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Resolution On Present Situation And Our Tasks Adopted By The CC

After getting re-elected in 2019 LS elections, Modi government had moved very fast to get the Abolition of Article 370 of the Constitution reducing J&K state in to two Union Territories, and to get the CAA adopted by the parliament t0 communalize citizenship spreading Xenophobia, intensifying the fascisation of the country.  When a mighty movement of broad sections of people including large sections of Muslims challenged it, all opposition to its fascist aggressive policies by utilizing the lockdown imposed for containing Covid19 pandemic as a cover. Now the Modi rule, has openly moved towards overthrowing the basic secular democratic spirit of the Constitution  still using the pandemic as a cover.  Keeping the parliament in abeyance, it issued ordinances for corporatization of the agriculture sector; it is selling what is left of the PSUs including railways, opening and handing over new areas for mining to the corporates, enacting the new NEP2020 violating the federal principles of the Constitution and introducing many Manuvadi aspects, using public funds for the building of the Ram temple and PM doing Bhoomi Puja for it along with the RSS chief. In this way Modi govt is moving fast to make the country de-facto Hindu Rashtra. Covid19 related restrictions are used to curb all people’s movements. State terror is unleashed for intensifying the fascist suppression. Instead of taking initiative to settle the border dispute with China and Nepal, the stalemate following the standoff is used to further militarization of the country, and to further strengthen the strategic partnership with US imperialism.

At the same time the Covid19 is spreading fast with the number of patients crossing 3 million and dead 65,000. India may reach the top at world level in both by September end, as the Covid-care is getting less and less priority. The whole burden of the grave economic recession, the consequences of the pandemic and all calamities are thrown to the back of the common masses. Unemployment and pauperization of the vast masses are reaching alarming levels, with the number of jobless and penniless are increasing fast. Knowing the consequences of such a situation, Modi is indulging in spreading the hate politics against Muslim fast, and trying to decimate the opposition and win over the masses through consolidating majoritarian Hindutva vote base using Ram temple. In short, Modi is taking an aggressive approach to carry on with implementation of the RSS agenda.

But, the divided parliamentary opposition has no alternative to present before the people and to mobilize them, even after the arch-reactionary, fascist moves by the Modi government. For example, as the dates of Bihar elections are coming closer and when BJP has already launched its expensive online campaign on a big scale trying to win over new sections using its majoritarian Hindutva platform in which even the dalit and backward sub-castes are recruited using the ‘identity politics’ or social engineering in most vulgar forms as it did in UP during the LS elections last year to defeat the powerful alliance of yadav based SP and jatav based BSP. In the absence of Lalu Prasad, the RJD is in much  disarray; first it along with other parties in its not yet concretized grand alliance tried to get the election postponed; now even after the Election Commission started moving in the direction of holding it in October-November itself as desired by BJP, the alliance is not yet formed. While this is the condition of opposition unity in almost all states, according to latest reports the Congress is facing serious internal dissensions.

In is in this situation, CPI(ML) Red Star, as already decided by the previous CC meetings is calling for taking the following steps to strengthen the all-round offensive against corporate fascist Modi government. 

Firstly, top priority should be given to establish the ideological, political line of the party, to intensify efforts for building a Bolshevik style powerful party winning over all revolutionary communists and new comrades to its fold, to strengthen party committee system and political education of the party members, and for develop various struggle, campaigns and movements against the central and state governments.

Secondly, we have already taken initiative in the building up of class/mass organizations and various people’s movements at all India level in which our party comrades are playing leading role. Present situation demands continuous efforts to develop them, give political orientation to them to play more active role in the anti-fascist movement. It also calls for developing struggles in all fields and winning   new forces to build united fronts at all levels.

Thirdly, joining hands with like-minded forces, we have taken initiative to start the Revolutionary Left Coordination (RLC) in a webinar on 15th August, with a joint appeal to all such forces to join this process. While this process should be intensified at central level, all SCs and SOCs should take initiative to form the RLC at state level also through winning over such forces by holding continuous discussion and working together taking up issues on which agreement is there.

