Britain Votes Right: Tories Win Absolute Majority

28 May 2015
CONTRARY to widespread predictions of a fractured mandate, following a hectic election campaign, the Conservative party of Britain has won a clear majority in the 650 strong House of Commons. With all 650 seats declared, the Conservatives had 331, Labour 232, the Scottish National Party (SNP) 56 and the Liberal Democrats 8. In practice 323 Members of Parliament is the number needed to form a majority government.Though there was strong criticism against the continuous cutting down of welfare policies under the Conservative regime the opposition Labor or other splinter parties could not put forward any radical alternative to the neo-liberal policies of David Cameron. Though the SNP,which is for a separation of Scotland from Britain,won 56 out of the 59 seats in that region, on economic policies it too does not having any basic difference with Cameron, except his call for a referendum in 2017 on whether to continue in the European Union or not. If Britain decides to quit EU, the SNP shall press for another referendum and opt for separation. The much splintered left groups could not articulate the people's anger against the ruling system.

In a way the British election results show a shift to further rightist policies under Cameron with the support of 37% votes. It also hints at Britain getting further splintered soon. Financial markets responded gleefully to news of a Conservative win – which lifted the Labour threat of higher corporate and personal taxes for the City of London, along with more stringent regulation.The Tories are planning to cut welfare spending and introduce new powers to spy on the general public.

However, soon after the Tory victory was announced Britain erupted in angry protests. One of the demands of the protesters was the introduction of proportional representation in place of the first-past-the-post system.The Tories won a majority despite polling only 37% of the votes from those who turned out to have their say. On the other hand the Greens, who polled over 1 million votes, have just one seat to show for itunder Britain's winner-take-all voting system.

Several hundred protesters gathered in Westminster and marched through Central London two days after the 2015 General Election in protest of the new David Cameron Government. They carried posters and placards bemoaning the cuts that Cameron is expected to continue pushing through. Anti-austerity protesters staged a demonstration outside Downing Street after the announcement of the Conservative victory. Dozens of activists chanted "get the Tories out" as Whitehall – a road in Central London which is the main thoroughfare running towards Parliament Square and which houses most of the Government buildings – was shut for several hours during the demonstration.
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