Following Modi’s invitation at the 2019 BRICS summit at Brasilia in Brazil, Bolsonaro, the fascist president of Brazil dubbed as “tropical Trump” came to India as the chief guest of India’s 2020 Republic Day celebrations. In addition to their mutual cooperation as members of BRICS, during his stay in India between January 24 and 27, both India and Brazil signed a Bilateral Investment Treaty upgrading their strategic partnership to “the next level”.

Accordingly, the main thrust of the agreement that Union Cabinet finalised on January 22 centres round bolstering “counter-terror cooperation” between two countries. Among other things, it “aims to enhance effectiveness of both the countries in investigation and prosecution of crime through cooperation and mutual legal assistance in criminal matters.” On January 27, Bolsonaro addressed the India-Brazil Business Forum too. Brazilian companies like Marcopolo already have joint ventures in India.

With his ideological basis in Evangelical Christianity, Bolsonaro has a high exaltation of Trump’s militarisation. Being the most trusted junior partner and closest friend of “Evangelical” Trump, under Bolsonaro, the fascist regime of Brazil is working as US imperialism’s strategic pillar in Latin America. Following the footsteps of arch-reactionary Trump, Bolsonaro has no qualm in openly upholding his support for the corporate plunder of nature and in displaying his disdain for the indigenous people of Amazon.

Today, as is the case in India, on account of his far-right neoliberal policies, Brazilian economy is in a prolonged crisis. Working class and oppressed peoples of Brazil are rising up against his fascist regime. Bolsonaro is engaged in ruthlessly suppressing these struggles. And he himself has become a model for all fascists in his justification of the domestic use of military forces against working class struggles characterising them as “terrorist protests”.

The Hindutva fascistic regime of Modi, being the South Asian pillar of US imperialism, had attempted to bring Trump, the imperialist master as the chief guest of last year’s Republic Day. The choice of Bolsonaro, his junior partner as this year’s Indian guest was in continuation of that. The strengthening bilateral legal and criminal cooperation between the fascist regimes of Brazil and India is firmly rooted in their close and mutual affinity towards Zionism as well as Islamophobia so assiduously brought up by US as integral component of neoliberal world order.

The emerging tripartite alliance among Trump, Bolsonaro and Modi calls for serious attention on the part of all peace-loving and well-meaning people the world over. (In this regard, those who are interested may go through an article entitled “Trump, Bolsonaro, Modi: anti-migration, ecocide, and conflict escalation: The agenda of the global right” by Beatriz Martinez Zaavedra, Sept 20, 2019 in

Bolsonaro allowed the destruction of half of the tropical Amazon forests, during which hundreds of aboriginals’ families along with millions of animals and birds perished to open the area for corporate forces. Putting an end to the welfare policies of Workers’ Party, it has scraped all labour acts and impoverished the toiling masses greatly. He has deploye vigilantes to pry on people and killer squads to eliminate Bolsonaro’s regime promoted corporate fascism and is a threat to Brazilian people. Exposing the criminal alliance of Modi with Bolsonaro, a number of organizations including CPI(ML) Red Star organized protest demonstration at Jantar Mantar on 25th January. 

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.