Fourthly, for building countrywide, broad based Anti-Fascist Front of all forces opposed to fascisation of the country, who uphold the basic rights enshrined in the Constitution, is a major task before the revolutionary forces to overthrow the RSS led Modi fascist rule. But this cannot be achieved just by giving a call for it or by convening few meetings. The recent experience of the Anti-CAA, NPR/NRC movement is before us. It could become such a mighty movement through a process, winning over new forces step by step. Many of our comrades played significant role in this starting with the Delhi rally giving clear-cut slogans in which our Delhi committee played the leading role. So, we have to help the process of building the broad-based anti-fascist front at all India level by joining all ongoing united movements with full vigour, building unity of all classes and sections oppressed by the fascist forces.

Our approach should be based on the principle of “unity and struggle”. While continuing healthy ideological, political struggle against the ruling class parties as well as the revisionist forces, it should not become an obstacle for is joining wholeheartedly with all the joint movements, like what is happening in the workers, peasants, students fronts already. It should be extended to other fields. Wherever there are possibilities like in students, youth, women, cultural like movements the mass organizations in which our comrades are playing leading roles can call for ‘students against fascism’ like joint movements. In the parliamentary struggles also, while always trying for independent communist assertion, building the RLC with Common Program, organizing campaign based on it including contesting selected seats where RLC constituents have mass base, we should focus our campaign to defeat BJP and its allies at state and central level. By actively involving in this process our party committees and comrades can emerge as leaders of the movements in many areas. With such a flexible, broad based approach at central and state level our Party Committees should start playing active role in building the Anti-Fascist Front.  While different tactics are adopted in different states according to concrete conditions there, we should clearly put our central task in these elections is to defeat BJP and thereby weaken Modi Govt. 

International Report Adopted by Central Committee of CPI (ML) Red Star In Its Meeting on 23rd August, 2020

The International Situation has taken various twists which basically bear out our earlier analysis that all the contradictions at the international level are intensifying. The main notable events in the period from our last meeting are the protests in Lebanon, the protests in Belarus and also the approaching US elections. All these show that along with the sharpening economic crisis within these countries and attack on the masses which has worsened the national situation, it also reflects the intensification of inter-imperialist contradictions as the US imperialists facing serious challenges to its world hegemony making frantic moves to prolong it. In Lebanon there was clearly an attempt by the Diab Government to move towards a more clearly marked pro-China stance. On the other hand, the military establishment in Lebanon is clearly under the influence of the USA. It is this contradiction that is intensifying in Lebanon. The one clear progressive trend in this situation within Lebanon is that led by the Lebanese Communist Party which has called for a re-emergence of the forces which took part in the 17th October movement on the basis of an anti-sectarian platform. The protest in Belarus is clearly taking the form of a confrontation between the Western imperialist powers led by the US on the one hand and Russia on the other. (see the ICOR resolution on Lebanon)

 The US presidential elections, on the other hand, show a different aspect. As the approval ratings of Trump are falling, states like Florida and Wisconsin which Trump had won in last elections, are today firmly in the Democratic camp as per the opinion polls. The same trend can be seen with Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil. The CNT/MDA survey found that 43.4% of those polled see the government as “bad” or “awful,” up from 31.0% in January. “Good” or “great” evaluations slipped to 32.0% from 34.5% in the previous poll. Bolsonaro’s personal approval rating fell to 39.2% from 47.8% in January, as disapproval rose to 55.4% from 47.0%.  These trends coupled with the protests in support of George Floyd and other protest all over the world (including Lebanon and Belarus) show that the people are fed up with the ultra-right-wing governments and may indicate their desire to stop the trend of growing fascism in governments all over the world.

The US brokered agreement signed between Israel and the UAE, with the latter agreeing to establish full diplomatic relations with Israel is another big gain for the Zionist state. Before this bokered by US, the Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994 also had established full diplomatic relation with Israel, violating the former understanding among the Western Asian countries that before full statehood is achieved by Palestine, such diplomatic relations will not be established. The latest success of the Zionist state even when it has threatened further attacks on Palestinian areas is a setback to the progressive forces, and it has intensified the challenges before the Palestinian people further.

