The CPI(ML) Red Star and the CPI(ML) Maharashtra, after arriving at common general understanding on various ideological political issues related to analysis of present situation and approach to various issues related to Indian revolution in the course of many round of discussions, and working together for last three years in all fields have merged in to one organization in the Special Conference of members of the two organizations in the state have merged to form the new state committee which elected com. Arun Velaskar as its Secretary.

The Special Conference called for the unity of all communist revolutionary forces in order to take up the challenges posed by the neo conservative forces led by the fascist RSS/BJP, which is trying to undermine even the minimum democratic space so far existing under parliamentary democracy. Constitutional norms are sabotaged in the interests of Corporates and big landlord class. Judicial system too is in crisis. Imposition of demonetisation and GST followed by opening all fields for entry of international capital coupled with frantic privatization have led to slow down of the economy. The agricultural sector is in acute crisis, forcing more peasants to commit suicide as happening in Maharashtra like states. The acha din and other populist promises repeated by Modi are proved false.

In this situation, in order to divert attention of people from their burning issues BJP is trying to spread Islamophobia and mascular nationalism to consolidate majoritarian Hindutva narrative in line with the Hindurashtra goal of RSS. It is in line with this, Article 370 abrogated and clampdown imposed in J&K from 5th August. The NRC for Assam was hurriedly announced on 31st August declaring more than 19 lakhs residents stateless, starting the process of throwing them to Detention Camps. The Citizenship (Amendments) Bill is sought to be passed denying citizenship only to migrant Muslims. The process of preparing a time bound National Register of Citizens al all India level by next 30th September is launched. Already in Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai like cities RSS/police have started ‘identifying’ foreigners and deporting them. Construction of detention camps are started in all states. UAPA like black laws are made more ruthless to terrorize the people. The intensifying economic crisis, and fascist attacks have created a dangerous situation, with the minorities, dalits, Adivasis, other backward sections and women facing the brunt of the attack along with workers and peasantry.

Angry with the RSS/BJP policies, large number of people’s movements have started coming up. It was reflected in the results of assembly elections to Maharashtra and Haryana. Compared to Lok Sabha elections in May, its voting percentage went down sharply. But as Congress and other mainstream parties are still sticking to neoliberal policies and vote bank politics, they have no basically different alternative to put forward. It is the recognition of this fact which encouraged our two organizations to merge and call for unity of all communist revolutionary forces to build a powerful communist party with anti-capitalist democratic program rejecting the neoliberal/corporate policies which devastate the masses as well as the nature, with the concept of building a casteless, genuinely secular, democratic society. We look forward to our merger further strengthening the unity efforts towards building a powerful centre for communist revolutionaries in India, capable of uniting the working class and peasantry along with dalits, Adivasis, minorities, OBCs and women, in short all exploited, oppressed, toiling classes and sections, to throw out the reactionary ruling system and to advance towards people’s democracy and socialism..

KN Ramchandran, General Secretary, Pravin Nadka,, Secretary,
CPI(ML) Red Star , CPI (ML) Maharashtra

The unity conference of ÇPIML Maharashtra and ÇPIML red star was held at Pune on 10th November from 11 am. Delegates from both organizations participated. Com KN Ramachandran GS explained the present situation when under Hindutua led fascist offensive is taking place and on the other hand under Modi' s rule, whole economic scene is in crisis with slow down intensifying day by day. Along with unemployment, impoverishment of people is increasing. To challenge this CPI ML Red Star is trying to unite the communist regime forces and build Mass Political Platform of all oppressed masses and classes. In this situation the unity of our two organizations will encourage the unity process of CR forces. Com Praveen Nadkar presented the unity declaration and Sanjay Singhvi the joint press statement which were adopted after discussing.  The conference decided to form the new state Committee merging the state committees of both organizations. The enlarged Committee elected seven member state executive committee and com Arun valaskar as its secretary. The conference concluded with the new Committee deciding to carry forward struggles against the ruling system and its anti people fascist policies. A press conference is planned on 11 th November at Mumbai press club to announce the merger.

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.