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As you are aware the Lok Sabha has adopted the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill on 9th December late night. It is going to be presented tomorrow (11th ) in the Rajya Sabha, and according to present information using ED, CBI etc and by other means pressure is exerted and manipulations are going on to get it passed in the RS by 11th late night. President Kovind is waiting for signing it immediately after that, as Amit Shah has announced it is perfectly ok according to Constitutional provisions!. So by 12th morning the proposed amendment to commercialize the citizenship also shall become another Act.
If it happens so, we should be prepared to mobilize our comrades and all like minded forces on 12th itself to burn the copies of the CAB and to declare that we shall not allow NRC to take place. Please make arrangements as soon as possible and discuss with like minded forces also so that the protest can be organized in as many places as possible. Post reports also in social media.

K N Ramachandran
General Secretary
CPI (ML) Redstar

New Delhi
10th December 2019

Fake Encounter Killing of the Four Accused in Disha’s Gang Rape and Killing is absolutely reprehensible Severely condemn this barbarous police raj! Arrest all police men responsible for gruesome murder!

Telengana police have claimed that the four youth accused of raping and killing Disha in Hyderabad were shot dead in an encounter at 3 am today. According to police, the accused were taken from Cherlapally Central Prison to Chatanpally, 50 km from Hyderabad, where they had burnt the woman’s body, for “crime reconstruction”, when they allegedly tried to attack the police and escape, and they opened fire in self-defence, killing them! It is surprising why “reconstructing” the crime in the middle of the night, and how the hand cuffed youth could attack the armed police and injure them! It shows, police has taken over right to judge the case and punish the alleged culprits; it is nothing but police raj! We severely condemn it.

When Disha was gang raped and murdered, vast numbers of people continued protesting for days, demanding the arrest and punishment of the culprits as fast as possible. At the same time, the fact that these type of attacks on women and even small girls are increasing day by day as a result of prevailing patriarchy, male chauvinism and reducing women’s status to a commodity to satisfy men’s lust under the manuvadi values sought to be made hegemonic. So, while the culprits should be arrested and most severely punished fast, emphasis should be given to change the prevailing the existing barbarous socio-cultural system and economic factors which lead even youth and young boys to indulge in these heinous acts.

But what is happening? In parliament itself some irresponsible MPs, sensationalizing the issue are calling for mob lynching and castration of the culprits! Such forces refuse to see how the system, the police and administration, is nakedly helping the rapists, as is happening in the case of the Unnao victim, who was not given any protection while the accused were released on bail, helping them to burn the victim to prevent her from giving statement before the magistrate! Every where this is happening, either the police refuse to even file FIR when rapes are reported, or not investigated properly, harass the victim and help the culprits in most cases to escape. Who knows, this Hyderabad action by police is to sabotage the investigation, to conceal the real reasons for this gruesome act and to save the powerful men behind it?

The truth should come out. A thorough and urgent investigation is needed. Who gave orders to the police to resort to this fake encounter killing should be brought out? The authorities should be asked whether they are going deal such cases in this manner. Knowing fully well any form of investigation may not leave to real truth under existing system, still we demand a time bound urgent enquiry by a sitting judge of the High Court with CBI doing the investigation. At the same time, we call for militant protests against the fake encounter killing, and condemnation of police raj, fascistization of the ruling system, making it more anti-women, and anti-people under decadent feudal, manuvadi value system.

KN Ramachandran,
General Secretary
CPI(ML) Red Star.

File a case of murder agaist commissioner of police Sajjanar and his team!!
Investigate the rape and murder of Disha to establish the fact.

The gruesome gang rape and murder of veterinary doctor 'Disha' is a heinous crime. The inhuman culprits must be tried openly in fast track courts and awarded exemplary punishment, including life imprisonment.

But the concerned district police of Telangana government instead of following due process of law, with tacit approval of the state government, killed the accused in an obvious fake encounter. Permission of the society to this transgression of rule of law and state terrorism is very dangerous and leads to death of democracy and perpetuation of police state. In this context, we remind the people of whole country, especially the people of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh of Ayesha Meera rape and murder case wherein the poor innocent Satyam Babu is implicated, awarded punishment by a court but latter proved he was implicated to save powerful real culprits. Because Satyam Babu is not liquidated, he is now a freeman and he and his family lead everyday life with peace and respect.

