The aggressiveness of the attacks on any criticisms against the government as anti-national by RSS parivar has intensified sharply after Modi-2 took over. Governments are elected by the people. According to the Constitution, the people and their fundamental rights enshrined in it are supreme. So, people have full right to criticize all actions of the government. Nobody has the right to attack it as anti-national. Those who does it are anti-constitutional forces. After Modi-2 abrogated Article 370 of the Constitution and down-graded the state to two union territories, these jingoistic attacks on anyone criticizing these arbitrary actions have further increased. At the same time, the clamp down over people of the state, especially, Kashmir valley is continuing! A major section of mainstream media is hysterically justifying these violations of the rights of the people and suppression of the media’s rights in the state. All criticisms against these draconian acts are dubbed as anti-national or pro-Pakistan.

Modi-2 and RSS parivar are treating J&K as India’s property, similar to  Pakistan’s stand.  Both refuse to recognize J&K people’s right to decide its future. The United Nations’ Human Rights Declaration calls for the right of self determination of all nations. India is a multi-national country and its Constitution declares it is a federal republic, not a nation.  The unity of federal India is based on the unity of the peoples of various nationalities inspired by the ethos created by the anti-imperialist independence struggle, and if their right of self determination is harmed this unity also will be in danger, which the RSS parivar, intoxicated by their Akhand Bharat concept, is forgetting.

When the British colonialists signed the instrument of transfer of power with leaders of India and Pakistan, it covered only the areas under direct British rule. The large number of princely states had the right to remain independent or join India or Pakistan signing their own agreements of accession. The governments of India and Pakistan succeeded to merge the princely states within their regions signing agreements with them, sometimes even using force as India did in the case of Hyderabad Nizam.  As far as J&K, Manipur, Nagaland Sikkim and Baluchistan were concerned,  they were not part of British India and as per the agreement, had right to remain independent or merge with either India or Pakistan. Though the leaders of both India and Pakistan had assured they will not act like the successor states of British colonialists with regard to redefining the international boundaries and for the right of self determination of these areas, soon both proved their expansionist intentions; Indian government soon integrated Manipur and Nagaland using military force. Pakisthan did the same with Baluchistan. In 1975 India annexed Sikkim also. When J&K king Hari Singh wanted to maintain it as an independent country, initially both agreed to it.  But soon Pakistan tried to annex J&K using armed intervention. So Hari Singh sought military help from India which agreed to assist him after an instrument of accession was signed, based on which the Article 370 of the Constitution was later adopted.

As the UN interfered, it enforced ceasefire and a Line of Control, with both governments agreeing to withdraw their armed forces and hold a plebiscite for the people of J&K to decide their future. But, as both the governments were not for an independent J&K, both colluded to abort the plebiscite and to keep the J&K divided during the last seven decades. The imperialists were happy to keep this spot hot enough, so that they could continue their divide and control policy in the region, and loot fortunes by selling arms and equipments to both. In the interest of the ruling class and corrupt political class on both side, both the governments were competing to whip up hatred with each other, arming themselves to the teeth (even with nuclear arms now)and fighting three wars and indulging in continuous skirmishes, which has benefitted and fabulously enriched the corporate giants, while forcing the vast majority of the people on both side to terrific miseries and impoverishment!

With BJP, the political front of RSS with Hindurashtra goal, consolidated its power in India challenging the Islamic state of Pakistan, the scenario far worsened. For both J&K became a major bone of contention. Modi rule could become a reality and could come back to power by strengthening the majoritarian Hindutva, only by whipping up Islamophobia and hate Pakistan campaign every minute. If Pakistan is already in acute economic crisis, India is also now caught in the vortex of slow down. As the imperialists, especially US imperialists want to overcome their own economic problems and inter-imperialist rivalry with China by using these junior partners smartly, they promote. jingoism on both sides. The conflict between India and Pakistan is bound to reach unprecedented levels, especially after the arbitrary moves of Modi-2, at the peril of the people of J&K and in India! India’s defense minister has announced possibility for re-thinking on ‘no first use’ of nuclear arms. It is soon reciprocated by Pak prime minister announcing his preparedness even for a nuclear war! On 28th August Pakistan test fired a ballistic missile capable of carrying nuclear arms. One Pak minister talked about war breaking out in October. It is reciprocated by India’s defense minister declaring not only J&K, even the areas beyond Line of Control are integral part of India! On both sides, jingoistic forces and corporate media are busy in whipping up hatred and war hysteria, while Trump and company are enjoying the game played by Imran and Modi!

In this dangerous situation, it is the right of the people to talk boldly and correctly: J&K is not the property of the reactionary governments of either Pakistan or India. Its future should be decided by the people of J&K through a plebiscite or referendum after both India and Pak withdrawing their army from both sides of the Line of Control. In order to achieve this, all progressive democratic forces should create public opinion to demand repealing of the arbitrary action of 5th August by Modi-2, withdrawal of the army to barracks, and immediate withdrawal of the curfew and clampdown from the whole region.  If a nuclear war is unleashed by the religious fundamentalist and fascistic forces, the war mongering governments on both sides, it will be catastrophic for the whole South Asian region. So all progressive forces in this region should mobilize the peoples of the whole region to condemn this jingoism of both these governments and work for building up anti-imperialist unity against their reactionary govts., with the vision of a South Asian People’s Unity!

We appeal to all struggling forces to come together and demand the withdrawal of all suppressive acts of the fascist Modi-2 in J&K!  Let us demand bilateral discussion between both governments to politically resolve the J&K problem, involving the people of J&K and based on their right of self determination! Expose and try to defeat the war mongering of both governments and create public opinion against a nuclear war which will be catastrophic to people of not only  both the countries, but to whole of South Asia! Just because BJP’s or any other government is in power, we are not its slaves, we have the right to expose and oppose its anti-people deeds! Oppose and resist the barbarous policy of Modi-2 and RSS parivar dubbing all their critics as anti-national! We are the patriots who oppose imperialists of all hues and their lackeys and stand for genuine secular democratic federal India, while Modi-2 and RSS parivar are imperialist stooges who preach Akhand Bharat, but disintegrate country through their divisive Brahmanical manuvadi Hindurashtra! Intensify the struggle for federal people’s India, for unity of people of South Asia! n

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.