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Kabeer Katlat

Kabeer Katlat

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Compatriots, friends and comrades,

As you are aware the country and the people are going through a critical situation. In spite of all vicious attacks from the RSS parivar and its corporate fascist BJP government led by Modi, the historic struggle of the farmers with the support of the working class and all other toiling masses including the oppressed sections for repeal of the 3 Farm Laws which will lead to corporatization of the agriculture, and destruction of the food security and public distribution system in the country, is intensifying day by day. The lakhs of farmers  who have laid siege of the national capital for more than 50 days have announced their determination to march to the center of Delhi with their tractors on the Republic Day. If the countrywide upsurge against the CAA/NPR last year symbolized by the Shahin Bagh movement could be suppressed by the Modi government by spreading Islamophobia and using the cover of Covid19, this time the struggle against the Farm Acts, supported by the working class who calls for repeal of the 4 Labor Codes are challenging the Manuvadi Hindutva fascist forces who are going ahead with corporatization of all fields, dis-empowering and impoverishing the masses and devastating the environment by opening all fields to barbarous corporate plunder. To facilitate this, divisive politics of hate and fascist oppression is unleashed. In this context, while persisting with independent communist assertion with the future vision of people’s democracy and socialist transformation, the CPI(ML) Red Star , while actively involved in the ongoing farmers’ struggle like what we did in last years’ anti-CAA movement, has launched a countrywide Defeat BJP campaign in the coming assembly elections joining with all like-minded struggling forces.

Rectifying the past mistakes the Party has launched an active movement against Manuvadi Hindutva which is the theoretical base of the neo-fascist RSS. Upholding the teachings of the Renaissance movement, Party has launched a Caste Annihilation Movement and revolutionary cultural offensive to unite the oppressed masses with the worker-peasant alliance, to fight against Brahmanical, patriarchal concepts and to build the Party according to demands of present situation. Recognizing the growing danger of ecological catastrophe endangering even the very existence of human life on earth under the plunder of nature by the neo-liberal/corporate counter-revolutionary forces, we have taken initiate in building a fighting International Anti- Imperilist, Anti-Fascist United Front under the leadership of ICOR and ILPS, uniting all revolutionary communist parties and mass organizations at international level. The party is calling for an alternative development perspective overthrowing the neoliberal/corporate model of the capitalist imperialist system. Along with this, it calls for a new vision of democracy based on “all powers to the people” transforming the Panchayat system on the basis of People’s Communes.

Thus, while actively involving in all ongoing movements to throw out the RSS led corporate fascist Modi government joining hands with all forces opposed to it, on the basis of an alternate program we are engaged in uniting the communist revolutionaries and winning over the youth and students to build a powerful party capable of leading the mass upsurges toward  revolutionary seizure of political power and socialist future. It is the great task before the revolutionary and left masses all over the country. The CPI(ML) Red Star has taken up this task vigorously based on the theoretical offensive for analyzing the past experience of the communist movement from Paris Commune, learning from them, and developing the Marxist-Leninist concepts according to present concrete conditions of our country.

To carry forward this great endeavor, your all forms of active cooperation is needed starting from discussing the programmatic and revolutionary path concepts of our Party with the comrades to extending maximum financial support. We appeal to you to make the drive for collection of the central fund of the Red Star from 15th January to 15th February a success.

Long Live Indian Revolution!

Bank account details:

Account Name: CPI (ML) Red Star

Bank: Corporation Bank

Account No: 510101002779667

IFSC: CORP 0001312

Branch: Nawada Branch

New Delhi, India




KN Ramachandran

for the Central Committee

CPI(ML) Red Star

15thJanuary 2021

Delhi Police And Those Criminal Elements Who Infiltrated In The Rally Are Responsible For The Violence!

Do Not Allow Modi Government, RSS Parivar And Godi Media To Divert Attention From The Central Issue, Repeal Of Three Farm Acts, To Vandalism, For Which They Are Responsible!

Rally In Support Of Repeal Of The Three Farm Acts And The Farmers’ Struggle Till It Is Achieved!

CPI(ML) Red Star extends revolutionary greetings to the hundreds of thousands of farmers and supporters who organized a mighty rally along with thousands of tractors through the streets of Delhi reiterating their demand for repeal the 3 farm laws for corporatization of agriculture.

Earlier, after the Supreme Court asked the Delhi police to take decision on allowing the rally, the Delhi police and central home ministry under Amit Shaw were consciously creating confusion, repeating that permission will not be allowed either inside Delhi or through the outer ring road, forcing the Kisan Sangharsh Morcha  to declare that whether permission is given or not they will organize the rally. It was at this stage, Delhi police came forward announcing permission for the rally and through mutual discussion three routes were agreed upon. The KSM and AIKSCC leaders made all arrangements accordingly.

But from 26th morning the police tried to create problems by not removing the barricades as agreed upon; instead they strengthened the barricades in the night and erected numerous other barricades on the way. Enraged by it the farmers who had endured all difficulties for last 61 days in the bitter cold conditions during which more than 150 of their comrades became martyrs, decided to break the barricades and march in to Delhi.

By 9.30 they broke the barricades at Singhu, Tikri and Gazipur borders and started the march with the farmers on foot in the front and tractors next. But the police and other security wings created provocations lathi charging and firing tear gas shells on the farmers near Azadpur by-pass and Nangloi, and killing a farmer in police firing near ITO. Along with this some criminal elements infiltrated the rally and tried to create disturbances allegedly with the knowledge of police and RSS parivar.

