR is promoting that the growing criticism of the masses of the willful and unscrupulous policies of international finance capital and of imperialist governments leads to building up an international front of active resistance for the protection of the natural environment. That requires the firm fighting unity of the working-class and the environmental movements to develop further. The masses do not want to perish in barbarism and put up resistance against further operation and construction of nuclear power plants. There is a worldwide struggle of thousands of workers, peasants, environmentalists against the environ-mentally destructive mining of raw materials, land-grabbing, destruction of forests, in international social movements against imperialist free trade agreements...

The ICOR demands, among other things, a radical reduction in greenhouse gas emissions! Shut down all nuclear power plants at the expense of the operators – worldwide!

The struggle for immediate measures requires a societal perspective: “Save the environment from the profit economy – revolutionary solutions are necessary!” In the coming year 2017 there is the 100th anniversary of the victorious Socialist October Revolution in Russia. The solution of the environmental question today more than ever also requires an evaluation of the achievements, successes and problems of this struggle and the building of a liberated socialist society and conclusions from its betrayal.

The ICOR calls up to prepare and conduct militant manifestations and broad unities of action worldwide of workers, peasants, women, youth, environmentalists, etc. on the occasion of this year’s international environmental day of struggle, the 12th of November 2016. It mobilizes to the protest activities on the occasion of the 22nd UN climate conference in Marrakesh/Morocco. 
ON 6 AUGUST the world observes the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima by the USA. 1 September is the anniversary of the unleashing of the 2nd World War by German fascism. In a time of an increasing threat of war, the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations (ICOR) calls for the International Day of Struggle against Fascism and War on these two days.

US imperialism tries to keep up the lie that the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were necessary to end World War II. The truth is that 265,000 people had to die the terrible nuclear death and further 120,000 injured had to lead a life in agony, so that Japan would come under the domination of the USA and not surrender to the approaching Red Army. The US government denies giving any apology for that to date. Today there are more than 17,000 atomic bombs worldwide; 96 percent are owned by the USA and Russia. The explosive power exceeds that of all weapons of World War II by 2,500 times.

For the ban and destruction of all nuclear weapons worldwide!

Today the danger of war is being increased by the rivalry of the imperialist powers, the focal points being in Ukraine, the Middle East, Western Asia and the Asian-Pacific region. Along with imperialist powers like the US, China, Russia, etc., imperialism’s regional pillars such as India, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Turkey, etc., which are major arms importers and having huge stockpiles of arms also play a major role in intensifying the global armament race. Also new forms of fascism like the “Islamist State”/Daesh are responsible for the increase of brutal wars of aggression.

Regional wars are one of the main reasons for the worldwide refugee movement with a historic climax of refugees numbering more than 65 million. The struggle for maintaining world peace must be led internationally against imperialism. The ICOR fights against all imperialists and all forms of the causes of war.

With the increasing worldwide crisis-proneness of imperialism, its tendency to internal and external reaction comes to light more and more. In India, Turkey and Russia there is a drastic fascistization of the state apparatuses and government politics. Also in Europe in Poland, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovakia and Austria ultra right-wing and protofascist tendencies have developed. Many bourgeois governments have clearly moved to the right. Internationally we are experiencing a strong societal polarization between a reactionary protofascist to fascist and a progressive, internationalist and revolutionary pole. This is a challenge for the revolutionaries of the world.

Wars and the danger of war will only be abolished by the revolutionary overcoming of the imperialist world system! The ICOR supports the worldwide peace movement and the struggle of the masses against the military aggression of any imperialist power without exception. It organizes the solidarity with revolutionary liberation movements. It especially calls on the youth for the antimilitarist struggle.

For peace and friendship among the peoples – for socialism !

Get organized in revolutionary parties and organizations! Join the “Friends of ICOR” where such parties still have to be built up !

The revolutionary struggle for overcoming the imperialist world system is the most resolute struggle for peace !

T the end of January, nine internationalists were arrested on Spanish state territory. Most of them are alleged members of the communist organization “Partido Marxista-Leninista / Reconstrucción Comunista” (Marxist-Leninist Party / Communist Reconstruction).

Already in July 2015, two young members of this organization were arrested temporarily with the justification that they had joined the armed struggle of YPG against ISIS without getting the authorization of the Spanish state. Reconstrucción Comunista (RC) is now being accused of supporting PKK and RC itself is being prosecuted as a criminal association. Spain construes a legal basis for this attack on grounds of the Europe-wide ban of PKK as a terrorist organization. Com. Roberto Vaquero was in jail until the middle of March 2016 and could be released in the meantime. The organization has been banned for one year, two of its party offices were closed.

