Why CPI(ML) Red Star has called for a countrywide people’s offensive against Fascist Hindutva onslaughts led by RSS, attacking its Manuvadi theoretical base now? The historic significance of it can be understood when an evaluation of the present critical national and international situation is made. Though, the neo-fascists Trump, Modi, Boslonaro and others like them pooh-poohed Covid19 pandemic till February, what is the situation after 7 months? The number of Covid patients in US is racing to 1o million and dead to 3 lakhs, percentage to population wise, Brazil is just behind it. Soon India is going to surpass US in the number of Covid 19 patients, reaching the first place! In the early days, US, China and all imperialists along with their junior partners first talked about containing Covid fast, now talking about co-existing with it, and return to “Business as usual”. But the economy is contracting everywhere and collapsing in many countries, posing the greatest ever challenge faced by the capitalist imperialist economic system.

All of them are planning how to overcome it. Firstly, take away all the benefits so far won by the working class, and subject them to worst ever loot, throwing out many more to the streets swelling the number of jobless and impoverished toiling and oppressed masses. Along with it intensify the plunder of nature more ruthlessly, which is already destroying the eco-system and bio-diversity. Even when the ‘hitherto greatest power in the world’, US imperialism is standing helpless before Covid19 and the raging wild fires in California and Oregon, when whole humanity is paralyzed by the pandemic, they refuse to accept all these have anything to do with ecology, and drag us to ecological catastrophe. While doing so, the imperialists are destroying what is left of the capitalist democracy ushered in by the French revolution and other revolutions. Trump is arrogantly declaring that if he is defeated in the November elections he may not transfer power! Xi Jinping and Putin have extended their terms in power indefinitely. And disciples of Mussolini and Hitler are growing in strength in Europe. So, the capitalist imperialist system is on the mad path of frenziedly speeding up neoliberal, corporate rule leading the humanity to the path of destruction, the extinction of human species, with or without another world war. The only alternative before the working class and oppressed people of the world is to get mobilized, fight against the reactionary ideologies serving as the base of the neo-fascist forces emerging in different countries, and overthrowing the imperialist system and their junior partners from power, moving forward to realize the blossoming of democracy and socialism.

Our national situation is not basically different. As the Covid19 pandemic is spreading fast, the private hospital mafia is on a looting spree, the poor are dying in ever larger numbers, economy is contracting fast, with the threat of a collapse looming large, more production units are closed down, many more are jobless, vast majority of people are in a desperate situation. The repeated intrusion of Modi government taking away all federal rights of the states on the one hand and brutal suppression of al dissent on the other threatens the very unity of the country. But Modi government is unconcerned. It is in a hurriedly imposing the RSS agenda of Hindurashtra. There are rumours of bringing the presidential system and the first presidential election in 2022. To facilitate it, the neoliberal/corporate reforms are taken to their peak, Krishna Janmabhumi campaign in Mathura and other divisive, hate politics projects are going to be speeded up, along with open flouting of Constitution as happened on 5th August at Ayodhya when PM Modi did Bhoomi Puja for Ram temple along with RSS chief, and the manner in which the bills for corporatization of agriculture, for taking away all workers’ rights etc were passed violating all parliamentary rules! It is Manusmriti, which RSS wants should be India’s constitution, in action.

Still, the parliamentary opposition is taking “business as usual! They are still thinking 2004 can be repeated, when BJP led Vajpayee government was defeated and Congress led UPA could take over. They have no alternative to put forward, they are still following their policies and practice which facilitated BJP’s ascendance to power. Still they do not recognize RSS neo-fascism is in power through Modi, or even if anyone accept it , not taking any moves to combat it. They are satisfied with contending with BJP in the parliamentary sphere taking soft Hindutva as well as national chauvinist line.  Same is the case with CPI(M) led Left Front parties. Not only they helped the saffron forces to grow up many times by allying with them, still they do not recognize RSS/BJP is the main danger all over the country, besides following soft Hindutva line. So, they also do not recognize the need for all out attack on the theoretical base of neo-fascist RSS. It is in this fertile soil RSS has grown very fast using the hegemony Brahmanical forces in all fields, and the political Hindutva has become the ruling ideology, in theory and practice in the society.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, some of the revolutionary intellectuals have taken up the study of Manusmriti, the main theoretical source of RSS as well as the writings of Dr. Munje who acted as an adviser to Hegdewar, the founder of RSS in 1925, and the writings of Savarkar, Golwalkar and others. These writings, the reports in RSS organ, Organizer, and present developments show how it has become the strongest fascist organization in the world.  Along with this, under Modi, India is made a strong ally of US led Asia-Pacific Axis which is playing a major role as the US weapon against China, in its contention with it for world hegemony. Even the India-China standoff on the border issue also is internationalized as a result.

