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08 August 2019

DEar comrades, Congratulations on the holding of your 21st Annual Conference. We hope that this Conference will enable you to take bold steps forward in building a socialist movement in your country and the whole world. We look forward to getting the results and documents of the conference as soon as possible.

Today, the world is passing through a critical phase. On the one hand the crisis of international capitalism remains constant. The only solution seen by the world imperialist-capitalist system is the neo-liberal policies. As the crisis grows ever more acute, they have no further solutions other than even more of the neo-liberal policies. These consist of helping large capital and big corporate houses to make ever more profits. For this they have to be allowed to exploit workers and nature in a wanton and unbridled manner.

Though the masses are suffering the results of these neo-liberal policies and are fighting against their effects in the streets, the left today is in a very vulnerable position. The masses are more frequently turning to the right and the ultra-right in their search for a remedy. The ultra-right using ideas like religious fanaticism and national chauvinism is able to hoodwink the masses. The left has to come up with new ideas very fast to attract the youth and other oppressed masses of the world. We hope that your conference will be a long stride in this direction.

We have always seen the PSM as a close fraternal organisation and wish to further this relationship. As members of ICOR we are trying to build an international front of revolutionary organisations and, at present, we are engaged, with ILPS in trying to build up an anti-imperialist front. We hope that we will have an opportunity to talk to PSM about this very soon.

Congratulations once again and wishing the best success to your conference.

KN Ramachandran, GS, CPI(ML) Red Star

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