Freedom for the Spanish internationalists! Immediate lift of the party ban of PML(RC)!

We condemn the criminalization of our comrades in Spain and the hypocrisy of the Spanish state. The Spanish government along with all other European governments sheds crocodile tears over the fundamentalist terror in Paris and in Brussels; now they criminalize those who voluntarily and without any kind of securities, selflessly put their health and lives on the line to fight against this very fundamentalism. The heinous attacks of Daesh (IS) are used in order to further restrict bourgeois democratic rights and liberties throughout Europe. The fascistization of the state apparatuses in several Western European countries is directed against a transnational trend to the left connected with the awakening of the internationalist consciousness among the masses. Our Spanish comrades fight for the freedom and self-determination of all peoples living in the Syrian part of Kurdistan – Rojava.

However, all the peoples struggling for freedom all over the world and the class conscious workers are standing behind them. The true arsonists for the dirty war in the Middle East can be found in the imperialist governments of the United States, the EU, Russia and the reactionary regimes of Turkey, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar and Syria.

The ICOR declares its steadfast solidarity with the Spanish comrades. It will not be kept from continuing the solidarity with the liberation struggle of the Kurdish people and the peoples in Western Asia.

Organize manifold forms of solidarity, adopt protest resolutions to the Spanish government, and solidarity resolutions, document them and send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Down with the ban of the Marxist-Leninist Party (Communist Reconstruction) (Partido Marxista-Leninista (Reconstrucción Comunista))!

Down with the ban of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê)!

Freedom for the Spanish internationalists! 

N the night of 15 July 2016 parts of the Turkish military staged a coup against the reactionary Erdogan regime. Tanks appeared, F-16 jets thundered over Ankara and Istanbul, some strategically important positions like the Bosporus bridge, airports, public TV stations were occupied, police forces were disarmed. There were explosions and fierce shootings. At about 11 pm, the coup plotters announced “The power in the country has been taken over in its entirety.” But still during that night, the tide began to turn. The majority of the bourgeois state apparatus took a stand against them and backed Erdogan. In many towns of Turkey masses took to the streets for and against Erdogan. Around 4 am, Erdogan announced the defeat of the attempted coup. At least 265 people are said to have been killed and 1440 injured. The Erdogan regime immediately started with large scale purges, arrests and executions among the military.

As opposed to the military coups in 1971 and 1980, this time it was not the extremely reactionary and fascist forces staging a coup against the progressive and revolutionary movement. This failed coup attempt has to do with a sharp conflict within the Turkish bourgeoisie. Parts of the military revolted against the increasing international isolation of Turkey developing because of Erdogan’s course of intensifying aggressive internal and external politics and advocating his autonomous power political interests. This is underlined by the demagogic statement of the coup plotters promising the “protection of the constitutional order, human rights and liberties, compliance with the law” and the “restoration of general safety”.

During the course of the night international finance capital and a large number of imperialist governments adopted a position backing Erdogan after the defeat of the coup, because they were fearing that coup methods will further increase the instability of the ruling order. The defeat of the attempted coup is a victory of Erdogan in this struggle over power within the ruling class.

The revolutionary proletariat is fiercely resisting against the Erdogan regime and its increasing state terror against any democratic and revolutionary movement of the people. However, it also condemns the coup of the military which suppresses any independent activity of the working class and the broad masses by proclaiming martial law and which does not represent a true alternative.

The proletariat and the broad masses must go their own path, fight for freedom and democracy and stride forward to socialism! Their road is neither on the side of the coup plotters nor of the ultra reactionary Erdogan regime.

In the commotion the masses must be mobilized under the slogan: Defend democracy and freedom – forward to socialism!

It is this struggle that the international solidarity of ICOR refers to, stating at its 2nd World Conference in a resolution: “The 2nd ICOR World Conference expresses its solidarity with the struggles of the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan and the fighting revolutionary forces there. Long live the liberation struggle of the peoples! Long live proletarian internationalism! Long live Marxism-Leninism!” 
WORLD-WIDE 60 million people are refugees, more than ever before. The basis of their existence is being destroyed by the crises and wars of imperialism. By means of the European-African free trade agreement, the European financial capital floods the African countries with its goods, wantonly exploits natural resources and destroys the existential basis of millions of people. The war in Syria was promoted by US and EU imperialists among others, in order to overthrow the reactionary Assad regime and tear the country out of Russia’s sphere of influence. To this end, they made use of fascist groups like the Islamic State, which also spread their anti-human terror with attacks such as those in Beirut, Ankara and Istanbul, as well as in Paris and Brussels.