There are other important factors because of which, we the people of India have to oppose and disapprove the summary imprisonment and execution of accused.1. Accused are not culprits unless and until their crime is proved. 2) The summary execution method generally saves the powerful and real perpetrators of crime. 3. Above all, the present state and it's law givers who are not prepared to provide equal rights to women, allow whole full scale picturisation of women as symbols of sex and goods for sale and purchase is the real culprit. 4. Lastly, it is proved umpteen times the 'crime and punishment' approach however severe it is, by itself can not deter the perpetrators of crime against female gender.

So, OPDR, on one hand condemn every assault on female humans, continue to be part of movement of liberation of women from all exploitation and oppression, urge the society to to shed patriarchal values and on the other hand demand the Indian state to discharge it's two fold constitutional responsibility of unleashing a powerful cultural movement of gender equality and punish the perpetrators of crime through due process of law.

Right now, OPDR demand the government of Telangana to file case of suspected murder against Mr. Sajjanar, the Commissioner of police and police team that took the accused out side in the night to the spot of crime agaist Disha and shot them dead and, appeal the High Court of Telangana to institute a high level judicial enquiry commission suomoto so that the real rapists of Disha are established and why and how the accused in this case are shot dead by police.

C Bhaskararao, chaiman
Central committee, OPDR (Organisation for the Protection of Democratic Rights)

CAB, Strategic Weapon Towards Hindu Rashtra

P J James

Following Cabinet approval, the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) 2019 that seeks to amend the Citizenship Act 1955, is set to be presented to parliament at the earliest and appropriate time most suited to the ruling BJP regime. If passed, it will be a historic landmark towards India's eventual transformation into a Hindu Rashtra.

As per the Indian Constitution, citizenship is neither religion-specific nor country of origin-specific. The proposed amendment, however, aims at undermining this fundamental character of Indian Constitution by offering citizenship to non-Muslim refugees and migrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan on the one hand, and at the same time, denying the same specifically to their Muslim counterparts on the other. If implemented, the CAB in continuation of the abrogation of Article 370, will be another Constitutional coup and together with the pan-Indian extension of Assam-model NRC, shall alter the fundamental secular character of Indian Constitution.

During September, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has unequivocally made it clear that all Hindus missing from NRC shall be accommodated within India through the CAB. And the two-day Chhatarpur meeting of RSS and its affiliated organizations held towards the end of October has resolved to earnestly work for the implementation of NRC across India together with the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Contrary to what defence minister Rajnath Singh said of the spirit of "sarva dharma sambhav", embodied in CAB is the aggressive, xenophobic, and highly sectarian 'Hindu nationalism' or Hindutva with its genocidal hatred towards Muslims. It is a landmark in the direction of the establishment of a reactionary Hindu theocratic state or Hindu Rashtra - a century-long commitment and campaign so assiduously taken up by RSS. The Modi regime is bent on tabling it in Rajya Sabha with the hope of taking advantage of the fragmented position of the opposition. No doubt, it is the solemn duty of all the democratic and secular forces in this country to prepare for an all-out offensive to stall the passing and preventing the implementation of this most reactionary legislation that forms one of the corner stones of the corporate-Hindu theocratic fascist state.

Observe Dr. Ambedkar Day, 6th December; Intensify Movement against Caste Oppression, with the Perspective of Annihilation of Caste System.

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was a great visionary who assimilating the teachings of French Revolution: liberty, equality, fraternity, struggled for the liberation of the most oppressed sections in the caste divided Indian society, the Atisudras. Starting from his own bitter experience as one among them he explained how the varna system
came into existence later as actually social enslavement of the shudras by the upper castes. Shudras were actually toiling people like, artisans, peasants etc who were supposed to serve the upper castes. The fifth category of untouchables were the avarnas, or Ati-shudras, they were destined to carry on the duties related to dead bodies and scavenging jobs and cleaning and carrying of human excreta. The nomadic and tribal communities also are included in the category of avarnas, because they reside outside the boundaries of settlements of Savarnas. Varna and Jati are not similar categories. Varna system represented a naked form of social slavery prior to the emergence of developed agrarian economy. Caste system on the other hand developed simultaneously with the development of feudalism in agriculture. Manusmruti originated at the end of 7th and beginning of 8th century.
Movement of Dalits led by Dr. Ambedkar was essentially a movement of Ati-shudras against the social discrimination by the savarnas including shudras. He started this movement with the founding of “Independent Labor Party". Com. Shyamrao Parulelkar like communists were also part it. ILP took issues like scrapping of unfair ID act and inclusion of SC workers in the bobbing section of the textile mills. In his work, "Caste in India" he explained that caste system is a graded hierarchy, and therefore for struggle against caste systeem to succeed, it is necessary to combine it with class struggle.

