A Team visited Nallamala, Nagar Karnool district Amrabad , Parda mandal, Telangana state. Team members consisted of Maluguru Saidaiah, Mallesh, Santosh, T. Ramesh represented by CPI(ML) Red Star, RYFI, AIRSO, OPDR Telangana and AIKKS.

Uranium (similar to the demon in the bottle, as the demon swallowed us with the bottle lid) is as safe as it is in the earth. When it comes out of the ground, it first reacts with the oxygen in the air and breaks down into oxide and fuses into the air. When it comes out, it comes with nuclear radiation. It has more nuclear power. Its density is about 75 percent higher than that of lead. Its half-life is 450 years. Nuclear reactors emit high temperatures during reaction. The most powerful fuel used in nuclear weapons is the U-235, which can make an atomic bomb with as little as 7 kg of uranium. The most dangerous form of futonium (PU-239) is from uranium (U-238).

Uranium ejects the most dangerous beta, gamma ray, in each of its chemical reactions. In this case, nuclear energy enters the bodies of human beings and animals after entering the air and settling in the bones. This makes it easier to spread cancer. The extraction of uranium from the ground will cause the delayed air to become poisonous.

Radioactive materials emitted from raw ore have been in the atmosphere for thousands of years, covering hundreds of square kilometers from the uranium mining area. Thus, animals that inhale air (including humans), drink water, and die of lung cancer. Hundreds of generations are at risk of being emotionally tortured by unborn offspring or completely offspring.

Prevention of spermatogenesis in men, impaired release of ovaries in women, and cervical cancer. In 2009, Uranium mined in potholes, sheep and goats are dying in rain-fed pits. It is a risk if uranium is extracted from underground mines or through open wells. With this understanding, uranium mining must be opposed. Tell future generations.

Impact on the Environment

Uranium pollutes air, water, soil and food, according to a report by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The air travels like dust and reaches the water. So that the plants absorb. When it rains, this nuclear energy gets into the dust. Drinking water is more likely to be in areas where bores are dug for uranium. It travels long distances in land surface water. Uranium landmarks are mixed with clay. The roots of plants and trees are stored there.

Dug wells of up to 1000 feet for uranium mining will result in water sources below 200-300 feet deep. This causes groundwater shortages and water shortage. Due to the presence of nuclear reactors in the naturally occurring rivers and water bodies, the water sources can be turned into toxic substances and the aquifers will disappear. Reaction of carbon with fiery uranium produces uranium monoxide and uranium dioxide, releasing temperatures of 1800 degrees centigrade. Therefore, the ozone layer in the atmosphere and the terrestrial warming will have serious consequences in the seasons. Human survival becomes questionable. Biodiversity is damaging. According to the Central Agricultural Protection Act, no industries are allowed within 25 km of the tiger reserve.

Why are Black People Opposed?

Nallamala is now the most fertile forest area in the 7 districts. A region of lush green hills, cliffs and dense forests, which provides natural protection to South India. The most suitable area for wildlife habitat. This is a black cat for cats, human beings and other livestock. This plateau is the lifeblood of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. So naturally when the earth moves under the legs, inevitably people pick up resistance struggles.

The central and state governments have been attacking the blacksmiths with international and domestic companies for ameliorating the American bloodstream. They are trying to suppress public movements in the name of forest laws. Now that these hypocrites of the rulers have been exposed, they have now resorted to the evil plan of evacuating villages from the area in the form of a new forest officer called ¹shakti ‘. As part of this, the first phase in the name of tiger conservation was to move.

21 September 2019 n

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.