At the same time, the refugee movement expresses the enormous will to survive of the masses, who do not want to perish in capitalist barbarism. Since human beings exist, they travel to where they can live and work. Advanced cultures were founded by merging the achievements of the peoples. The refugee movement from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq or the African countries will not be stopped by isolation measures of the EU states. They are being welcomed by an exemplary and selfless readiness to help on the part of many people in all European countries. Due to the experience made with displacement in the Yugoslavia war, people in Serbia and Croatia defy hostile propaganda and help refugees. Sincere solidarity, altruist help based on an internationalist consciousness - that exists only among the masses, the working class, the militant women’s and youth movement.

Seemingly, Merkel welcomes refugees in Germany with open arms. The refugee deal adopted on 20 March by the 28 EU countries and Turkey reveals the reactionary and inhuman character of the EU refugee policy. With walls and border fences in Macedonia, Hungary, Romania the external borders of the EU shall be completely sealed off. Tens of thousands in the refugee camp Idomeni at the Greek Macedonian border are experiencing a humanitarian catastrophe. The bourgeois refugee policy of the EU has failed. Since the year 2000, the Mediterranean Sea has become a mass grave for at least 26 000 people.

While the most decadent rich people of the world are living in luxury, millions of people are defamed as “economic refugees” when imperialist politics deprive them of their existential basis. In the refugee pact the EU collaborates with Erdogan, of all people, who also promotes the IS and combats liberation fighters and the Kurdish people with fascistic methods. He is awarded altogether 6 billion Euros and the promise of visa facilitations for this deal. The measures decided are in blatant contradiction to the UN human rights and refugee convention: In Greece so-called “illegal” refugees shall be interned. All refugees who did not come from Iraq or Syria are generally denied the right of asylum. They are forcibly deported to Turkey which has been declared to be a “safe country of origin” for this purpose in spite of state terror against Kurds and oppositional forces. At the outer borders of the EU, further inhumane internment camps are created. Pictures of overcrowded refugee accommodations, that the governments themselves are responsible for, shall create the feeling that “the-boat-is-full”. But there is enough room. In countries like Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany the population declined between 2001 and 2011. Ultra-right-wing and fascist movements and their nationalist and racist slander is granted leeway. The perpetrators of attacks against refugees are rarely arrested.

In the middle of March tens of thousands took to the streets in the European capitals - London (4,000), Athens (3,000), Barcelona, Vienna, Amsterdam and Berlin against the EU-Turkey refugee pact under the slogan “refugees welcome here”.

The ICOR struggles determinedly for the right to migrate - irrespective of whether people flee from war, economic misery, environmental destruction or because of political prosecution. The ICOR supports that people stay in their home countries to wage the struggle for national and social liberation there. The victory of the Kurds in Rojava over the IS fascists and their most advanced struggle for freedom and democracy worldwide opens up this perspective. Since the liberation 150,000 refugees have returned to Kobanê. The ICOR agreed to a solidarity pact with the Kurdish liberation struggle in March 2015, containing the self-obligation to collaborate on equal footing and to support each other mutually in practical work. This spirit of proletarian internationalism was put into practice with the construction of the health-care centre in Kobanê by 170 international ICOR brigadists in close cooperation with the population. On 20 November, it was handed over in a festive ceremony to the self-government bodies of Kobanê.

Fundamentally, the world refugee problem can only be resolved when its cause, imperialism, is abolished. When the international working class and the masses worldwide liberate themselves from oppression and exploitation of humankind and nature, the causes of flight and displacement will also be abolished. In the global building of socialism, every country also assumes responsibility for the others.

Let us clearly reject any imperialist division - let us organize the joint struggle in every country for better working and living conditions for the workers, jobless and refugees! Fight against racism! Fight against all fascist threats!

Everybody who wishes to support this path is called upon to join one of the ICOR organizations.

Workers of all countries, unite !

Workers of all countries and oppressed peoples, unite !

Solidarity with the revolutionary liberation struggles in the world ! 
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.