However, the same problem as before is still confronting the people. They do not see the left or the revolutionary forces as a viable alternative in any country. The revolutionary left has not been able to put forward radical alternative plans for the people to live and flourish in the present situation – not only the situation of Covid19 pandemic, but the general situation where the economy was on a massive downturn even before it. The revolutionary left has not been able to popularize its ideas of an alternative system – be it in education, in healthcare, in transport or an alternative to the present economy and democratization of the society as a whole. Thus though the people are seeing the present system is failing them, they are unable to see any viable alternative. This situation is fraught with the danger of some other forces like religious fundamentalism or regional chauvinism coming to the fore. This situation also underlines the grave need for the revolutionary left to regroup and unite so as to become capable to put forward a radical alternative.

During the recent times ICOR has tried to become more active.  Uniting with ILPS, it has called for building an Anti-Imperialist, Anti- Fascist United Front. ICOR has also called on its constituents for speeding up party building and to raise the level of struggles.  It is in line with this, statement was issued on the danger of war (in the context of remembering the 6th and 9th August nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by US) and also on the developments in Lebanon. The Asian coordination committee of ICOR also sponsored a webinar on “Imperialism, Fascism and the Danger of War” in which parties from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Australia took part, via zoom. This was also streamed live on the party’s Facebook page. Our letter of greetings to the Congress of the PPSD (Tunisia) is given below. n

Message of Greetings to Party Congress of PPDS

The General Secretary and all delegates, PPDS, Tunisia


We congratulate you on your party congress to be held soon. We have always considered the PPDS Tunisia to be a close fraternal organization. We hope that this Congress will further that unity and brotherhood.

Today the world is passing through unprecedented times. Though the corona is such a great pandemic, the ruling classes all over the world are converting it into a farce by not giving proper care to the people and, at the same time, using the cover of the pandemic to enforce new laws and policies with which to exploit the working people. The same situation obtains throughout the world and therefore there is need, more than ever before, to have strong international unity of the working class and of all the toiling masses.

Imperialism today, faced with severe economic crisis, is transforming into fascism all over the world. This also clearly outlines the need to build up a strong anti-imperialist anti-fascist unity on an international level. We know that the PPDS has taken its role in such unity seriously through its work in ICOR and through the work of building up an anti-imperialist anti-fascist front. We hope that this Congress will clarify some of the important issues in fighting the attacks of the ruling classes and in building such an united front at the national and international levels.

Wishing you the best for your congress once again.

Your comrade,

KN Ramachandran,

GS, CPI(ML) Red Star n

ICOR Resolution: Lebanon is Exploding!

Lebanon has been a land of tears and struggles! In October 2019, starting on 17th October a movement built up in Beirut against the government politics. It called for building an independent and democratic Lebanon. It also contains a majority of forces who are opposed to the politics of the USA and Israel which are trying to destabilize Lebanon and use it as a base for containing Islam. Though this movement was dampened due to the onset of the worldwide Covid 19 pandemic, the protests continued into January 2020.

Where Beirut was once known as the “Paris of the East”, since decades it has been become the target of Israeli and other bombings. The explosion of bombs has become the norm in Beirut rather than a novelty.

On 4th August there was a massive explosion in the port of Beirut which left dozens dead and thousands injured and 300 000 homeless. This has also been attributed to Government corruption and apathy by the people. We firmly reject the latter!

There were again massive protests which called for the resignation of the Government and the formation of a democratic government. The protesters took over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and rechristened it as the “Ministry of Revolution”. On 10th August the Government of Hassan Diab who had taken over in January did resign and has been asked to continue by the President Michel Aoun till a new Government takes over. 

The US and China have been blaming each other of fostering one force or the other in their attempt to control this important part of West Asia. Chinese aid to Lebanon is well known and the US is now blaming China for laying a “debt trap” forgetting that the largest debt trap has been laid by the IMF which is controlled by the USA. On the other hand the Israeli bombings of Lebanon with the approval of the USA are too brutal to be forgotten. We call upon the people of Lebanon to resist all attempts by all foreign powers, to take in their justified struggle for bread, freedom and democracy.

For the right of self-determination of the Lebanese people! For a revolutionary change according to the will of the masses!