Because of these disturbances some of the farmers were provoked, forcing them to march up to ITO, Red Fort and some other spots in the city. Utilising these  incidents the spoke persons of Modi government, RSS parivar and Godi media have started malicious propaganda that farmers resorted to vandalism, diverting attention from the fact that in spite of the participation of so many lakhs of people, vast majority of them maintained discipline as instructed by their leaders, and it was the provocation from the police and the acts of the criminal infiltrators responsible for whatever disturbances happened.

There is a conscious effort by these forces and Amit Shah to use these disturbances in order to divert attention from the central demand of the many lakhs of people who rallied in Delhi and the many more lakhs who rallied in Mumbai, Kolkata and other centers calling for repeal of the three farm laws for corporatization of agriculture.

We appeal to the working class, all oppressed classes and sections of people to reject this conspiracy of the corporate fascist Modi government to malign the farmers movement against corporatization and to firmly stand behind the demand of the farmers for the repeal of these farm laws with the slogans given above.

Obviously, Modi regime cannot ignore India’s historic economic contraction on account of its pro-corporate and fascist policies since it is already an acknowledged fact even by IMF and other neoliberal centres. Hence, after acknowledging this at the outset, the Economic Survey 2020-21 has cunningly identified COVID-19 pandemic as the sole reason for India’s biggest economic collapse, and without any qualm has camouflaged the unprecedented crisis in terms of industrial stagnation, unemployment, widening inequality, sharpening wealth concentration and so on that reached horrific proportions on the eve of COVID.


At the same time, instead of admitting the great havoc resulting from the superimposition of the most stringent, most coercive and most prolonged lockdown, that too in the absence of any concomitant badly needed health and social security interventions that had imparted to the economy, the Economic Survey has justified the “great lockdown” in terms of its “life saving” effect and unsubstantiated claim on lower death rates. It now predicts a “V-shaped recovery supported by COVID vaccination drive” that also is subject to many controversies. Being forced to admit a 7.7 economic contraction during 2020-21, it envisages an 11 percent real GDP growth rate in 2021-22, backed by a false statement of IMF which is eager to justify the criminal corporatization of agricultural sector also at its behest. At the same upholding the need for countercyclical fiscal policy during economic crisis, the Survey also hints at new tranches of stimulus packages which are in store for the corporate classes in the forthcoming Budget.

Perfectly in tune with its far-right, pro-corporate orientation and indicating heavier doses of far-right policies, the Economic Survey has strongly defended new Farm Laws, saying they herald a new era of market freedom and improvement in the lives of “small and marginal farmers in India”. It argues that around 85 per cent of the total number of farmers are the biggest sufferer of the “regressive” APMC-regulated market regime, even as India is witnessing the biggest and long-running farmers’ agitation seeking repeal of these legislations. Among other things, it also proudly notes years 2019 and 2020 as landmark years in history of labour reforms during which 29 central labour laws amalgamated, rationalized and simplified into Four Labour Codes. The Survey also praises the Modi regime for taking a series of monetary, fiscal and tax policies for transforming India as the leading destination of FII (a euphemism for foreign speculative capital) in the world.


To be precise, the Economic Survey, should be seen as a prelude to the biggest-ever sell-outs to the most corrupt corporates that will be there in the Budget 2021 to be presented to parliament on February 1. The hike of petrol price per litre to Rs 91 on the eve of the budget, while it is only Rs 51 in Nepal, is a warning to what is going to come out in the budget.


K N Ramachadran

General Secretary

CPI (ML) Red Star


New Delhi

30th January 2021

By yesterday evening, in continuation to the anti-farmer offensive by the fascist Modi government with the RSS/BJP coming out with vitriolic narratives, RSS organizing demonstrations in the name of ‘local people’ demanding  removal of agitating farmers, and Godi media launching vicious propaganda with lies and slanders against them, thousands of UP policemen started attacking the farmers from their side and Delhi police, para-military and rapid action forces closing the NH and azhipur border, stabilizing the situation. Thus gazhipur has come out of the scare and is getting strengthened.


Yesterday, the Delhi police had erected more intimidating barricades and started digging the NHs both at Singhu and Tikri borders. RSS goons demonstrated with provocative slogans pretending as local people, demanding removal of the agitating farmers. Police submitted more than two dozen FIRs, charge sheets alleging murders and dacoity against 40 farmers’ leaders, arresting more than 200 farmers, and even charge sheeting senior journalists for backing the farmers. Sanghi/ Godi media continuing their shrill, venomous attacks on the struggling forces. But the farmers and their supporters reacted by organizing rally from one end to the other at the border points.  As more farmers and supporters have started for the border points, by today evening the resistance to RSS/BJP goons and the demand for repeal of the 3 farm laws are going to be strengthened.


Meanwhile , solidarity campaigns should be organized wherever possible, strengthening the movement at all India level.


Comrades, this is a critical phase of the movement. Let us mobilize more and more farmers under the banner of AIKKS, and organize solidarity movement by all mass organizations and people’s movements in support of them. Recognizing its significance as an anti-corporatization, anti-imperialist, and also an anti-fascist movement, let us mobilize all our strength to make the farmers’ movement powerful day by day.


KN Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI (ML) Red Star


New Delhi

29th January, Morning


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