Condemn Arrest of Khalida Jerrar

29 April 2015
THE Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine strongly condemned the arrest of national leader and Palestinian Legislative Council member Khalida Jarrar by Zionist occupation forces, considering this arrest to be a desperate attempt to suppress her activity and prominent national role in defending the rights of the Palestinian people, the prisoners and their struggle, and to confront the policies and plans of the occupation and expose its crimes. The arrest of MP Khalida Jarrar, along with the arrests of MPs Ahmad Sa’adat, Marwan Barghouti and many members of the Change and Reform Bloc, once again confirms that the Zionist state does not respect any immunity or agreements, urging a quick response to these arrests targeting various sectors of the Palestinian people through immediately ending security coordination and all forms of political and economic relationship with the occupation state, and rebuild the Palestinian national strategy on the basis of the overall conflict with the enemy. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is confident that the leader KhalidaJarrar is able to thwart the occupation’s plans for her arrest, as she defeated its previous plan to expel her to Jericho. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Central Information Department.
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