One hundred and thirty sixth May Day is approaching. After relentless class war of the working class of the world for almost one and half century now they are facing ferocious attack of the exploiters in general, and trans and multinational companies along with their organs like IMF, WB, WTO in particular, around the world. Due to their long-drawn struggle against capitalist-imperialist exploitation the working class achieved many demands in the past like eight hours working day, right to pension, provident fund, health insurance, gratuity etc. and many other welfare services for them within the framework of the bourgeois society. However, when the class struggle faced disaster in many fronts, socialist movement became weak, the bloodsuckers have started to snatch all those hard-earned rights.


In India the struggle for eight hours working day was stronger since much before of the Chicago struggle. However, after the Chicago massacre the struggle began to spread throughout the country. The Tsunamy of the May Day struggle erupted with massive force. After 14 several rights of the workers were achieved and started to be implemented. However, with the weakening of the socialist movement in India also the allies of the corporate companies and imperialists started to snatch those rights especially with the advent of neo-liberalism. Even the formal right of eight hours work is being tried to snatch.


The present central government of India, the most prominent and overt champion of the reactionaries and representative of the most reactionary capital is openly advocating in favor of increasing the working hours. They changed the labor laws to abrogate the progressive content of the laws. The whole set of the labor laws are now changed into four labor codes to make the process of retrenchment, wage cut, informalisation of the work and the rights of trade unions convenient. The workers are trying to resist but so far have failed to yield enough success.


The Covid situation at present time is apparently helping the rulers. Taking the advantage of present situation they are imposing the burden of the crises of imperialism and capitalism. Another important reason behind their success is the dominance of reformist, individualist ideological influence among the workers and absence of an able and strong communist movement. However, we know that the course of history cannot be determined by the oppressors at the end. The people and the working masses are makers of the history.


In this connection we again like to state that the present Covid pandemic is showing the actual face of capitalism. In spite of huge scientific development in present era capitalism has failed to protect the human society and nature as well. Reckless loot of labor and nature has led them to jeopardize the human civilization. Therefore, the immediate task of the working class is not only to emancipate itself from the fetter of capitalism, but by doing this to protect the human civilization, too. In this May Day, though the mobilization will be effected due to the epidemic, all class conscious workers and people must raise their firm voice to overthrow the imperialist capitalist rule and march forward to establish socialism and communism for emancipation from wage slavery. Free the labor; protect the nature and human civilization. Fight for socialism. This should be the clarion call in this juncture.

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.