What happened and happening in Hathras are horrific.  On 14th September night, a 19 year dalit girl was dragged out to nearby field from near her house, as she resisted she was thrashed, gang raped, her spine damaged under torture and thrown to the fields to die by four Thakur goons. After hours of search when she was found and taken to nearby police station in precarious condition, SHO refusing to file FIR, delaying her hospitalization for hours, doctors under orders from above not giving proper treatment, shifted to Safdarjung hospital after a week where she succumbs to injuries.  Though the girl complained of gang rape and told the names of the culprits police refuse to record. When the girl died, after a hurried post mortem, instead of handing over the body to family, under DM’s orders body taken to her village, and after surrounding her house and other dalit houses by hundreds of police men, detain all in their houses, burn the body to destroy all proof at 3 am on 30th September!  Journalists and activists of political parties trying to go to the village are forcefully stopped or detained declaring 144 in the whole area. While her family and neighbours are still detained and prevented from moving out of their houses, the  Thakur goons are allowed to demonstrate with threatening slogans and demanding the release of the culprits. The RSS parivar and the whole state machinery is seen distorting the case, even accusing the girl for everything and protecting the culprits, even after Allahabad High Court taking suo-moto case against the horrific incident.


What is happening under RSS led Modi-Yogi rule reminds us of the days of Brahmanical offensive under Adi-Sankara, in 8th century, killing thousands of Budhist Shramans, destroying Budh vihars, eliminating the Charvaks and Lokayats, burning down their books, and imposing Manusmrithi in the most barbarous form. Under it women should be detested, kept enslaved by men for fulfilling their lust and getting served well. All Sudra and Ati-Sudra women were reserved for Brahmins’ sexual plunder, and laws were made for it. Though some of the earlier Sudras have raised their economic status and behave like upper caste today, in every region their women had to satisfy the Brahmin-Thakurs, men had to work like slaves for these upper caste lords. Many of the neo- Brahmanical leaders of middle castes and dalit, Adivasi sections  forget their past under Brahmin-Thakur raj. In Bihar villages and many other places the Brahmin-Thakur landlords had the first night right of dalit brides till many of them were annihilated by the first wave of naxalites. That is why they organized many senas to protect themselves. Now the coming of Manuvadi Hindutua of RSS, these Brahmin-Thakur who have become capitalist landlords and neo rich sections want to re-establish the right to enslave dalit men by throwing out of whatever little reservation rights they have to their old  menial jobs and their sexual rights over dalit women. In different states in different form this new onslaught is taking place in newer forms. In UP under Yogi the Thakur raj has taken most horrific forms, In this they help the naked support  of the IAS-IPS lobby and top administration, police men also. Whether Mayavathi, or SP raj they had done it at low key, but under Modi-Yogi they are coming out to openly assert with  the still Brahmin-Thakur dominated political and administrative system. The Communists who recognize the need for caste annihilation and revolutionary social change and the dalits and other oppressed sections who  are prepared to pursue caste annihilation, women’s liberation, educational, economic uplifting  of the women and all oppressed should join hands to overthrow the barbarous domination of the caste system and corporate plunder for social revolution to create a casteless, genuinely secular, democratic and egalitarian society.


KN Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI (ML) Redstar


New Delhi

3rd October 2020

In Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh, a 19 year old Dalit girl was gang raped on September 14 by four upper caste goons of her village. They dragged her into a field, after gang rape they left her in the field almost dead with broken backbone and slit tongue, due to torture by the brutes as the girl tried to resist them.


After struggling for life for two weeks, the girl succumbed to injuries on 28th night. As usual the Manuvadi police did not help the victim and her family. When public opposition mounted, in a token response the administration just transferred the station house officer elsewhere. This has been the usual manner of the Yogi administration to hoodwink people from the beginning. The law and order has  almost disappeared from UP. The Yogi government has totally failed to protect the marginalised people in the state and has proved itself utterly communal and Brahmanical to discharging its responsibilities.

As some of the dalit, Adivasi, most backward sections try to get education, some of them get employed due to reservation, and at least few start raising their voice for their human rights, the upper caste and neo-rich sections get angry, and in order to humiliate the whole community and to terrorize them, like the Rajas, Maharajas and other conquerors of the past, they attack the women and sexually assault and maul them. The language and attires may be different, the frequency may be different and so also the method they operate. But in state after state it happens, under the Manuvadi hegemony over the state apparatus, as all branches of it, the administration, police, judiciary….are predominantly filled with upper caste men, even seven decades of reservation! Only the frequency, mode of attack and the extent of cruelty may differ little.


Women of marginalised communities have been invariably raped and outraged in the country and the frequency of these brutal incidents has increased after the RSS parivar who openly demand Manusmrithi as the Constitution have spread their influence and are in power at centre and in many states. UP under BJP has become the laboratory of this Manuvadi rule under Yogi.  The Backward Class Commission, the Women’s Commission, Human Right Commission, the Supreme Court, the President - all become dumb and deaf when such barbarous things happens with increasing frequency. Nobody takes cognizance of these and act suo-motto.


The Yogi government has promised to the relatives of the victim girl a compensation of Rs.4.12 lacs and the rest after charges are proved! This is grim hoax on the tormented people. Is it not enough that the girl has lost her life? The Manuvadi state is as insensitive to the oppressed people as Drona was to Eklavia!


CPI(ML) Red Star demands stringent action against all police men who did not help the family as the law demands, time-bound speedy disposal of the case, punishment to the culprits, and protection and full compensation to the family of the girl. We appeal to all progressive forces to come forward to condemn these heinous crimes and to fight the Manuvadi thoughts and actions promoted by the RSS parivar which leads to more and more such horrific crimes.


CPI(ML) Red Star


New Delhi

29th September 2020

What happened to the 19-year old girl in UP, including the upper caste sections organizing demonstrations in support of the perpetrators of this horrific crime and the police burning the body at night 3 am without permission of the family to destroy possibility for exhuming the body for another post mortem shows how the police is acting accordance to manusmriti, denying all the democratic rights to the dalits, Adivasis and oppressed. Everyone knows RSS/BJP leaders campaigned for the destruction of Babri Masjid and construction of Ram temple at that place for years, and what happened on that black day, 6th December, 1992, when the central and state governments which had mobilized a huge police and military force to protect the Masjid, refused to act when the top leaders of BJP, Advani, Joshi and Uma Bharati along with other top leaders extorted the huge mob of hoodlums to demolish the Masjid to do so and they did it in front of all the security forces, who instead of giving security to Babri Masjid gave security to the RSS hoodlums and facilitated their return journey.

But Modi’s CBI could not find any probe and the CBI judge acquitted all of them. This is another barbarous act under Manusmriti. As gang rape of dalit and Adivasi women, along with lynching of Muslims continues and increased day by day, as the RSS is planning to take up Krishna Janmabhumi case soon, the Hindutva plan is keep the communal flames raging to go ahead with their advance to Hindurashtra.

This pernicious plan has to be combated by strengthening the resistance of the people coming out to the streets through farmers’ struggle and many spontaneous movements of youth and students and other sections on the one hand. But this is not sufficient. Manuvadi Hindutva, the theoretical base of RSS itself should be attacked. How it is fascistic, how it is anti-people and anti national, how it is inhuman should be exposed. Along with the two tasks the revolutionary forces should come out with an alternative people oriented and sustainable development program and the new concept of democracy based on all right to the people should be presented before the people. Let us strive for the broadest mobilization of all forces in the anti-fascist movement to overthrow the Manuvadi fascist rule of Modi, and along with it strengthening communist assertion for speeding up the struggle against the Manuvadi corporate rule of Modi

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.