At this time we support the call of the Lebanese Communist Party (LCP) who have given a call for the movement of October 17th to come together once again. They rightly demand a policy in the interests of the working class and the broad masses of the population and want to build a truly democratic and progressive Lebanon. We call upon all democratic forces in Lebanon to come together and for all sections of workers and other toiling masses to get organized and fight for this goal. The ICOR supports this movement in solidarity and in the spirit of the Middle East Conference of the ICOR and together with revolutionary forces in Lebanon promotes its revolutionization for a democratic and socialist Lebanon.

Strengthen the revolutionary forces in Lebanon and the ICOR!

Workers of all countries, unite!

Workers and oppressed peoples of the world, unite!

Forward with the construction of the ICOR!

August 6 is commemorated world-wide as Hiroshima Day.  On that day, and again on August 9 at Nagasaki, atomic bombs were used for the first time. Their use against civilians was a war crime.

On August 15, Japan announced its surrender. That day (August 14 in the US and Europe) was long celebrated throughout Asia as Victory over Japan Day (VJ Day).

The defeat of Japanese imperialism, part of the fascist Axis bloc, was at the same time, the beginnings of US imperialism’s violent assault on the peoples of the world in its quest for total domination.

Today, 75 years later, the world economic and financial crisis and the Corona pandemic are driving   global imperialist rivalry and the rightward development and fascistisation occurring in many countries.

US imperialism emerged relatively unscathed from war against the fascist powers and embarked on a ruthless path towards superpower status. It faced a challenge from Soviet social-imperialism until the latter’s implosion in the 1990s, and recently has been confronted by China, where a restoration of capitalism has seen that country take the road to imperialist ambition.

The rivalry between the US and China is particularly acute in our Asian region with each power playing a dangerous game of economic and military push and shove against the other. At the same time, the pandemic is being used to erode people’s rights and to cushion the capitalists’ economic crisis by placing greater economic burdens on the shoulders of the working people.

Under these circumstances, it is imperative that we find ways to lift the level of struggle against imperialism and fascism.

Hiroshima Day rallies and other commemorative events, even with social distancing restrictions, will provide opportunities for participation and correct messaging.

But we must also build organisation.  That is, we must strengthen and broaden our own individual parties and organisations as well as building the membership, reach and influence of the ICOR-ILPS initiative of the International Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Fascist United Front.

On August 6, support the call to:

Fight imperialism, and end military provocations and war exercises in our region!

Fight to defend democratic rights and freedoms and end state-driven trends to fascism!

Build the International Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Fascist United Front!

We Are pleased about the recently admitted new ICOR member, the Socialist Party of Bangladesh (SPB). Thus the ICOR (International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations) has grown to 60 members, ten of them on the continent of Asia, which is by far the most populous continent. This strengthening of ICOR is an important signal in the time of increasing crisis-proneness of capitalism, currently the deep world economic and financial crisis and the Corona Pandemic associated with crises. The SPB is the second ICOR party in Bangladesh. Thus its membership also expresses that the revolutionaries today are approaching each other.

The SPB is a party whose roots go back to the liberation struggle against British imperialism. When it was founded in 1980, the comrades drew consequences from the revisionist betrayal of socialism in the Soviet Union and China. The party is closely linked to the manifold struggles of the popular masses, especially the workers and peasants in Bangladesh. Various mass organizations, including scientists and medical doctors, and a children's platform are affiliated with it. For the ideological-political education of its members, it organizes a system of study groups.

In the application for membership in the ICOR, the Secretary General Khalequzzaman writes: "We think our struggles at this moment are almost similar in nature. If we become a member of ICOR we can exchange our views and ideas more and it will help us wage our struggles together against our respective capitalist rulers and the world imperialist power as well.”

Since 1999, the SPB has been working for an alliance of all left forces in Bangladesh. Currently, this is the Left Democratic Alliance (LDA), in which, among others, both ICOR parties work together. These experiences are especially important for the construction of the international anti-imperialist and anti-fascist united front, which the ICOR and the ILPS (International League of People's Struggles) have launched.

For further information, please see on the ICOR website www.icor.info.

We warmly welcome our comrades from Bangladesh. Welcome SPB!

Monika Gärtner-Engel

ICOR Main Coordinator

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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.