It is in this context, CPI(ML) Red Star has called for Launching Countrywide Campaign Against Manuvadi Hindutva, the Theoretical Base of RSS Neo-Fascism! As the first phase of this, a Campaign is organized from 28th September, Shahid Bhagat Singh birthday, to 25th December, when Manusmriti was burnt in 1927 as part of the Mahad struggle by women, dalits, and other oppressed sections under the leadership of Dr. Ambedkar, challenging the danger posed by the formation of RSS in 1925 with Manusmriti as its main theoretical guideline. Since, this struggle was not carried forward, learning from the experience of the anti-fascist struggles of last century and according to the present situation, RSS could develop in to such a powerful position. We appeal to all revolutionary forces, all organizations of dalits, Adivasis, oppressed classes and sections, progressive democratic forces and revolutionary intellectuals, the youth and students to join this campaign to expose, weaken and throw out RSS from hegemonic positions at the realm of thought and political power

What happened to the 19-year old girl in UP, including the upper caste sections organizing demonstrations in support of the perpetrators of this horrific crime and the police burning the body at night 3 am without permission of the family to destroy possibility for exhuming the body for another post mortem shows how the police is acting accordance to manusmriti, denying all the democratic rights to the dalits, Adivasis and oppressed. Everyone knows RSS/BJP leaders campaigned for the destruction of Babri Masjid and construction of Ram temple at that place for years, and what happened on that black day, 6th December, 1992, when the central and state governments which had mobilized a huge police and military force to protect the Masjid, refused to act when the top leaders of BJP, Advani, Joshi and Uma Bharati along with other top leaders extorted the huge mob of hoodlums to demolish the Masjid to do so and they did it in front of all the security forces, who instead of giving security to Babri Masjid gave security to the RSS hoodlums and facilitated their return journey.

But Modi’s CBI could not find any probe and the CBI judge acquitted all of them. This is another barbarous act under Manusmriti. As gang rape of dalit and Adivasi women, along with lynching of Muslims continues and increased day by day, as the RSS is planning to take up Krishna Janmabhumi case soon, the Hindutva plan is keep the communal flames raging to go ahead with their advance to Hindurashtra.

This pernicious plan has to be combated by strengthening the resistance of the people coming out to the streets through farmers’ struggle and many spontaneous movements of youth and students and other sections on the one hand. But this is not sufficient. Manuvadi Hindutva, the theoretical base of RSS itself should be attacked. How it is fascistic, how it is anti-people and anti national, how it is inhuman should be exposed. Along with the two tasks the revolutionary forces should come out with an alternative people oriented and sustainable development program and the new concept of democracy based on all right to the people should be presented before the people. Let us strive for the broadest mobilization of all forces in the anti-fascist movement to overthrow the Manuvadi fascist rule of Modi, and along with it strengthening communist assertion for speeding up the struggle against the Manuvadi corporate rule of Modi

Observe Dr. Ambedkar Day, 6th December

Observe Dr. Ambedkar Day, 6th December; Intensify Movement against Caste Oppression, with the Perspective of Annihilation of Caste System.