Dr. Ambedkar said that Brahmanism and capitalism are two enemies of Indian people. By Brahmanism he meant the lack of liberty, equality and fraternity. This Brahmanshahi prevalent among workers prevent them to unite, and their exploitation continues as they are divided. He called to workers to unite and give up all the feelings of high and low, untouchability etc. which keeps them divided. The Manifesto of Dalit Panthers published translated his concerns in the following manner mentioned revolutionary parties who are against varna and class system, all social sections of people victimized by political and economic dominance of the upper castes as friends of Dalits.
The enemies of dalits were characterized as the state power, elite section of society,
the landlords, capitalists, sahukars and their stooges, along with the political parties indulging in communal and castiest politics and the government standing behind them. It mentioned following as burning issues: food, water, clothing and shelter; Job, land, and freedom from untouchability, social and physical atrocities. In this formulation of Dalit Panther manifesto based on the statements of Dr. Ambedkar, we can see that proper importance and the inter-linkage between the two entities, the caste and the class are given.
In 1936 when Ambedkar had put forward his writings on annihilation of caste system, and nationalization of land and industries in the program of the ILP had approached the CPI leadership for united activities among the workers, the latter was not prepared to take a stand against the caste based discrimination in the textile industry and the talks failed. We have to take lessons from this experience. It is a fact that disunity among the workers based on caste divisions is still rampant. The caste contradictions among the friendly classes of revolution cannot be oveerlooked. We should treat these contradictions as non antagonistic and continuous efforts should be made to overcome these non-antagonistic contradictions through education and persuasion, and along with these by spreading the caste annihilation movement. Sharpening of class struggle also leads into heightening of proletarian consciousness and to anti-caste, secular awareness.
At the same time, mainly during the last five decades, based on the post-modernist theories propagated by imperialist think tanks, the “Identity based" movements have completely occupied the Indian political space with fake anti caste postures. Dr. Ambedkar was for annihilation of the caste system, but most of the dalit organizations and even the OBC organizations of shudras, today are engaged in the task of consolidating different castes in the name of countering the Brahminical caste domination. It has led to tailism to the ruling class parties as practiced by BSP and RPI factions. It should not be forgetten that the identity based politics of the 1970s and ‘80s by SP, BSP and many of the dalit parties and organizations also played a role in the growth and coming to power of the Brahmanical gave rise to the phenomenon of Hindu fundamentalist forces in many states and at the centre.
Six decades after the death of Dr. Ambedkar we can see the importance of his contributions. He did not limit his vision to just reservation for the Scheduled Castes. He was calling for struggles towards political power for which he wanted to unite with all oppressed classes and sections. He was very clear that the class struggle can develop in a country like India only if the caste annihilation is taken as an important part of it. He had also linked the caste annihilation struggles, struggles against caste based oppression in all forms with the struggle for nationalization of land and industries as it was the Savarna sections who were owning it. Learning from the struggles waged by Dr Ambedkar and his important teachings against the manuvadi ruling system, we should strive for uniting with all those dalit sections who are fighting against the ruling system, especially the neo-fascist RSS/BJP who are trying to consolidate their hegemony through majoritarian Brahmanical offensive and Hindurashtra.

K N Ramachandran
General Secretary
CPI (ML) Redstar

A study of the 1045 page long verdict of Supreme Court on the Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhumi disputed land shows that instead of relying on the historical and archeological facts, the SC has relied on faith, that it was the Hindu forces hold the record for comparatively more consistent period of faith that it was Ram Janmabhumi where the Masjid was constructed! The Babri Mosque was constructed in 1528-29. Till it was closed down in 1949 following the forcible insertion of Ram idols by the Hindu Mahasabha goons and the state administration refusing to get them removed, it was a mosque where namaz was taking place continuously. And in its orders the SC itself accepts that the 1949 insertion of idols and demolition of it in 1992 were illegal acts. So what are the historical facts:

1) The Babri Masjid was constructed during 1528-29. During 1856-58, when the British colonialists tried to annex Avadh, the forces of Begum Hazrath Mahal, with the support of Hindus and Muslims defeated them causing great damages. Realizing that without breaking the Hindu-Muslim unity Avadh cannot be conquered, based on a booklet published by a British army captain alleging Babri Masjid was constructed after demolishing the Ram temple existing there, a hate campaign against Muslims was provoked using fanatical Brahmanical forces recruited by them. It was these fanatical forces who damaged the Babri domes in 1856 as a part of their campaign. After weakening the Hindu-Muslim unity in this manner, the British attacked Avadh again, defeated it and hanged Hazarat Mahal.

