The experience of all liberation movements has shown that the success of a revolution depends on how much the women take part in it. (Lenin, Collected Works,Vol. 28, p. 181)

International Women’s Day 2019 takes place in a turbulent and polarized situation in class struggle with strategic importance. Worldwide those in power are less and less able to  exercise their rule without meeting mass resistance from the working-class movement and the broad masses. More and more governments are resorting to reaction and violence in their methods of governing. The destabilization of the prevailing conditions has brought about a societal polarization in which a progressive change of mood among the working class and the broad masses has developed internationally.

Women’s consciousness has awakened! From Asia to Africa women workers are fighting against their double exploitation for higher and equal wages, appreciation of their work and better working conditions. From Argentina via Uruguay to the USA, millions of women of all strata are standing up against their special repression, against sexism, violence against women and femicide. From India to Rojava women are standing with death-defying courage and organized against the entire system of the double exploitation and oppression of the masses of women and represent and demand societal alternatives.

The revolutionary world organization ICOR promotes the construction of an international militant women’s movement and shares responsibility for the process of the world women’s conference, in which revolutionary and militant women’s movements unite in the struggle against exploitation and oppression of women and for their liberation in a liberated society. The liberation of women can only be achieved in a communist society, but must already be represented today in the theory and practice of the revolutionary parties.

The international women’s movement of the 21st century faces great challenges! With the “Call for rallying forces for building an anti-imperialist united front” the ICOR takes a position against the general tendency of imperialist preparation of war that has evolved. A top priority task, also for the international militant women’s movement. At the same time the international militant women’s movement must strengthen itself regarding politics, organization and world outlook! The theoretical seminar on the liberation of women in India in 2018 was an important beginning for this.

The women of the world do not want to perish in capitalist barbarism. Their visions of a world without exploitation and oppression need international militant union and strong revolutionary parties. The social basis for the liberation of women can only be created by a liberated socialist society.

Strengthen the militant women’s movement of the world! Organize yourselves in the revolutionary parties and courageously take over leading responsibility! Become part of the international socialist revolution. 

Long live International Women’s Day! Forward with the liberation of women! Forward with the ICOR! n

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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.