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was a great visionary who assimilating the teachings of French Revolution: liberty, equality, fraternity, struggled for the liberation of the most oppressed sections in the caste divided Indian society, the Atisudras. Starting from his own bitter experience as one among them he explained how the varna system
came into existence later as actually social enslavement of the shudras by the upper castes. Shudras were actually toiling people like, artisans, peasants etc who were supposed to serve the upper castes. The fifth category of untouchables were the avarnas, or Ati-shudras, they were destined to carry on the duties related to dead bodies and scavenging jobs and cleaning and carrying of human excreta. The nomadic and tribal communities also are included in the category of avarnas, because they reside outside the boundaries of settlements of Savarnas. Varna and Jati are not similar categories. Varna system represented a naked form of social slavery prior to the emergence of developed agrarian economy. Caste system on the other hand developed simultaneously with the development of feudalism in agriculture. Manusmruti originated at the end of 7th and beginning of 8th century.
Movement of Dalits led by Dr. Ambedkar was essentially a movement of Ati-shudras against the social discrimination by the savarnas including shudras. He started this movement with the founding of “Independent Labor Party". Com. Shyamrao Parulelkar like communists were also part it. ILP took issues like scrapping of unfair ID act and inclusion of SC workers in the bobbing section of the textile mills. In his work, "Caste in India" he explained that caste system is a graded hierarchy, and therefore for struggle against caste systeem to succeed, it is necessary to combine it with class struggle.

Dr. Ambedkar said that Brahmanism and capitalism are two enemies of Indian people. By Brahmanism he meant the lack of liberty, equality and fraternity. This Brahmanshahi prevalent among workers prevent them to unite, and their exploitation continues as they are divided. He called to workers to unite and give up all the feelings of high and low, untouchability etc. which keeps them divided. The Manifesto of Dalit Panthers published translated his concerns in the following manner mentioned revolutionary parties who are against varna and class system, all social sections of people victimized by political and economic dominance of the upper castes as friends of Dalits.
The enemies of dalits were characterized as the state power, elite section of society,
the landlords, capitalists, sahukars and their stooges, along with the political parties indulging in communal and castiest politics and the government standing behind them. It mentioned following as burning issues: food, water, clothing and shelter; Job, land, and freedom from untouchability, social and physical atrocities. In this formulation of Dalit Panther manifesto based on the statements of Dr. Ambedkar, we can see that proper importance and the inter-linkage between the two entities, the caste and the class are given.
In 1936 when Ambedkar had put forward his writings on annihilation of caste system, and nationalization of land and industries in the program of the ILP had approached the CPI leadership for united activities among the workers, the latter was not prepared to take a stand against the caste based discrimination in the textile industry and the talks failed. We have to take lessons from this experience. It is a fact that disunity among the workers based on caste divisions is still rampant. The caste contradictions among the friendly classes of revolution cannot be oveerlooked. We should treat these contradictions as non antagonistic and continuous efforts should be made to overcome these non-antagonistic contradictions through education and persuasion, and along with these by spreading the caste annihilation movement. Sharpening of class struggle also leads into heightening of proletarian consciousness and to anti-caste, secular awareness.
At the same time, mainly during the last five decades, based on the post-modernist theories propagated by imperialist think tanks, the “Identity based" movements have completely occupied the Indian political space with fake anti caste postures. Dr. Ambedkar was for annihilation of the caste system, but most of the dalit organizations and even the OBC organizations of shudras, today are engaged in the task of consolidating different castes in the name of countering the Brahminical caste domination. It has led to tailism to the ruling class parties as practiced by BSP and RPI factions. It should not be forgetten that the identity based politics of the 1970s and ‘80s by SP, BSP and many of the dalit parties and organizations also played a role in the growth and coming to power of the Brahmanical gave rise to the phenomenon of Hindu fundamentalist forces in many states and at the centre.
Six decades after the death of Dr. Ambedkar we can see the importance of his contributions. He did not limit his vision to just reservation for the Scheduled Castes. He was calling for struggles towards political power for which he wanted to unite with all oppressed classes and sections. He was very clear that the class struggle can develop in a country like India only if the caste annihilation is taken as an important part of it. He had also linked the caste annihilation struggles, struggles against caste based oppression in all forms with the struggle for nationalization of land and industries as it was the Savarna sections who were owning it. Learning from the struggles waged by Dr Ambedkar and his important teachings against the manuvadi ruling system, we should strive for uniting with all those dalit sections who are fighting against the ruling system, especially the neo-fascist RSS/BJP who are trying to consolidate their hegemony through majoritarian Brahmanical offensive and Hindurashtra.

K N Ramachandran
General Secretary
CPI (ML) Redstar

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.