(2) Though the allegation was repeated by the Hindutva forces occasionally, it was during the communally surcharged period before 1947 partition and following it, this question was ignited again by the Hindu Mahasabha. In 1949, its goons with the backing of K K Nayyar, then Faizabad district magistrate (who became a leader of Jan Sangh after retirement), stealthily inserted Ram idols inside the Masjid. Though the central government ordered their removal, it was not implemented by the UP government led by Congress chief minister, Govind Ballab Pant. Instead, it closed down the Masjid and used it for appeasement of Hindu voters to win the by-election to Faizabad Lok Sabha seat taking place then.

(3) Following the SC verdict on Shahbano case in 1985, when the Rajiv Gandhi government amended the Constitution for appeasement of Muslim clergy, the RSS Parivar intensified the campaign demanding the opening of the Babri Masjid for Shilanyaz, for worshipping the bricks brought from different parts for the construction of the Ram mandir at the disputed site. In 1986 the locks were opened and the RSS parivar started worships and later went ahead with the Shilanyaz. Though, RSS had hatched plans and its parivar was openly calling for demolition of Babri Masjid and construction of Ram mandir at the same place called disputed land by that time , the courts were sleeping over the cases related to it and the governments at centre and in UP compromising with the RSS.

(4) As the campaign for Ram mandir intensified, especially after the mandal Commission Report was released by V P Singh government in 1989 and introduction of neoliberal regime by Manmohan Singh, the finance minister of Narasimha Rao government in 1991, acting upon many petitions the SC had got assurance from the Congress government at cente and the BJP government in UP that they will take all necessary actions to protect Babri Masjid. But, violating the SC orders the BJP govt in UP allowed mobilization of Hindutva goons in large numbers at Ayodhya and even their training for the demolition. In spite of intelligence reports, the central govt did not act against the state govt’s actions. And when the karsevaks led by L.K.Advani, MM Joshi, Uma Bharathi and scores of other leaders went ahead with the demolition on 6th December, instead of protecting the Masjid, the goons were allowed to complete the demolition and to disperse. That is, the huge security force from police to military deployed by state and central govts, instead of protecting the Masjid as the SC had ordered, were in effect giving protection to the goons to complete their demolition. Following this, instead of arresting the criminal forces who did it, they were allowed to start worshipping the Ram idols there, while violating the rights of the Muslims to worship there. These are historical facts. Instead of basing on these, the SC Bench led by the CJI Ranjan Gogoi depended on secondary or tertiary evidences like myths, stories and travelogues to show that Hindus had a longer record of believing that it is where Ram was born! It refused to look in to the findings of the archeological investigations also. The demolition had led to many archeological investigations to find the truth. But, except finding few remnants of some old structures, none of them could establish that these were remnants of a Ram temple.

It is interesting that though there are mentions of the search for the birth place of Ram based on myths and puranas, the historical search for what happened in India stops at what happened to Somnath temple in the 14th century, But the SC Bench should have gone back at least up to 8th century, when under the aggressive Brahmanical offensive of Adi Sankara, the ancestors of the Hindutva goons who demolished the Babri Masjid, burnt down or vandalized or destroyed Charvak, Lokayat institutions and thousands of Budhist centers and seminaris, if they wanted to know what really happened in Indian history.

Once the SC verdict came out, why the CJI was in such a hurry to complete the hearing and to announce the order before he retires became crystal clear. He and others in the Bench with him were acting like a group with a contract from RSS to bring out a verdict handing over the disputed 2.77 acres, where Babri Masjid stood till 1992, to the very same forces who illegally interfered twice and finally demolished it. This order based on a travesty of facts will help only the RSS which wants to make India a Hindurashtra very fast. It will only help the majoritarian Hindutva forces, while it terrifies the Muslims, dalits, Adivasis, women and all other oppressed classes and sections in our society. If the SC Bench really wanted to use Article 142 to deliver ultimate justice, it could have reinforced the composite character of the site and the plural traditions of the country by asking the trust to build a public place like a centre of knowledge, a university or a hospital, while punishing those responsible for the demolition. The present verdict will only help the divisive forces. It will not help the rule of rights. So, it should be reviewed and justice should be given to the affected in the spirit of our Constitution and based on facts and evidences, not faith.

K N Ramachandran
General Secretary
CPI (ML) Redstar

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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.