28 March 2020

The ICOR strongly condemns the horrendous abuse of the desperate situation and hopes of the refugees in Turkey by the Turkish and Greek governments and the EU.

This was triggered by the barbaric escalation of the war in the Syrian province of Idlib. There Russia and the Assad regime on the one side oppose Turkey and the Islamistic-fascist militias on the other. In the crossfire are the people living there, especially women and children are mainly affected. 900 000 people are fleeing, 250 000 of them are children and youth. Only the democratic forces in Northern and Eastern Syria (Rojava)  have welcomed and taken care of the refugees in an exemplary way.

After several military setbacks Erdogan seriously called upon NATO for an „alliance case”. This would have meant a direct military confrontation of important imperialist world powers and so possibly the start of a world war. This could not be implemented in the NATO countries in face of resistance and the outrage of the masses.

In order to exert pressure Erdogan now cancelled the scandalous EU-Turkey deal, which had the goal of shutting the borders of the EU for refugees in exchange for large payments and which violates the right of flight, the right of asylum and the rights contained in the UN Refugee Convention for millions of people. Thousands of people were brought to the borders by the fascist Erdogan regime, where they were driven back from the Greek side with brutal force, including the use of tear gas and water cannons. At the same time, the Turkish police did not let them out of the border area again. In „no man’s land” women, men and children are freezing and starving.

For years, people on the Greek islands have been showing solidarity with the refugees in an exemplary manner. But their strength has come to an end. In camps set up for 8000 people there are now 42 000! When the people on the Greek islands demonstrate they are encountered with brutal special task forces of the Greek government. On the Greek islands the living conditions are also deteriorating through the imperialist refugee policy. In completely overcrowded camps refugees are forced into inhumane conditions in rain and cold. Fascists from all over Europe are trying to create a Pogrom atmosphere among the population of the islands and are driving refugees who have landed back into the sea, insulting, threatening and traumatizing them.

The EU as one of the richest imperialist confederations of states in the world has nothing better to do than to receive the refugees with tear gas, clubs, sharp ammunition and the imperialist troops for border protection Frontex. From secretly taken videos we have learned of transports from „no man’s land” back to Turkey in buses in which children and women  have died miserably. In the meantime, they are also using the corona virus to expand their proto-fascist and anti-immigration policy.

In this situation broad protests against the entire failed imperialist refugee policy and against fascist terror are required. The causes of flight lie in imperialist exploitation and oppression by the imperialist countries! The fight against them must be taken up – in the self-organization of the refugees in close alliance with democratic and revolutionary forces in the respective countries.

In numerous Greek cities as well as in various large cities of the EU demonstrations against the refugee policy of the EU have already taken place. The self-organization of the refugees, hand in hand with the population in active resistance is the key to cope with the current emergency situation.

The causes can only be eliminated with the struggle against the imperialist world system. ILPS and ICOR have called up to build up an international united front against fascism and war. It is fundamentally opposed to the imperialist re-division of the world on the backs of the peoples.

Strengthen the building of the anti-imperialist united front!

The refugees are our brothers and sisters!

Struggle against the imperialist EU and its inhumane policies, which allow ten thousands to die miserably in the Mediterranean and in the deserts.

Struggle in the EU countries against the causes of flight, for taking up the refugees in the EU countries and for their integration among the struggling masses of the respective countries!

Long live international solidarity!

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Kabeer Katlat

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.